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Welcome to my Profile and thank you for dropping in.

My name is Taylor Rose, country girl at heart, with a love for the city and all it has to offer.

I’m your easy going, girl next door type.  I can be very cheeky and naughty when I want to be. I’m the young lady, who can show you an uncomplicated good time. I’m the lady who is a good conversationalist and extremely friendly, who will make you feel at ease, relaxed and allow you to release all of your inhibitions. I love to stimulate you not just physically, but mentally as well.  In my company, you are able to express your wildest dreams, without any judgement. You will see me as a stylish lady who is not overtly provocative.  My background is Australian.

With a love for Ballroom Dancing and Health and Fitness, and investing in my future by gaining memories via experiences rather than designer bags, I love everything about escorting and the lessons I am learning along the way. I feel extremely blessed to meet the many wonderful faces that I do through my work, people from all walks of life inspire me, teach me and allow me to be the person I am today.  

The experience you will get with me is a Passionate Girlfriend experience. Connection is essential, I don’t do crazy acts, you will get the real me in every booking. I am authentic and true to myself.  If you are looking for a lady that provides an “out there” Porn Star experience, I am not the lady for you. To describe the sort of service that I provide is very difficult because every client that I see is totally different to the next. So, to describe how a booking will play out, I honestly cannot put that in words. The time between us will play out just the way it is meant to, time should not be planned, it should just happen naturally.

Let me be the ultimate gift that you deserve, lets explore each other, lets listen to one another, lets get so close where the memory of our private session together is etched in as one of your finest experiences. Experiences should be simplistic, fun and exciting. This is the sort of memory you will have from our time together when you are in my company.

If you like brunettes with green eyes I may just be the lady for you, if you like a fit athletic body, size 10, 167cm tall, with 12DD cup and a toned booty that has endured endless hours of squats and lunges,  I may just be the lady for you. But more so if you like a lady that comes educated with brains and not just the beauty, I may well be a perfect fit for you.

So how does my booking process work? I like to keep things simple when making a booking with me. To start with send me a text, email or call me. You will always be speaking to me, not a receptionist or Personal Assistant. I work as a totally independent escort so I do all of my own admin and everything we discuss and organise will remain our private business. Your discretion is my priority always.

Please state your name, where you are from and what day and time you are looking to book. Please also advise what experience you are looking to book (i.e. length of booking and or dinner/dessert date). I will always do my best to accommodate your request. Once we have confirmed the day, experience and time of our booking I will have a quick chat over the phone to say hello when it suits you.

Please note that I strictly do not accept calls from Private Numbers. I take bookings from 9am – 11pm daily. I will only see 1 client per day whether that be a 1 hour or 6 hour booking so please book in advance to ensure I can play when it suits you.  Looking forward to getting to know you deeply and fully.

For a fun and casual look into what I get up to on any given day please check out my Twitter profile @SexyTaylorRose

Love and Kisses

Taylor Rose XoX

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Age 33

Height 167cm

Eyes Green

Hair Brunette

Body Type Fit

Ethnicity Australian

SWA 10428XE

Please contact me and I will happily discuss my list of services to you. Good etiquette is essential, please be polite and well mannered.


  • Please contact me directly to enquire about my service

Advance bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment, please check my availability below.


GFE Rates

1 hour: $650.00

2 hour: $1,250.00

3 hour: $1,850.00

4 hour: $2,400.00

5 hour: $2,800.00

6 hour: $3,000.00

Overnight: $4,500.00

Additional Rates

3 Hour Dinner & Dessert - $1,500

4 Hour Dinner & Dessert - $1,800

Overnight Bookings - Please note an overnight booking is only accepted if I have already met the client. Must include 6 hours of beauty sleep. Overnight bookings usually take place between 8pm - 10am. (14 Hour duration)

Available Angels Interview with Taylor Rose

You come across as incredibly approachable and down to earth… Excellent qualities for an escort to have! Have you always had this attitude or did it develop when you became an escort?

Thank you. I am actually a country girl at heart, and I believe that’s where my down to earth nature comes from. I am a pretty easy going lady, and don’t take life to seriously. Prior to Escorting, I worked in the Corporate world so was very much used to being the “approachable” person, and also gained a heap of people skills from this. I since left the corporate world, in exchange to go back and get a Degree at University which I am still doing, and thought what a better why to utilise my skills than to become an independent escort. I truly love what I do and meeting new people along the way as I learn so much.

I see you highlight the fact safety and discretion are both your number one concern in this industry. Again, a wonderful processional outlook to have! Can you give some of the young escorts starting out any advice on how to stay safe in this industry?

I believe always having your blinkers on. For example, I can read people and personalities pretty well. If something doesn’t feel right, it generally isn’t. When entering a room, or house, or wherever your booking is, always suss it out... but not in an obvious way, can you see hidden cameras, where are you exits if you need to get out in a hurry, and always learn how to get yourself out of a situation when you don’t feel comfortable. There are ways to remain polite whilst keeping a level head. Always trust your intuition, if something doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t. I have only had one situation where I had to leave 10 minutes in, but I knew straight away something wasn’t feeling right.. sure enough, I found this gent was quite the expert at trying to get working girls to “play” before “pay”.

You are clearly very adventurous when it comes to your work, offering sought after experiences as well as some unique experiences. Without giving away too much could you tell us why you love being an escort and your favourite aspects of the escort industry?

As a people person, I truly love connecting with my clients. Every person has unique personalities, and I love trying to read someone. I love working out what a client likes in the bedroom, without him giving away to much. There is nothing more fun then finding a mans pleasure zones, and working my magic and watching his face squirm and toes point. I also love confidence in a man, a man who knows what he wants without being too cocky. I love to kiss, and a man who can kiss gets them everywhere with me 

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