Kim Cums Interview

Can you tell us all how your career in the adult industry began?

 My first job in the adult industry was as a web cam model. My favourite part of that job was definitely the exhibitionism; I’ve always loved being naked and getting to share my sexual interests with other people. I was also running a very NSFW blog on Tumblr, where I shared pictures from my BDSM exploits and lots of public exhibitionism photos in Wicked Weasel bikinis.

After my move to Australia (I’m originally from the US), I started escorting. From there, I met some other workers that were working in porn. Eventually, all of that evolved into running my own porn website alongside my escorting business.


You're a gift giver, constantly fulfilling the fantasies of your clients... Can you tell us about your favourite ever booking and why it meant so much to you?

 It’s genuinely hard for me to pick a favourite booking!

I’ve certainly had some very unique ones, but the details are far too specific for me to share.

However, what I love most about ANY booking is the chance to fulfil a fantasy that might otherwise go unfulfilled. Sometimes these fantasies have been as simple as a blowjob, and other times they’ve involved complex set ups and roleplays. I even had cue cards for my lines one time!

What means the most to me is to see my client grinning from ear to ear as they leave my incall at the end of the booking.


Let's get side-tracked for a moment; you have to decide on 4 dinner guests – dead or alive – past or present – who would be lucky enough to share an evening with Kim Cums?

 Octavia Butler – one of my favourite science fiction writers

Tamora Pierce – one of my favourite fantasy writers

Jeff Goldblum – self-explanatory

Harrison Ford – also self-explanatory


I can see you're awfully passionate and expressive with your piercings, we love that! Can you tell us a little more about your piercings and why you have them?

I just did a blog post about this. Have a read of my escort blog on piercings: 

If you had to pick 3 key reasons why you love being a sex worker what would they be?

 Sex for introverts – I love having sex and I love getting to meet different people, but I’m an introvert. Being an introvert doesn’t mean that I’m shy or quiet; it just means that I get a bit overwhelmed when I have to socialise in a large group. Sex work gives me time to get to know someone intimately on a one-on-one basis. I enjoy chatting with my clients about their work, hobbies, needs, and desires. Plus, once you get to know someone, the sex is even better.

Flexible Hours – I like my sleep, and I like to schedule work on my own time and schedule. A 9-to-5 job doesn’t allow for that type of flexibility. Sex work allows me to set my own hours, and work my schedule around other projects, hobbies, and obligations.

Creative Exploits – Sex work in all of its forms requires creativity. Whether I am putting together new advertising photos, ad copy, planning a porn scene, or organising a unique fantasy for a client, I get to utilise the creative side of my brain. I always have lots of ideas that I want to try out, and sex work lets me run wild with them!


Following on from the previous question, what would you like to see changed within the sex worker industry?

 We have so much stigma to contend with in our lives from various sources including journalism, entertainment media, academia, medical professions, and law enforcement. Unfortunately, we are often willing to let this stigma go unchecked, or we may even perpetuate this stigma, when we feel that putting down another group of sex workers will make our sector of the industry look “better” or more “legitimate”. However, stigma hurts all of us; we need to make sure that we are supporting ALL areas of the sex industry. I would like to see us all working towards being more collectively supportive of each other.


You're such a key member of the community Kim, a lot of young escorts starting out look to you in admiration; we'd like to find out what advice you'd give to an escort just starting out on their own path...

 I would say to take everyone’s advice with a grain of salt.

Everyone’s business will be a different because we are all different; we have different needs, wants, limits, etc. Just because one particular mode of working or advertising works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for you, so don’t be afraid to run your business on your own terms.


Ooops - Favourite movie of all time? Go!

The Princess Bride!


Let's finish with a bang Kim, we want to hear about a funny experience you may have had... It can be sex work related or just something in your personal life, make us laugh Kim Cums! 

 Well one day, I was shooting a scene with Michelle from Lightsouthern and Zahra Stardust. I had worked with Michelle a few times before and knew her pretty well, but this is the very first time that I had met Zahra. We were shooting a Girl-Girl scene and Zahra was my co-performer.

For the set that day, we were just shooting in a standard apartment, and the scene was taking place in the living room. In the pre-shoot chat, Zahra and I had a chat about each other’s limits and what we wanted to do in the scene. We decided that we would aim for some vaginal fisting, with Zahra as the receiver.

So, we were getting really into this scene, and I’m kneeling on the floor between Zahra’s legs, and my fist is now fully inside her vagina, and THEN the jackhammering starts. And I don’t mean that I was jackhammering with my fist, I mean full on construction jackhammering has started somewhere else in this apartment building.

At this stage, we have to finish the scene, but we can’t keep shooting with the construction noise and I can’t really take my hand out. Fisting is quite intense, so rather than working back up to that stage, it’s better just to keep my hand in and wait. So, I think we ending up waiting for about 10 minutes, just chatting in our fisting position for the construction noise to stop.

It ended up being quite a fun day, and a great porn set story! You never know what’s going to happen on set.

It could also have been a very loud drill; it was a number of years ago and my memory isn’t that good, but I’m taking the artistic license here and calling it a jackhammer.

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