Cameron Wilde

Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Cameron Wilde, Sydney's sexiest new escort.

I'll start my telling you that I am a little bit of a nymph ;) and definitely up for anything naughty.

I love sex, and pleasing men is my forte, if you're after a sensual experience in which we immerse ourselves in each other with kissing, touching, and passionate sex,  I am the girl for you.

All of this is after you've been captivated by my stunning looks.

My big sexy hazel eyes, adorned high cheekbones, and flawless skin will have any hot-blooded man mesmerised, and complimented with a tight, all natural, super toned figure, with amazing breasts, legs that go on forever, an arse that you'll never forget, and sweetest little pink pussy you ever tasted.

One kiss from my full, pouty lips, I can guarantee will have you on your knees.

As well as this, I love the company of true gentlemen, I am great company, very well educated, well traveled, and sweet natured. I am kind, respectful and above all, discreet. Treat me with respect, and I will take you for the ride of you life.

Can't wait to meet you...

Location: Sydney, NSW

My Stats

Height 160cm

Eyes Hazel

Hair Blonde

Body Type Slim

Ethnicity Australian

Please contact me and I will happily discuss my list of services to you. Good etiquette is essential, please be polite and well mannered.


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Available Angels Interview with Cameron Wilde

Interview on 16/09/2016 with Cameron Wilde

Your photos are beautiful, you clearly have a creative eye and talent for visual beauty! What was the inspiration behind these pictures on your AA profile and how did you find such a suitable place in Sydney to take these pictures?

Thank you for your thighs on my photos!

I used a fantastic photographer, and wanted to take the pics in a place that was very 'Australian', and relaxed, as that's how I would describe myself:)

The pictures were taken at a beach house at Pittwater, which is one of my favourite Sydney destinations!

In your bio you state that you’re a bit of a Nymph – of course most escorts must have a love for sex but just how much love does Cameron Wilde have for sex and all things naughty… Could you tell us about your ideal sexual scenario?

I am a real sucker for a really genuine, passionate experience, I am always really excited before I meet someone, and I love for the chemistry to be easy-going, and light hearted with lots of kissing, and very fun, honest and playful, that would be my ideal sexual scenario.

You haven’t been a Sydney based escort long, would you mid telling us how you got into it and how you’re finding the industry in Sydney? I hear it’s a very cut throat market down in the big smoke!

I originally got into it just out of curiosity, and I asked a couple of friends that I knew had dabbled in it, and thought I'd give it a go myself, I hadn't had any past experience in the adult industry. I haven't been doing this for too long, and am quite enjoying it, the experiences so far have been really exciting, fun, and erotic, but it is pretty cut throat, and I'm still trying to establish how to stand out, and how to manage my personal and work life balance, and from what I can gather from other girls, Sydney is more competitive and cut throat than ever!

Finally, I notice you use the tapping on feature a lot – to our absolute delight of course! Would you ever see yourself tapping on as an available escort anywhere else in the Australia? I suppose what I’m asking is, could you see yourself as a touring escort or are you happy being a Sydney based escort? 

As far as touring goes, I am currently pretty happy here, I know a lot of people in Sydney, and feel safe here, but I'll definitely keep my options open:)

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