Interview on 30/03/2017 with Hannah Holt

Brisbane Escort

Tell us about your Dutch heritage and what it means to you? Also have you ever been to the Red Light district in downtown Amsterdam? If so share your experience with us!

My heritage as far as I know is a real mixed bag...Dutch, Scandinavian and who knows what else! I suspect there were loads of affairs within my ancestors (generations of amorous people ;)

I think the Dutch is more prominent because of my skin, I'm quite tall and strong in the way I look.... I think I'd be good at the hammer throw haha!

I haven't been to Amsterdam although I'd love to, only concern I have is that I wouldn't want to come back!

Can you tell us what three things you just couldn’t live without?

This is a pretty easy one...

Definitely my better half (Fellow private escort Marci Romaine,) my beautiful friends and family and music.

I don't cope very well when the world is too quiet... I'm extroverted and need interaction. 

I love your massive curly beautiful hair! It’s not often ladies have such natural features these days – could you tell us if you have any female idols or icons?

Why thank you! I have a real love/ hate relationship with my hair. It can look good but feels like I'm carrying around an extra 5kgs!

Female icons? That's a hard one and it has changed over the years. I've always loved Geena Davis...she's always been a favourite actress of mine and she is just so gloriously beautiful. Also Madonna circa 20 years ago. The way she was so uninhibited about her sexuality was really authentic and quite inspiring.

If you had to pick a super-power what would it be? ANYTHING YOU WANT!

Definitely to have the power to fly!

I have a short fuse when I'm driving, and no stranger to a little road rage in traffic. Flying would avoid the unnecessary high blood pressure!

I’d love if if you could tell us your favourite thing about being a Brisbane Escort, is it the place itself, the other escorts or even the glorious Queensland weather? 

My favourite thing is the lifestyle. Being in the corporate sales industry for so many years meant that I didn't have time for a lot of people that I cared about.

However, I am grateful for my time in the professional industry, as I did really well at building and maintaining relationships....I am always naturally happy spending time with clients and helping them feel good. 

But yes, definitely the lifestyle and the luxury of downtime! 

Xx Hannah