Escort Interview with Hannah Shiro

Let’s dive straight into the deep end with this one, an escort industry favourite, the old whips and chains… If you had to choose just one item from your BDSM collection what would it be?

My absolute favourite toy - apart from the Hitachi body wand, which can be a tool of domination as well as pleasure - would have to be a light cane I own, reminiscent of a strict schoolroom. I don’t allow heavy or lasting markings on my soft skin though, so I have to trust the bearer ;)

Your Available Angel’s about me section is by far the most emphatic description I have read – you truly capture exactly what it is you offer and of course what you like to receive. Where did you develop your literary skills?

Thank you! I’m an unashamed English and linguistics nerd. I love to read, and the first rule of being a decent writer is being a passionate reader. I will read anything with a good story or a good style, but having both makes the experience transcendental. Anything about foreign languages fascinates me too; I love learning the grammatical rules of different languages and using colloquial phrases while travelling. I used to refer myself as a “failed polyglot” but this year I’m starting to learn French and dusting off my creaky intermediate Japanese.

I see you tour an awful lot, an escort who takes her talents across the globe is always an admirable trait – maybe one day Available Angels will be the platform lucky enough to showcase Hannah Shiro across the planet. In the meantime, tell us where your favourite place to tour is and why?

It's hard to choose, and I hope I'll get the chance to tour to places like New Zealand and Singapore soon. My favourite place to tour so far has definitely been Japan. The respect for privacy there is something I wish we had more of Down Under!  It’s also a great chance to practise my Japanese and sample the food.  

You clearly have a beautiful sense of humour to go with your dark angelic looks and torturous charm… Can you tell us a funny story about Hannah Shiro, an experience as an escort or maybe just a personal moment you’d like to share – make us laugh!

I’m very good at embarrassing myself, either through physical clumsiness or by doing something without thinking it through. I once ate a spoonful of wasabi, thinking it was a bowl of green tea ice cream. To this day, I don’t like wasabi.

Submissions aside, how does Hannah enjoy her down time?

I can't stress enough how much I love reading. Whether it’s an article, a blog by a fellow sex worker or a fantasy novel with dragons and wizards, nothing else takes me out of myself and into such a state of relaxation. However, as friends of mine know, I’m also a hopeless Millennial, obsessed with Netflix, Stan, and youtube videos of other people playing video games. I need to be coaxed out of drifting into a couch potato lifestyle on a regular basis, but getting physically active with friends helps with that. I also like to indulge in traditional Chinese remedies like acupuncture, cupping and massage if I really need to relieve stress.

Ok, I want to see some of that magical imagination at work! You’re throwing a dinner party in a location of your choosing with an unlimited budget to spend on whatever you like. You’ve got to choose four guests dead or alive… Who are they and how do you entertain them?

I would choose Frida Kahlo, Ernest Hemingway, Haruki Murakami and George Orwell. We’d probably entertain ourselves talking about our favourite books, the dangers of totalitarianism, and drinking the scrumptious mulled wine I’ve just made!