Interview with Catherine Lusso

Class, intelligence and sophistication. We were lucky enough to take a step into the world of Catherine-Emily Lusso. Enjoy her Available Angels escort interview here. 

Can you tell us how you got into the escort industry and what do you most enjoy about it?

 I started as a receptionist in an escort Agency, and the lure of the dollar and the exciting places and clients the girls spent time with had me in.

 My career has allowed me the unique opportunity to learn and experience differences in many forms and freedom as a woman that I haven't had outside of this industry. Get to choose who I spend time with and what I do and where it is, travel around the world at times

Being a Melbourne escort we’d love to find out some of the things you enjoy to do in Melbourne?

Melbourne is very much quintessentially Australian. It has an air of grace with a dash of the Bohemia, and definite measure of the Australian spirit. Live as you dare. I love where I grew up, South Yarra but also the beach side suburbs are so eclectic and I love that too. The shopping is the best and you would be treated like a Queen or King in Fendi Collins street. The manager is gold.

We see you have a tour to Sydney coming up! As a touring escort do you have any advice on touring for an escorting just starting out in the industry?

Do your research. If I can I organise deposits from my prospective clients, $50 from someone as goodwill is fare. I know some of the clients are dubiously worried that the girl may just take your money. But here is a thought guys, the provider pays a small fortune to advertise has to use a cc to book the accommodation, and if you change your mind what’s $50? I also look at the trip as a mini holiday and enjoy the  surroundings, if you are in doubt or lonely reach out to other girls on the site. I will help you if I can. When I let go of the expectation of getting appointments, they come. I always ask myself this question, if money was no object would I take this appointment if the answer is no, then don't. There will be another that is deserving of you.

We’d love to know your top three dinner date guests? Who would they be? Dead or alive…

 Now that is an interesting question.

Alive is always good, but I’m open. Catherine The great as to me she is one of the most formidable women in history, a true pioneer who entertained a life that most men would have trouble living. Catherine Deneuve, is a woman of great beauty and grace . I admire her career her look and individuality. And Liam Neeson as I would jump his bones any day. I find him intelligent hot an I really enjoy action flicks!

We love how sophisticated you are, you would make the best dinner date companion! Can you let us know what can be expected with a Catherine-Emily Lusso booking?

I always dress for the occasion, being Melbourne it’s a black dress, stocking legs and a pair of 4” heels. I greet you as we are friends, I subtly touch you, I always look into your eyes and for me no one there exists but us. That may sound a bit corny or contrived it isn't and I do whisper to my companion naughty things. Good company food and wine is for me very erotic start to the evening. I’m a little hedonistic, it’s all about the pleasure.

Finally, we’d love to hear what Catherine’s secret desires are? Share a little with us…

This is something I have been looking at lately. I am currently writing a lot, and some of my work is about to be published.  When I was 5 I was asked what I wanted to be, I said a philanthropist, of course I didn't know how to articulate the word , but they laughed and said “ you will be.” 

I would love to have a select few in my diary and spend time indulging in our hedonistic pursuits.   Keeping it sane safe and consenting. Live in an amazing apartment over the water, fly around the world with my friends, wanting for nothing physically, intellectually and spiritually. Sane safe and very content...

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