Taylor Diamond Escort Interview

How did you get into the escort industry and what do you most love about it?

 Well actually it was because a friend of mine was already doing it. I took her to her first interview. I’ll never forget the 4am Maccas runs and cash cash cash baby. I asked lots of questions, and eventually decided to ditch my 9-5 and give it a go. I’ve never looked back. It turns out I’m actually really well suited to the work. I love a lot of things about my job but I’d have to say the best thing is that I literally make people happy for a living – I couldn’t ask for more.


Taylor, you’re a beautiful Perth BBW! We don’t often get to interview escorts in Perth. Could you tell us a little about your home city, some of your favourite things to do there and perhaps any advice you might have for escorts touring in Perth?

 Actually I’m a bit of a home body ha ha! I love to catch a good movie, order in some good food and snuggle on the couch. I’m into scary movies but right now I’m binge watching Supernatural with Audrey.


What can a client expect on an escort date with the lovely Taylor Diamond? Don’t give too much away!

 Well I specialise in the GFE so you can expect plenty of intimate touching, a sensual double shower, full body massage… I like to connect with my clients on a personal level too, I can chat to pretty much anyone about pretty much anything. You can feel comfortable around me and I love to explore boundaries with my regulars; I have some people who have been seeing me for 3-4 years and I really cherish those special moments we’ve shared.


Available Angels love to find out more about the escorts on our books, can you let us know what Taylor does for fun? Any cool hobbies or pass times?

 Well definitely a gamer so guitar hero is always fun, I’m playing darksliders II at the moment but my favourite is probably Assassins Creed. If anyone would like to gift me a PS4 I’ll love you forever ;-)

 I’m a movie buff so I love to hit the cinemas, I love the new upgrades at Carousel, those chairs are awesome <3 Plus there is usually an Arcade nearby and I LOVE those…


If you were hosting a dinner party for three famous people, dead or alive, who would they be and what would you cook?

 Well I don’t cook much but I make a mean Jhonni Misotti (Oven baked Spag Bol) so I guess I’d have to go with that.

 As far as guests go I’d say Elvis Presley, Robin Williams and Steve Irwin.


Finally, can you tell us a funny story? We’d love to hear about an experience in the escort industry or in your personal life… Something to make us smile. 

I was working with Audrey for the long weekend once. We got absolutely hammered with back to back bookings and we were both utterly exhausted but we still had to pick the kids up Sunday avo. We did some shopping while we were out to replenish our work supplies and had put the bag full of stuff on the bed while we put away the cold and frozen foods.

A few mins later we’re looking for the kids…. Can’t find them anywhere.

Then we see them…. At the end of the hallway…. With some kind of goop on their hands….. they giggle and run off… the kind of giggle that makes you drop what you’re doing and check it out.

And there they are… in their bedroom, sliding around on the floor like they’re ice skating…. On an ENTIRE BRAND NEW BOTTLE OF LUBE


And do you THINK we could CATCH the little buggers to get them in the bath???? Hell no…. slippery little buggers LITERALLY omfg SMH. Worst. Clean-up. Ever.

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