For Your Luxury Needs

There's nothing quite like the company of an Australian girl!

For gentlemen cold countries and densely populated cities, our Aussie girls are favourites on the international scene of escorting.

Our sun surf and abundance of forests and open spaces shapes our laid back demeanour and gentlemen of the word want a piece of this, if only through the frivolity of an Australian woman.

And Chanel is that woman.

In your experience on the international scene of FMTY (Fly Me To You) escorts, what countries did you predominantly visit and where are you most looking forward to going back to? 

I love visiting America ( New York, Las Vegas and parts of Alaska), I also enjoy London as well. I can not wait to get back to these places because they are all beautiful in there own way and the gentlemen are just wonderful.

Do you have a particular demographic?

I enjoy the business men they know what they want and not afraid to ask for it.

I love a good story about how an escort gets her start in the industry. Would you share yours?
How long have you been in the industry and did you plan on staying this long? 

I thoroughly enjoy what I do and it started when I honestly thought I was broken lol. I went to a sexual psychologist and received a diagnosis of Nymphomaniac and I then stumbled into this industry and no been it for a little over 10years and enjoy it.

Available in a bordello for incalls in Canberra, do you accommodate outcalls with social dates in Canberra? 

Yes I am available through a bordello for both in calls and out calls. I am also will be available in Sydney independently for both incalls and outcalls after July.

I see on your website you offer exclusivity. What is that and how does that work?

My exclusivity packages are for the gentlemen who want to be top on my book and be able to have first pick on bookings and the higher the package the more perks the gentlemen gets.

For visual stimulation, we are graced with classy imagery on your profile. What inspires your shoots?

My photoshoots are inspired by everything from the 1950s and back to the 1700s I enjoy the sophistication of these eras.

Tell us about your onlyfans.

I am just starting out with my only fans, this has been a bit difficult I am working on it.

What are you looking forward to in 2021?

To put enough money away to buy my first home and build my client portfolio bigger.

Who or where do you draw inspiration from for the following:


Marilyn Monroe


A number of people it is difficult to name one.


I follow my pagan traditions.

Physical wellness

Again difficult to answer as I follow a great many on my social media.

What do hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?

I enjoy a great many things like books, music, motorbikes, fast cars, traveling, horses and of course spoiling and taking care of myself. I have a great many skills like I have been interstate truck driver, worked for many years as a drover and I have even been a coal and iron ore train driver to name a few.

Love the contrast Chanel!

So gentlemen, we have a classically beautiful nymphomaniac, feminine yet enjoys playing with big boys toys.
Do yourself a favour and meet this enigma of a human being.
She's lovely!

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