Interview on 06/02/2016 with Christine McQueen

Christine McQueen - Sydney Escort - Interview:

Available Angels promotes Australian escorts availability for last-minute bookings. This month’s interview theme is our PUBLISHED Angels. These ladies are famous in their own right and are leaders in their professional field. 

With no hesitation, we had to interview Christine McQueen first. For those of you that live under a rock, Christine is Australia’s leading escort. She is a featured model in many men's magazines. If you haven’t met Christine, than you need to have a glass of pineapple juice right now and make a booking with Hannah the assistant ASAP. 

 1.    Christine McQueen is probably the most famous escorting name in Australia. How did you come up with such a perfectly fitting name?

My brand name Christine McQueen which is trademarked came about because I'd always loved the name Christine and the surname McQueen I thought had excellent reputation and ring to it. 

2.    Clients often state that Christine McQueen raised the benchmark in the escorting industry. You have done a lot for this industry and have certainly set a standard. Where do you think the escort industry is heading professionally? 

I didn't set out to make a benchmark, all I wanted to do is make the sex work business experience more interesting for myself, with more elaborate production values and work with talent to create a visual experience that excited the audience and myself. 

The Sex work industry is not an industry it's a hobby culture at the most. Amnesty internationals announcement that Sex work should be decriminalised internationally is the most significant news of recent times. 

3.    Your images are outstanding. They capture your sexuality perfectly. Is there something you do or think about to get you in the mood for your photo shoot?

For shoots I prepare styling and locations sometimes purchasing items years in advance. I prep my body and cosmetic procedures a month leading up to the shoot date.

I'm a professional glamour model and it's all in the eyes, I think of my pussy being licked perfectly and that makes my pupils dilate. Makes for a more sexually charged image. 

4.    You have been featured in many men’s magazines.  What was the most memorable experience to date? 

Being involved in Penthouse Black label for 2015 was totally different experience than my 2010 spread.

Paying to on the cover rather than being chosen to model, means I'm not hoping for a random art director to pick me but that I'm a business person with money Iv earned fairly having an opportunity to put my money towards marketing opportunities.

As a feminist this is this kind of life experiences I make myself available for.  

Thank you Christine and please gentlement visit Christine's website here or book her through Available Angels.