Lily Rose

Bubbly, youthful, enchanting.


I'm Lily Rose. Bubbly, enchanting and a pleasure to be around.

I've never particularly fantastic at the 'About Me's' however I won't bore you with details about my looks (aren't photos worth 1000 words?), how I'm youthful but mature all in one or how much I love sex and being sexy all the time. I will tell you a little bit about me and hopefully we can discover the rest with less clothes and more gin & tonics. 

I came into this industry for two reasons. Número uno: I fiercely believe everyone has the right to intimacy, good sex and non judgemental partner to do it with. Número dos: I love good sex with respectful people who are just as committed to exploring their fantasies, quirky turn ons and the weird and wonderful world of sex properly. 

When I'm not rolling around in the sheets or tackling the ever looming task of laundry, I can be found pretending I can fight at MMA gyms, attempting to learn Spanish for the 50th time and making a general nuisance of myself. I enjoy beautiful places, entertaining personalities and laughing will I can't breathe. 

If you'd like listen to more of my ramblings, see me naked and treat yourself please do get in touch. In early Feb I will be taking a few months to travel WA and continue adding to my list of super pretty but relatively generic sunset photos. So if you would like to see me please do so before then, regret is a nasty pebble to have in your shoe.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Lily xo

Location: Perth, WA

My Stats

Age 20s

Height 170cm

Eyes Blue

Hair Blonde

Body Type Curvy and perfect

Ethnicity Australian

Please contact me and I will happily discuss my list of services to you. Good etiquette is essential, please be polite and well mannered.


  • Please ask me about my services

Advance bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment, please check my availability below.


Standard Services

The Lily experience
The Rose experience
The Lily experience
The Rose experience
The Lily experience
The Rose experience
The Lily Experience
A sensual massage with a happy ending
2hr dine and 2hrs dessert
12 un-rushed hours to fully enjoy ourselves
who doesn

Additional Rates


I’ve never particularly understood the terms GFE or PSE as I am neither a girlfriend nor am I a pornstar, I am Lily Rose and the time spent with me is its own unique experience. For the most part of my time as an escort I have resisted using them however sometimes so instead I’ve put my own little twist on them. I offer a Lily experience which is most similar to a GFE and a Rose experience which is more of a PSE, more details of both are provided below.

The Lily Experience

This experience is for those who craving authenticity and relaxed genuine companionship both in and out of the sheets. If cheeky banter, gentle caresses, soft slow kisses and the “I can’t keep my hands off you’ type energy sounds like your ideal tryst then this is the experience for you! If you’re not really interested in the bells and whistles of a PSE style experience and find far more pleasure in the simple things like good conversation, a more intimate take on the whole sex thing and some genuine laughs then this is the experience for you!

The Rose Experience

This one is for the deviants, the ones who like it a bit louder and rougher or those who have a more specific fantasy in mind. This service encompasses everything you could imagine with the exception of Greek and hardcore kink (also on offer just not in this experience!). Perhaps you have a naughty schoolgirl fantasy you’ve been dying to immerse yourself in. Or maybe theres a particular scene you’ve found yourself coming back to time and time again that you’d love to experience in real life. Or maybe the appeal is having the freedom to get as wild as you want with an enthusiastic and creative partner, no judgement, no expectations just crazy amazing out of this world sex. Whatever it is, if the wild side is more your style this experience is for you.

Other sexy stuff I enjoy:

While the Lily and the Rose experience are my two most common types of dates I love getting a down and dirty outside of the conventional sex box. Some of the other kinks and fantasies I love are:


Foot fetish

Roman showers

Ruby showers

G*lden showers





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