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Essentially Lush

Welcome Gentlemen! 

With plenty of energy, I love my body and what it is capable of. Without inhibition, my full attention is on you, your desires and fantasies. I can take charge or go with the flow, entirely your choice.

I love what I do and enjoy providing an attentive and sensual experience, leaving you relaxed, satisfied and smiling. Tranquil or indulgent, naughty or nice, curious or comfortable, my service is inclusive, warm and performed with passion!

I'm completely real, blessed with what nature gave me and free from tattoos, piercings and surgical enhancements. I'm proud of my luscious curves, luminous skin and wild curls, and am genuinely unencumbered and independent.

My services are Deluxe (GFE+) and my lunch and dinner package. I am an all-inclusive provider, please ask about inclusions. 

My in-call is a beautiful, private and discreet apartment in Albion with street parking and cafes nearby.

Please contact me via SMS 0488 850 788 with your name, desired service and time, and any questions.


- I do not answer phone calls, private or international numbers

- Bookings require a minimum of two hours notice unless advertised as available now

- All services are strictly covered as per Queensland law, please do not ask for natural 

- Intoxication of any kind will not be tolerated

Location: Albion, QLD

My Stats

Age 30s

Height 167cm

Eyes Hazel

Hair Brunette

Body Type Curvy

Ethnicity European


Please contact me and I will happily discuss my list of services to you. Good etiquette is essential, please be polite and well mannered.


  • Please contact me directly to enquire about my service

Advance bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment, please check my availability below.


Standard Services

Dinner Date
Dinner Date
Dinner Date
12 Hours

Additional Rates

  • Please see my website for full policies
  • Rates are fixed and non-negotiable, minimum 60 minutes
  • Payment is required in cash or via BeemIt at the commencement of the appointment
  • No-shows or cancellations within two hours will result in no further bookings accepted
  • Duration reduced by the client will not be refunded
  • Extension will be at my discretion and immediate payment will be required

Available Angels Interview with Cara Valence

Essentially Lush

Essentially Brisbane brunette and all round girlfriend extraordinaire, Cara Valence.

What does your name mean? 

Valence means the capacity of one person to interact with or affect another in a special way, for example by attraction or the act of service. I chose it because I liked the sound of the word and the meaning is very apt.

Would you rather snuggle up beside a fire with a good book/Netflix n chill, or hit the beach/night club? 

All four! I'm a huge reader and can spend whole days reading plus I love Netflix docos. I equally love getting to the beach in summer and having the occasional night out although I'm not a huge drinker or partier. 

What was your first booking like? 

Awful! I think the client could sense I was a newbie so he bargained my rate and was kind of pushy. He spent the second half of the booking lamenting his decision to be there and the state of his marriage. I was glad when it was over but I learnt a valuable lesson or two!

How did you discover the escort industry? 

I'd been curious forever and wanted to work at a brothel near me but chickened out. I was in a full-time job at the time and I was terrified of being found out as my workplace was close by. I left that job and one day just decided to place an ad and after that it was easy. 

Pet peeves about the industry? 

My biggest is time wasters and potential clients not reading my ads or website properly. Most questions can be answered in the ad! And of course decriminalisation, it's long overdue in Australia, if NSW and the NT can do it so can the rest of the country. 

Things you adore about it? 

The freedom it gives me. I work another part-time job because I choose to but otherwise my time is my own and my business is a big part of that. I've also learnt a huge amount about running a business, marketing, websites etc, and have become passionate about the decrim issue. 

How many other escorts have you met and do you socialise with them? 

Lots as I spent time working in a couple of brothels but ultimately that environment wasn't for me. I met one of my closest friends at a brothel and we talk and hang out regularly, we've supported each other with our businesses and life in general, she's a great girl and I'm lucky to have found her. 

What surprised you most about becoming an escort? 

Just how easily I settled into it, I feel grateful I'm the kind of person who can do this job because it's not necessarily for everyone. Also how normal other escorts are! 

I come from a professional background and it was great meeting other ladies of all ages who were like me in that they were studying or working professional jobs etc.  

What surprises you most about your clients? 

Again, that they're so normal! I tend to attract a slightly older, professional demographic and I've met a lot of really interesting people. The reasons people see a sex worker are varied and I don't pry, I just take them as they come.

Complete this sentence, Cara Valence is unique because...

She's intelligent, creative, individual and spirited! 

Thank you Cara, I have to agree you name is very apt for who you are indeed!

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