Sarah Haywood

Warm & Sensual Natural Beauty from New Zealand - Nuru/PSE/GFE/Relaxation/Couples

My name is Sarah Haywood.
Let me tease and tantalize your senses, arouse your curiosity and give you a taste of who I am.
An exotic creature, with long dark hair and deep honey brown eyes, I do love to play, as no doubt you do.
Imagine briefly if you can.
You knock upon my door, and as I open it, a sensuous smile plays across my lips, then you see in my eyes that the fun is about to unfold.
Before you, a slim yet curvy, sun kissed lady, reaches for your hand. Pulling you into her world, full of pleasures of the mind and body.
A pure hedonist through and through, let me please and pamper you.
With lust & passion,

Sarah Haywood xx

Preferred Contact Method

To Request An Appointment Please Send a Text or Email Stating:

* Your Name
* Location
* Where you saw my ad
* Which service you're after
* Date and Time you would like to meet

PLEASE NOTE:  I have many packages available however due to state legislation, I am unable to provide details of my services. Please contact me for a full list of services and rates xx

Location: Brisbane, QLD

My Stats

Age 30s

Height 169cm

Eyes Brown

Hair Brunette

Body Type Slim

Please contact me and I will happily discuss my list of services to you. Good etiquette is essential, please be polite and well mannered.


  • Please contact me directly to enquire about my service

Advance bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment, please check my availability below.


Standard Services

Classic GFE
Classic GFE
Classic GFE
Classic GFE
+ $100 an Hour

Additional Rates

Classic Girlfriend Experience:
Classic GFE 30min $250
Classic GFE 1 hour $400
Classic GFE 1.5 hour $550
Classic GFE 2 hours $700

Classic Dinner Date  4hrs $1250
Classic Dinner Date Flexi-Time (up to 6 hours) $1500 

Classic Clock Free (up to 8 hours) $2000
Classic Overnight  (14 - 16 hours) $2900

Additional Hours (in date extensions) $400

Deluxe Girlfriend Experience:

Deluxe GFE 30 min $400
Deluxe GFE 1 hour $500
Deluxe GFE 1.5 hr $700
Deluxe GFE 2 hrs $900

Deluxe Dinner Date 4hrs $1600
Deluxe Dinner Date 6hrs $2000

Deluxe Flexi-Time (up to 6 hours) $2000
Deluxe Clock Free (up to 8 hours) $2500
Deluxe Overnight (14 - 16 hours) $3500

Additional Hours (in date extensions) $500

Elite PSE:
The creme de la creme, reserved only for those who wish to experience the very best in hedonistic pleasures.  Elite PSE give you the option to include Nuru for free as well as many other pleasures, guaranteed to put a smile on your dial for a very long time xx

Elite PSE 30min $700
ElitePSE 1 hr $800
ElitePSE 1.5 hrs $1200
ElitePSE 2 hrs $1500

*Elite Dinner Date Special 4hrs $2000 *
*Elite Dinner Date Special 6hrs $2500 *

Elite Flexi-Time (up to 7hrs) $3000
Elite Clock Free (up to 10hrs) $3500
Elite Overnight Special (14 - 16hrs) $4500

Additional Hours (in date extensions) $800

♡♡  Relaxation Sessions ♡♡

Exotic Relaxation

30min $200

1 hr $300

Premium Relaxation

30min $300

1 hr $400


I adore seeing men and women intimately one on one as much as I adore being able to spice up the love life of couples, therefore I only charge an extra $100 an hour to do so and just an extra $50 an hour with any of my Flexi - Time or Clock Free Packages.

Let's get hot and steamy in the shower before moving into the boudoir where I will slide all over and under your body endeavouring to caress as many parts of your body with as many parts of my body as possible, for a true body to body experience using warm Nuru gel.  One of my most popular experiences. The option to indulge in Nuru is included in all of my PSE packages for free or just an extra $100 an hour to include it with any of my other experiences xx

Great for dinner/movie dates and leisurely Sunday sessions, Flexi-Time gives us the flexibility to really enjoy each other and go with the flow. Available any day between the hours of 10am and 10pm xxx

Lets get time on our side and throw our watches and worries out the car window as we head to the beach with the wind in our hair, care free and clock free. You only live once so why don't we make the most of it and create some magical memories together? Clock Free packages are designed to give us free reign over the day and part of the night to create those magic experiences that seem to emerge impulsively out of the blue, when one has the grace of time on their side. NOTE:  My Clock Free packages can be split over 2 occasions to suit you best xx

Tailored Drive Me To You Packages:

Brisbane to Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast. Minimum booking required is $700 + cost of transport & travel time. Travel time calculated at approx $100 an hr.

