You Need Diane!

Gentlemen of Perth and visitors to the West, meet Diane Needs.
A bubble blonde on the beach side of town, get to know this girl next door and feel the realness of experiencing this girlfriend of Perth.

I have to say Diane, you last name is definitely something that catches the eye.  Forgive my flirtatious curiosity but what is it do you need?

Haha my last name was actually due to my Twitter handle @dianeneedsdick
But realistically my needs are the same as all the gentlemen searching online. I need companionship, I long to be touched, have intimate experiences and to spend time closed off from my hectic life in a comforting session of passionate sex.

So I googled Heathridge WA because I am a Queensland girl and am not familiar with the west. I see its right next to Mullalloo beach. Omg that place looks like something straight out of a magazine. Blinding white sand and crystal aquamarine blue water. Do you have an incall here and do you offer beach dates for companion seekers?

Yes so I have a private home available in heathridge that's perfectly set in between the freeway and the gorgeous beach. While I don't currently provide outcalls, I am extremely likely to sneak off to sunbake in my itty bitty bikini in my down time. 

You have been with Available Angels for quite some time now and it is good to see regular people in the same areas. I believe customers appreciate authenticity and stability. How long have you been escorting and what makes your area special or convenient for your clients.

I've been an independent sex worker in Perth for two and a half years now. I'm very lucky to have a good platform of regular clients I enjoy seeing. While some of my regulars are traveling 50kms+ to come visit me, a fair percentage of them are local to the area and benefit from not having to deal with the traffic, etc to drive into the city as I'm based in suburbia, north of the river. 

Cat or dog person?

Dog person, definitely.
A dog is loyal, loving, playful, caring and best of all protective. I'm a big fan of bigger breeds like Labradors, American staffys and American bulldog. 

What surprised you most about this industry?

How friendly all the other escorts are! It sounds silly but I thought I'd be shunned as their "competition", however they're all super supportive! Jumping on Twitter has been amazing for my mental health, being in contact with other girls who are going through or have been through similar experiences is so bloody empowering!

When you are not keeping our pages glamorous, what are you up to?

I enjoy Netflix and chill (fave series atm is a shoe called 'me, you and her'- about a couple who both see an escort), trying new restaurants, reading books/listening to podcasts all about self development and working on my fitness level. 

Do you have a typical demographic?

I'm extremely accepting of men from all different religion, ethnicity, age, body type, etc. So long as you are respectful and over 18- you're my target demographic! While I see people from all walks of life my most common client would be in their 30s or 40s, a working class man with a hunger to feel appreciated and wanted in an intimate situation. 

What is the most requested outfit you have?

Typically I answer the door in a lacy black bra and knicker set, but I often get requests for the blue dress as pictured, or a simple dressing gown... both being requested with nothing underneath.

What advice can you give to a nervous client or someone new to the industry? 

Honestly I love a nervous client, because I'm usually super nervous as well. I always advise for new clients to book longer than you think you'll need so we have plenty of time to get acquainted, feel at ease and perhaps begin the appointment with a massage. Also much to the annoyance of my clients, nerves can get in the way of a gentleman's performance - and no one wants to watch the clock run out before you've scored a touchdown.

Secret talents? (in or out of the workplace)

I'm a great conversationalist and am outgoing so I feel I do a great job at making my clients feel at ease during their appointments - all my regulars would say I'm extremely down to earth. I also have a secret talent for losing things I put in a "safe place" haha but I think we all are good at that one!

Dont your just feel like you know Diane already?
She's such an easy going lady and beautiful to boot.
If you are starving for some downtime and need someone who you can chill with both mentally and sexually, then you need Diane.
And seemingly she needs you too.

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