Interview on 25/07/2017 with Bella Angel


Read into Bella's innocent and honest outlook on life, she blesses us with such a unique attitude towards not only the escort industry but also how we should all act as respectable members of society. 

You clearly love Brisbane as a city, could you tell us the sort of things you get up to as a Brisbane escort, where are your favorite places to go for dinner dates for example? 

I love Brisbane mostly because of the weather, it's close to the Gold Coast so I go there a lot. I came here 3 years ago as a backpacker so it's become familiar to me. I have many clothes and shoes so I don't like moving all my stuff around that's why I stick here now. 

My favorite spot is Eagle Street Pier. There are many gorgeous people and nice bars and restaurants, my favorite ones are Black bird and Fridays. I love to dress up as a goddess and show off, get everyone's attention, that's just my personality. I don't drink much, but when I do, it’s sweet fruity cocktails!

Can you tell us about where you’re from originally, with such a beautiful name like Angel Bella you clearly aren’t from here, we’d love to hear about your culture?

I am from Taiwan, mix Japan because my grandmother is Japanese. 

I love the movie "Beauty and The Beast" because I think I'm like the Belle in there, different than others and fearless. So I named myself Bella. I think the biggest difference for me is that I still keep my inner child at heart, curios, passionate, love to have adventures and try new things. I am kind, respectful to everyone and all things.

I came here 3 years ago by myself and have done a lot of my own research before I chose to become an escort. I love to travel around as part of my escorting too.

In my country, most people are very conservative, they judge people by how they look and how they dress (for example chubby girls shouldn't wear bikini, which is ridiculous).  Many people try to avoid conflict which then mean they complain behind peoples back.  I like to think that I am different to that, and it’s one of the reasons I get on well with nearly all people.

I see you have dreams of going to Hawaii… What is drawing you to Hawaii so badly? I can only assume it’s the beautiful beaches?

To be honest, I don't know why, maybe it's because I love the beach and love pineapple.  I have long wavy hair like a Hawaiian princess too.  I always follow ideas that come up in my mind, and going to Hawaii was one of my ideas and dreams.  Sometimes I say I'm from Taiwan and the other person thinks I’m saying Hawaiian hahaha.  My English is good but still some more room to improve!!

Being an escort do you have any tips for gentlemen that may try to book you?

I really appreciate if the person making the booking can clearly let me know what time they would like and for how long they would like to stay. Being polite goes a long way with me and please don't try to negotiate my prices down as I think they are fair prices.

As I am still quite new to this I am taking baby steps but learning new things all the time to ensure I can offer the best service possible to my clients.

What can clients expect when on a booking with the stunning Angel Bella, are you a tease, funny or sophisticated? 

I hope they will be pleasantly surprised when they meet me that I am just like my pictures!!  I will make them feel relaxed and I will offer them a sensual and sexy atmosphere.  Plus, if they want we can have some good conversation and lots of laughs too.  I love to laugh hahah!

Thank you Angels Bella for that lovely insight into Brisbane life, originating from Taiwan and your views on escort bookings. Subscribe to Angel Below!