Tailored Fly Me To You Packages:
I adore being able to pack a simple day pack and jetting off to see my lover!! Minimum $1500 appointment is required + cost of transport, travel time and any accommodation costs. Minimum deposit required to secure a Tailored Fly Me To You Package is 50%

Local Outcalls:
Please add $50 + cost of taxi/Uber (minimum length of booking 1hr)

Preferred Contact Method

To Request An Appointment Please Send a Text Stating:

* Your Name
* Location
* Where you saw my ad
* Which service you're after
* Date and Time you would like to meet

PLEASE NOTE:  I have many packages available however due to state legislation, I am unable to provide details of my services. Please contact me for a full list of services and rates.  Early morning/late night appointments may attract a surcharge xx

Available Angels Interview with Sarah Haywood

Interview on 15/12/2016 with Sarah Haywood

Introducing Sarah Haywood, our newest Brisbane escort available for your pleasure. Thank you so much Sarah for giving us the pleasure of interveiwing you. Suddenly, I have a craving for something sweet and dry! Is it wine time Sarah?

Sarah, as one of our newest Available Angels advertisers we’d love to ask you how long have you been in the escort industry and what were your major influences?

I've been in the escort industry for quite a few years now and my major draw card toward it was two things. Firstly, my longing to discover more about sex, as well as the absolute freedom this business can offer. 

Wine O’clock! Your love for wine is awesome! I really appreciate an escort who can talk about the distinctive differences in wine and I’m certain your clients love it too! Tell us where this love came from and what is your ideal tipple?

I do love my wine.  I was first introduced to wine in a beautiful little corner wine bar in Auckland, around the same time I discovered Bram Stokers "Dracula"..."I only wine".  I guess I attached this romanticism to it, which fitted in beautifully with the wine bar and the candles it was lit up with.  This love/lust has grown since I've discovered the Pinot's in Otago, the Sav Blanc's in Marlborough and the Shiraz's in South Australia.  My current loves in wine are very much leaning towards French, Italian and the Nappa Valley.

You are a very cheeky escort who loves to tease the twitter world with your pictures – are you like this on escort bookings or are you very open and up front about things?

Hmm, during my bookings...I have to say my number one thing is connection.  Whether that be a 30 min hot raunchy just need your hot loving NOW...or a build up of getting to know each other, letting the sexual tension simmer nicely and then allowing it to culminate's all about connection.  I don't like to give everything away all at once, I like to let things build naturally, hence I guess is why I'm so popular with longer bookings..however I will do my best in shorter bookings also.

I see you have an appreciation for threesomes – can you tell us about your best ever escort bi- double threesome?

Hmm, he he, threesomes..sorry I've been getting a lot of girl on girl bookings lately which is just opening up a whole new world to me...I'm loving it!! Umm, on man I've had so many amazing threesomes.  One time I happened to have a 5 litre tub of coconut oil nearby (courtesy of a mind and body my yoga, meditation and massages)...and I was just scooping up handfuls of this oil and pouring it over my body and hers while he was behind me doing all sorts of lovely things!!

You are a very exciting and up-beat escort - for all those potential escorts out there who may be looking to join this cutthroat industry do you have any advice?

Advice to new's not cut throat, it is competitive.  I quite frankly have gotten very lax and am a bad marketer at the moment, I'm looking into things now, and from what I see, the world is your your oyster in this industry.  Choose your avatar, who you're marketing towards in particular, figure out your budgets for marketing, and what fit's into your lifestyle and how you wish to run your business.  This is actually a very exciting time to get into this business and it can be very lucrative and empowering, just remember to treat it like a proper business, whether that  be part-time, full-time or casual, and know that you have an abundance of extremely real people who will support you.

Thank you readers your enjoying our beauitful Sarah Haywood's interview. Please ensure you make a booking ASAP and bring this lovely woman a girl to play with and something delcious to drink. 

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