Annaleise Haschen Interview

If you ever had a thing for Marylin Monroe or Anna Nicole Smith (who didn't right?), you can live out that fantasy with our sexy Sydney escort and companion, Miss Annaleise Haschen! Scandinavian tigress. Curvaceous companion, Penthouse Black pinup, all can be revealed... 

Our Available Angels team has had the pleasure of meeting you in person and I have to say, when you enter a room you're about a subtle as a shark attack! Heads turn and pupils dilate.
For the nervous types reading this, I can attest that in real life, you are anything but intimidating when engaging with people in your company.
Tell us about your gift in putting people at ease?

I think my smile and my laugh instantly puts people at ease. I do have an uncanny knack to make the person of my focus feel that they are the only person on the earth... I love to listen to people and I just adore it when someone opens up to me both in conversation and in the bedroom. I do have a very fun loving nature and I've always maintained that you must seek out new experiences in life. I'm so lucky that I get to help others achieve this too.

You're a combination of Scandinavian and German heritage but an Aussie girl for sure. Are you Sydney born and bred? Tell us some secret hot spots around Sydney that your clients can get to experience the real people, culture and food whilst they're on a dinner date or overnight with you.

I do know quite a few sultry spots for evening cocktails and quiet naughty liaisons. 

I adore the water and having been born in NZ it's always been a big part of my life so I tend to gravitate towards the water, the Opera House, Circular Quay, the stunning Harbour Bridge and the Northern Beaches are favourite spots for my dates. I've even enjoyed an overnight date on a stunning yacht in the middle of Sydney harbour....what a night that was!  

Anyone can tell you I love parading around naked in a hotel room with that stunning Circular Quay view or my infamous nude sunbathing in my secret spot down on Palm Beach aka Summer Bay hehehe

Annaleise, in 2016 we've seen you grace the pages of Penthouse Black Label magazine, attend social events within the industry, fly around the country to Canberra, Adelaide, Newcastle and Perth.
Im excited to see you'll soon be going international.
From your touring schedule to your magazine and event appearances, can you give us a hint into what to expect in 2017?

I am launching internationally next year with Hong Kong the first on my list. I haven't toured much of late but I can promise 2017 will be a year of jetsetting for me. I've met some amazing women this last year and they have been so inspiring to me, I still have a long bucket list of women in the industry I'm yet to meet. 

I would love to do another magazine shoot, it was the most wonderful experience to be a part of the Penthouse Black Label family for the 2016 Calendar. 

Stay tuned, Annaleise Haschen is only just warming up....expect great things hahaha

Your twitter followers are suitably teased with your hashtags




#shelovesherbubbles and so on. Twitter is the best way for a potential client to gain an insight into your life as a Sydney escort. They can also subscribe to you on Available Angels to get notifications of tours and your last minute availability.
How essential is it that your clients take advantage of following you? A girl like you must book out rather quickly!

Social Media is such a vital tool these days to spread the love. I relish the interaction I have with my followers and clients. 

I've often been told my selfies portray my personality much more effectively than my professional me a blonde busty bundle of energy. I love to have fun and I love to be the reason someone has that secret smile on their face. 

My clients love the new subscription ability, they can see my daily availability along with the most up to date information on my tours. Last minute bookings are a breeze with this tool. 

The majority of the tours I do are always booked in advance but I welcome new inquiries as I love to meet new playmates.....I mean who wouldn't? I'm in my absolute element seducing and leading astray sexy new friends. 



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