Dion De Rossi

luxurious, louche and lovely

I am the wild yet tender girlfriend you always dreamed of.

With wavy naturally black tresses, full cupids bow and adorned with a constellation of carefully selected body art, I am the perfect companion for those seeking something truly unique.

You will often find me dressed only in an oversized mens shirt, reading and drinking coffee in my Berlin apartment, or working on my latest artistic endeavour. Our time together is a rare treat for both of us. An escape from our busy lives where we can while away the hours in bed, exploring our innermost desires. 

Educated at elite private schools in both Tokyo and Melbourne, I am well-travelled, well-spoken and well-read. Witty and seductive but always with a cheeky Australian charm, I never take myself too seriously. After all, life would be far too dull if we didn’t take time to laugh at the sillier things.  

A lover of luxury, sex and intimacy, my journey in to the world of professional perversion was sparked by an intense curiosity to learn more about the human capacity for pleasure. I desire nothing more than to learn every aspect of human sexuality, to taste each erotic experience life has to offer. Your wildest fantasies are welcomed here. This is a safe space for us to explore, to experiment, and connect.

Now tell me, what is your desire? 

Location: Melbourne, VIC

My Stats

Age 20s

Height 165cm

Eyes Green

Hair Black

Body Type slim and curvy

Ethnicity Australian

SWA 11072XE

Please contact me and I will happily discuss my list of services to you. Good etiquette is essential, please be polite and well mannered.


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Standard Services


Additional Rates

Anal Sex  $200

Filming $400

Available Angels Interview with Dion De Rossi

Dion De Rossi

I love the idea of escorts helping out those in need. With my job I see it all the time – escorts donating their own money to various charities. You however have come up with an amazing concept whereby clients are encouraged to donate to sugar shine farm for a discount of bookings with you. Tell us how about Sugar Shine Farm and how we get more escorts to find their philanthropic side…

 Thank you! I’ve always wanted to get more involved with charitable giving and escorts are some of the most generous and giving people I know! Cece Reign is one who comes to mind - her generosity and dedication to helping animals has been a huge inspiration to me!

I became involved with sugarshine farm animal rescue through volunteering there last year. Sugarshine is a grassroots, feminist and vegan farm that takes in animals who have been abused, neglected or discarded by the agriculture business and gives them a second chance at life. The farm is run entirely by volunteers so all the money goes directly in to improving the lives of the beautiful creatures there.

If you follow me on twitter, you'll see I spend a great deal of my time living on the farm with two piglets, a baby goat, and an ex-racing greyhound sleeping in my bed every night!

The idea of offering discounted bookings to clients who donate to sugarshine is my way of giving back to an incredible place which has consistently nourished and energised me through their compassion, positivity and pig cuddles :)


It’s not uncommon for an escort to have an interest in pornography but you seem to absolutely LOVE it! What came first your love for porn or escorting? 

I had wanted to do porn for years but always lacked the confidence to do it. I thought you had to be blonde, busty and tanned to work in the industry. It wasn't until I started meeting other performers and directors through escorting that I realised how diverse the Australian industry is. There's so much variety in Australian porn, its truly special.

Now that I’m in my second year of work I feel as though porn and escorting go hand in hand. My clients inspire me with their requests and ideas for shoots and many new clients will request we try out some moves they’ve seen in my videos! It’s a wonderful cycle of pleasure and experimentation.


I love your attitude towards things, you’re obviously a very driven and motivated young escort with dreams of conquering ambitious goals! Tell our keen readers about your online shop coming next week? It’s obviously related to your new website which is marvellous by the way! 

Thank you! I'm a Capricorn and therefore extremely ambitious! There is so much I want to achieve in this industry and the opportunities really are limitless.

The online store is opening next week and is basically my chance to share more of myself with the beautiful men and women who support my career. I'll be offering snapchat subscriptions, custom photos and videos as well as used panties, so that people who can’t see me in person can still be part of the fun.

My site (www.dionserossi.com) is very minimalist at the moment. Over the next few months I am producing my own girl/girl films with feminist porn company Light Southern. I’m also doing some scenes with a few of Australia’s most well-known and award winning performers. Expect plenty of queer, kinky, fetish films as well as lots of anal, threesomes and a hot straight scene or two!

I have heard you will be touring a lot this year… Do you have any interesting places lined up to visit? And as a touring escort where has been the most interesting place to tour so far? 

I'm leaving Australia in April this year to pursue my passion for directing and producing alternative, queer and feminist porn. So the constant touring over the next few months is basically my way of seeing as much of this incredible country as I can before then!

My absolute favorite place to tour so far has been Lismore. The northern rivers capture my heart last year and spending my free time bottle feeding rescued farm animals, swimming in watering holes and star gazing every night is such a treat. Plus, I love country boys, they always have impeccable manners, rough strong hands and gorgeous accents :)

Finally, I have to ask you this because you seem like an escort with great desires and ambitions. Where do you see yourself in the next few years? 

By 2020 the plan is to have my own queer alt-porn collective up and running. My dream is to produce films that contribute to a shift in cultural narratives of desirability and show non normative forms of sexuality in a positive way. I want to get you off and challenge everything you know about what sex and sexuality are at the same time. If I can make even one person feel better about their body, gender and sexuality through my work, that would be my ultimate career goal.

Other than that, I hope to continue traveling the world through escorting and meeting new and exciting people by spreading joy and orgasms to all

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Dion De Rossi Interview

We have to ask you, how did you get into the industry and what’s kept you in it?  

 I started sex work when I was undertaking student placement for my Masters degree. I'm totally turned on by academia, so when I found a job that provided freedom and flexibility and worked around my studies I was hooked - if you'll pardon the pun!

You have some of the coolest pictures we’ve seen on Available Angels. Can you tell us your inspiration for such artistic images and how do you keep it so original?

I tried to make my photos as normal as possible! I'm an artist and experimental film maker in my day job so my artistic tastes are very unconventional but I try and make my photos as accessible as possible so that I dont scare anyone off with my experimental side!


If you could invite 3 people (dead or alive) to a dinner party who would they be and why?

Shu Lei Cheng, Audre Lorde and Kate Bornstein


What’s your vice? What taboo’s do you crave the most?

 Coffee absolutely - I live in Berlin and the coffee is terrible there so I try and indulge whenever I'm in Australia - its such an art form here

We see you’re a Melbourne based escort. Can you tell us your favourite haunts in Melbourne, perhaps let other touring escorts in some some local musts & must nots.

 The Melbourne onsen is amazing and does great shiatsu massage. I also love Chinatown, and Footscray for authentic Ethiopian food

Finally Dion, we have to ask you to tell us a funny story. An experience within the industry or outside, let’s finish with a smile J

People can be intimidated by me sometimes - but I'm actually super clumsy and silly! I once spent a week with a client in Catalonia and we spent an entire breakfast googling 'the weirdest things doctors have found in peoples butts' and competing to find the strangest object - Im such a boy at heart!

Check out Dion's Website here: https://www.dionderossi.com/

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