Interview with Alexia Courtesan

Alexia Courtesan - Brisbane Escort - Interview: 

Alexia has submitted the highest amount of recommendations to Available Angels.
Thanks for your support Alexia!
Let’s see what she’s all about…

1. What attracted you to the industry?

The fact this this industry has so many facets and much variety that enables you to learn and grow.  A few of the attractions are:

2. Being an escort is about giving, but it is also about receiving. What is one of your favourite intimacies your client can do for you?

Give me a massage!  Especially on my legs.  My legs are often tired/sore from ballet so massage is soooo much appreciated!!  Any sort of massage…….I don’t care !!

3. You’ve done some travelling this year. What was your favourite place to visit?

Georgia, in the Caucasus. The people, the culture, the long history, the mountains, the vino……if you haven’t tried Georgian wine you simply  MUST!!

 I am off to Iran in March 2016, so am excited about that!

4. How do you keep that gorgeous figure, or do we need to thank you mum for your fabulous genetics?

My figure has heaps of flaws!!  I have to be super careful with diet (including Georgian wine, damn it!!)  and do lots of exercise.  I can certainly thank my Mum for her skin!

5. Are you competitive? You're destroying your client/date in a game of Scrabble. Do you:   

a)      Hint to them that you're getting tired so it ends before it gets ugly.

b)      Start spelling easier words to give them a chance. 

c)       Spell out -- 'jugular' --'cause that's what you're going after!

Probably (b) – I would encourage them to keep going….. learn some more words, enter a Spelling Bee, recite the Oxford and so on……;)))))) 

Oh that’s sweet. Now you can add "Personal Development Coach" to your repertoire!

Thanks Alexia.