Interview on 25/07/2016 with Cece Reign

I was a mere two sentences into your bio when I forgot why I was reading it. You write with purpose and meaning, almost convicting the reader to a heavenly prison in which they have to explore! Without doubt one of the most tantalizing and impressive bio’s I’ve ever read. Would you mind telling us about your most enjoyable experience as a Sydney based escort?

I absolutely love it as well, for that I have to thank my friend and former mentor Vivienne Black who helped me to find my own way into this industry. 

Most of my escort adventures in Sydney were highly enjoyable experiences for me, each in their own way. Since I am a lady with lots of facets and fantasies I attract a broad variety of clients who I am lucky to share a part of myself with. I was born with an admiration of diversity and my love to please. Meeting, connecting and playing with completely refurbished men and couples is my pleasure. 

Now I have the power to relax people, build them up, free them, encourage and inspire them. Figuring out what a person really needs - and putting this energy into our unique experience. These memories and the gratitude that people express towards me are immortal. 

My most enjoyable escort experiences are all those ones where I filled someone with as much joy that they can’t stop saying “This was the best sex/ the best night/ the best experience I ever had.” And having regulars who teach me about life, about people and last but not least about sex.

“Give it all to me” a tagline taken from one of your Twitter pictures…. We all can see that Cece is a tremendous tease… Do you have any tips for other eager escorts on how to stay irresistible in the Sydney escort market?

Hehe I really mean it! Also it is basically my life motto. I take all that cums and I take it with joy! Every opportunity but furthermore every challenge. 

To be a successful escort is certainly not easy, especially in Sydney. I used to think that there must be that one woman stereotype which men find the most attractive. For example, I assumed that my liveliness, my permanent excitement about the littlest things would make some people think that I am “too wild” so that they would rather book a very calm girl rather than my real self. Since it is exhausting to hide parts of you I soon started to enrich the Twitter world with my own sparkles and received a lot of support and love!

So my advice is:
Don’t be afraid to make your own edges and spices public and eventually even have the courage to present your own sexual fantasies just like I do with my facial pics and telling sexy stories of my past… :-) This way I can assure you, you will attract like minded clients which will make the shared experience mind blowing for both.

You spend a lot of your free time with fellow escorts… You guys must trade stories about your interactions with clients, can you tell us something funny, scary and cool about any of your professional escort encounters? 

Oh yes! As a very social person I am always excited to meet other personalities who also have been drawn into this business.  

Even although we occasionally speak about lovely, cool and sexy clients who we are both seeing or who our personal regulars and favourites are or about funny stories, it is part of our job to stay discreet so in fact we usually spend more time together talking just like normal girls, like everyone else.

I still love sharing funny stories like these though because my clients have an amazing humour:

I once made one of my clients accidentally cum on his own face! It took us a while to catch our breath again and we joked around saying I should start to offer COYOF (cum on your own face).

Another time a client and me where shocked about how deep I was able to take his long and thick eggplant down my throat so that we both ended up touching my neck on the outside in order to measure how far it really was inside. And oh my…! I didn’t even know that was possible. We kept doing that throughout the whole booking and I had to hold back my laugh with my full mouth! :-P 

Finally, you don’t give much away about your personal life… Could you tell us a little more about how you spend ‘me time’, hobbies and passions? 

Sure. Sex has been my favourite hobby ever since but people know that already and I even made it my job! 

Besides that there is nothing in this world that I need more than the sun. I feel so blessed when just laying on the beach or in a garden and listening to nature. Water is just as important to me as you can see in my photos, if it is playing around with waves in the ocean or relaxing in a pool. I feel best with wet hair, preferably topless or even naked. Wellness is a favourite of mine too. 

Other than listening to music in private, music festivals are magical, unforgettable experiences for me. Generally all sorts of social gatherings and new experiences have my attention and so do new travel destinations. In a way it would be exciting and challenging for me at this point to settle down for a while though, then I would be able to engage more in sports such as yoga or my life addiction Volleyball. 

A number one passion is also food, I am living on a plant based diet so I am serial visitor and good tipper of all creative vegan restaurants wherever I go, trying something different every time.