Interview on 27/04/2017 with Aria May


Aria May, one of Sydney’s elite escorts – dripping in culture, intelligence and charm – you won’t be left anything but smitten after a booking with Aria.

You are too kind! But that is exactly how I like being described!

Aria, do tell us about your favourite aspects of being an escort in Sydney?

One of the best things about working in Sydney is that sex work is fully decriminalised, I feel very safe and lucky in knowing that the law is behind me, which is unfortunately not the case for a lot of escorts in other countries or states. I wish that wasn't the case, but that is a whole another conversation. Sydney is also wonderful to work in because of how multicultural it is, I absolutely love meeting people from different walks of life. Last but not least of course is the weather, the laid back lifestyle and the food!

I can see you love to rendezvous with other Sydney based escorts, would you say that escorting has gifted you some long term friendships or is it just part and parcel of being an escort?

I have definitely made some good friends from escorting. This industry has a lot of strong, shining, courageous and outspoken personalities and it can be intimidating for a newbie to try and reach out to make friends, but it is so worth it. Of course you won't necessarily get along with everyone but once you find those that you do like, it is great! Private escort work can be extremely isolating, especially if you are not "out" to your vanilla (civilian) friends and family. As much as I love communicating with my clients, it is important to have someone to talk to that can relate to what you are going through or just have a drink or two with...

On the other hand, you have to be careful and smart about who you deal with, as not everyone will wish you well... I guess that is like in any industry, you just have to pick those you connect with and trust your gut.

What are your pet hates on a booking? And if you could give any advice to a gentlemen looking to book you, what would it be?

Oh god, haha, do you have all day?!  I've got 3 major pet hates;

1. I always get surprised that I have to even say this, but personal hygiene is very important. Please don't eat garlic/onion prior to a booking and use the shower gel, toothpaste etc. provided. I even provide disposable toothbrushes at my incall, so no excuses!

2. Asking inappropriate questions such as my real name, how much I earn, pay for my incall or why a "smart, beautiful girl like me does this" *eye roll*

3. Any religious intolerance or misogynist, sexist, racist, homophobic remarks. 

I guess my best advice to a gentleman who would like to book me is to actually be a gentleman, follow my booking procedures, be themselves, relax and not be afraid to tell me what they really want. In case a gentleman doesn't know what he wants, it is always fun to figure out together! Once you get to know me you will find that I am a good laugh and never judge.

Have you ever lived and worked in another city or has Sydney been your only home? If you could live and work in any city in the world where would it be and why?

You really know how to choose questions to which I can reply to with essays! I've lived in Russia, UAE and Canada, however now call Sydney my home and love it. 

In regards to where I would want to live I can break it down by age (yes, I've thought about this a lot ;). Whilst I'm still relatively young I would love to live in New York, I went last year and was absolutely smitten. It was everything you imagine it to be from the movies and more, fast paced, loud and full of hope. During my middle ages, when I hopefully have a family, Sydney North Shore would probably be my choice because of the lifestyle. And to retire I would love to have a nice little cottage farm somewhere in Spain or the South of France... you know, nothing too fancy...may be a little vineyard... And on the weekends I would fly to Florence and visit the art galleries and admire the architecture... I am now getting carried away!

Finally, would you mind telling us something funny… We love to end these interviews with a smile, it can be an experience you may have had on a booking or something funny that happened to a friend just make us laugh Aria!

Hmmm it is hard to pick one... Do I make fun of myself or embarrass my friends? ;) I guess the most recent one is when I wore a brand new, relatively expensive dress for a new client and had the zipper get stuck. We wrestled with it for a good 5 minutes before just ripping it half way and then I got stuck in the dress as I was taking it off as it wasn't fully unzipped. Not my sexiest look but thankfully the gentleman was a good sport! We had a laugh after but it was terribly embarrassing during, especially with a new lover! 

I think this is a wrap. Thank you so much for having me and such interesting questions, I had a ball answering them! 


Aria xx