Interview on 31/10/2016 with Ava Arlo

Ava Arlo is an incredibily bright, beautiful and bootylicious escort based in Brisbane normally but she's always touring and travelling around so be sure to keep an eye out for her coming to your town or city!

1. Immediately from your twitter page I can see you’re a very strong, independently minded and influential escort! You just ooze with intelligence and personal opinion and I love it! Have you always had this bold outlook on life or does it have anything to do with your escorting profession

 "Ohhh thank you! I think I've always had a strong opinion, I think it's important to let your independence shine through, especially in this industry." 

2. You state on one particular post – ‘I have a bad habit of posting pictures of my backside’. Myself along with every other human being that views your twitter profile is thinking how on God’s good earth does anyone have a booty as perfect as that! Tell us your secret…!

"Stop it! You're actually making me blush! First of all, nothing you see is perfect - believe me! As for my backside, it's a working progress, it is a piece of art! It just keeps growing & growing. As for my secret. There's 3 tips I have.

  1. Be kind to the booty, buy it gifts 
  2. Praise the booty every day & give it pats 
  3. Train with Marci - she will have your booty huge in no time! "

3. You clearly love to tour Ava, always travelling and always excited about it! Would you tell our readers what your favourite place to tour is and why?

"I do love touring! I love to travel and I love exploring new places! My top 3 (as I can't narrow it down and it's also subject to change - I haven't been every where I hope to go. Plus I'm indecisive.) 

  1. Melbourne - food, shopping 
  2. Singapore - food, weather & shopping 
  3. Sydney - food, weather, beach & shopping

Clearly I like to eat & shop! 

4. I noticed you enjoy the intimacy of other women! Without spoiling the surprise could you give us a little information about what your clients can expect when booking you with another female escort…?

"Hahaha! The time of your life! A good girl will never kiss & tell. I suggest you book yourself a hot time with me & one of my sexy girlfriends!"

5. From your vintage white converse to your retro Adidas T’s you clearly are a very cool escort! I would love to find out where your fashion sense comes from and what you do to keep it new? 

"Honestly, I just wear what works for me & what I like. My best days consist of rolling out of bed, fresh faced, messy bun & a cute vintage sundress.

Most other days you'll find me in a bikini. Contemplating how I can get away with wearing it in public."