Interview on 02/03/2016 with Charlie Forde

Charlie Ford is new to the independent private escort industry. She is based in Brisbane but frequently travels to Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Cairns. You can best describe Charlie as young, elegant, smart and sexy. She is making her mark in the escorting business and offers a genuine girlfriend experience. Please contact Charlie directly to discuss the services she provides. 

1.   Charlie, you have been supportive of Available Angels from the start. And from our personal conversations it has paid off. Profiting from the Available Now industry is lucrative as not a lot of escorts are available last-minute. What is your secret to good time management for your escort business? 

Between uni, work and trying to launch my own business, I am very time poor. My secret to running my escorting business is to block off time that I am available every day and make sure that I use your fantastic services to collect as much last minute work as possible when I'm free. 

2.   I know you're a busy woman, I am constantly amazed at the dedication you have towards your escorting business. What else do you do in your time outside of the escorting industry? 

I'm onto my second degree and trying to launch my own business. All of this is pretty full on! At the moment my boohy is trying to learn to pole dance. But I feel I need some liquid courage still at the moment to throw myself upside down, it's pretty scary when you're hanging 2 metres above the ground upside down by your thighs only. Don't try at home kids!

3.   You're relatively new to the private escort industry. Is there anything about the escorting industry that has surprised you? 

I'm surprised at the incredible diversity of women available, and how open they are to friendships with me. They have become some of the best supports in my life, in both a work setting and personal setting. I am so grateful for their love and lack of judgment. In an industry where privacy is paramount, it's funny that women open their identity. I take it as an incredible compliment and see it as ultimate trust. 

4.   I know you regularly tour around Australia. Any new places that your visiting in 2016. Why did you choose to visit these cities? 

I can't wait to visit Cairns, I've never been and I'm such a tropics girl. My bestie also lives in Melbourne so I plan to be down regularly and rolling in the sheets with Melbournites. I'm totally open to suggestions though, a lot of my tours have revolved around people showing interest in a tour in their city so let me know if you want to see me! I will make it happen just for you. 

5.   If your client wanted to book an dinner date in Brisbane. Where would you take him and what would you have planned for him? 

Nothing beats Cobbler Bar in West End - their scotch range is to die for. It only gets better when you order a Greek platter from Little Greek and have it delivered to the bar - it's the absolute best, and because it's still a casual setting I find people are very open and uninhibited in their conversations which I love. I find quite a few clients are very shy about dinner dates, they are nervous that someone will see them out. For these gents I love organising our own dinner date at my place, with a delicious antipasto platter and some good wine. After all, there's no place like home!