Bella Noirette

Natural Beauty at its finest ~ Sassy Firebrand ~ Paraphilia Specialist

Natural beauty at its finest

I am no ordinary woman. Experiences have taught me the value of life and time spent with me reflects a soul that is deeply intuitive and wise beyond my years. I am an incredibly strong and fierce woman, and exude a presence that to put it simply, commands attention.

With hypnotic hazel eyes, black hair, gorgeous soft skin, lushes legs, natural pouty lips, a beautiful smile and a tiny toned frame accompanied by a heart shaped ASSet to die for, everyone notices me. I fluctuate between a size 6-10 & B-D cup in the breast. Currently a size 8/C cup. I am not only stunning, sexy and classy but my energy is electrifying. My love and light combined with my sexy goddess energy radiates from deep within my being. I am a firm believer that our imperfections make us unique, and I am genuinely unique. I don’t need to pretend or fake a thing internally or externally. I am a young sexy cougar that has never used plastic surgery, botox or fillers. Nothing against those that do, but it is not something I feel comfortable with. I take a lot of pride in ageing naturally and gracefully. I revel in owning my age and looking good for it, plus I have heaps of experience to boot.

I have certainly embraced being a liberated seductive temptress and that comes with its advantages. I am insightful, intelligent and love divining your stimulus buttons. Using my feline grace, I push on them until you roar with primal release. I love luring my prey into a frenzy, driving the energies to a point of no return. You will be enthralled by my incredible skillset, allure and addictiveness. I am next level, I am the real deal, there is no act here!

With a down to earth, bohemian and free spirited nature, I will make you feel incredibly comfortable, you will feel like you’ve always known me. I am alpha in day to day life but I am a switch in the bedroom. I am adaptive to you and our energy but I revel in scenarios where a man can take the lead and I naturally fall into a submissive state. This is my favourite place.

Whether you’re looking for a girlfriend experience; from girl next door to high end and the elite, a companion for outings, travel, or a safe and trusting space to explore fetishism, kink or erotica, I am the woman for you.

I have a knack for reading people and never fail to deliver being the woman of your dreams. My style and tastes are unique, eclectic and even somewhat eccentric, alternative yet classy and refined. I am very unconventional and march to my own beat. I am a rebel and don’t care about social norms. That being said I am assuredly adaptive in nature and use my intuition and intellect wisely. I sensually and erotically exude a sex appeal that not many women possess, and it can be quite intoxicating, I am the real deal, you’ve been warned!

I especially welcome contact from gentlemen with specific fetishes & kinks though that does not mean you need to have one. My knowledge and experience in the fetish and kink worlds are extensive. I will attempt to accommodate almost any fetish or kink within reason. That being said I will decline if it’s something that I genuinely don’t not feel comfortable with. Time spent with me is genuine and sincere, there is no act. My skills are outstanding & legit, previous reviews online support this.

Being pansexual and sapiosexual, I am fluid in my sexuality and am therefore genuinely attracted to all genders and am very responsive to intellectual exchange.

I don’t discriminate so all ethnic groups and disabilities are welcomed. I genuinely enjoy and prefer spending time with gentlemen older than myself. You need to realise however, for my own safety and comfort that there are certain people that I will not see;
1. Anyone on chemical drugs or wanting to ‘party’
2. Anyone intoxicated
3. Anyone that asks for illegal services
4. Anyone that messages saying ‘Hi’ or ‘Hi, how are you’ or Hi Bella’ or ‘Available now?’ or ‘Hey!! You keen for some fun? - I’m sure you get the gist

I only respond to contact from people that are polite, and treat initial contact with me like they would any other professional. I am a professional so treat me like one.

Make sure you make an attempt to establish some rapport in your initial contact.

I’m very concise in my initial interaction because I don’t have time for time wasters and I value not only my time, but legitimate interest. Therefore I do expect after a few exchanges that deposits are made prior to any phone contact or further discussions to nut out the finer details of our booking. If you aren’t clear about what you want, I will not take you seriously.

Short notice bookings are rarely available. 24-48 hrs notice. A 25% non refundable deposit is required into discrete business bank account. If you cancel 48 hours prior to booking, you can reschedule the appointment once. If I cancel, you have the choice of a full refund or rescheduling.

No phone calls please, discretion is required from us both.
Text: 0466286706

Location: Brisbane, QLD

Bella Noirette's Stats

Age 30s

Height 170cm

Eyes Hazel

Hair Black

Body Type Womanly/ Fit/ Toned/ Curvy

Ethnicity Australian

Please contact me and I will happily discuss my list of services to you. Good etiquette is essential, please be polite and well mannered.


  • Please contact me directly to enquire about my service

Advance bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment, please check my availability below.


Standard Services


Additional Rates

Short notice bookings are rarely available. At least 24 hours notice is required. A 25% non refundable deposit is required into discrete business bank account. If you cancel 48 hours prior to booking, you can reschedule the appointment once. If I cancel, you have the choice of a full refund or rescheduling. 

New financial year services & pricing - from July 2018

My preference is for longer dates and my pricing reflects such.

1 hr - $600
2 hrs - $1000
3 hrs - $1400
4 hrs - $1800

2 hrs date/2 hrs play - $1500

1 hr - $800
2 hrs - $1400
3 hrs - $1800
4 hrs - $2200

1 hr - $1200
2 hrs - $2000

Exclusive Packages
GFE (including couples)
10 hours $3000
24 hours $5000
48 hours $7000
3 days $8000
5 days $10000

GFE/EroticStar (including couples)
10 hours $5000
24 hours $8000
48 hours $10000
3 days $12000
5 days $15000

Available in Australia and Internationally, current passport ready.

Travel fees apply for interstate and international visits excluding QLD clients wishing to book in NSW.

International and interstate bookings/travel must be paid in full prior to departure.

August Special Lunch/Dinner Dates

Brisbane, QLD


For the month of August, take advantage of my Lunch/Dinner & Play date special.

Usually $1500 for 2 hours wining & dining 2 hours play between the sheets.

For the month of August only $1250. That’s a $250 saving that you can put towards our meal, (I promise my wine won’t cost that much hahaha).

Your’re welcome   

25% non refundable deposit to secure your booking.

Pre-bookings essential - no last minute ‘are you available now’ requests please.

Contact me directly for my discrete bank account to make your deposit and secure your booking   

Ending 31/08/2018

2 hour Special - Saturday 25th August 2018 ONLY

Brisbane, QLD

Hello Peeps,

I have an extended evening booking Saturday 25th August 2018 which means I will have a 2 hour window for another booking from 2-4pm.

For this particular time slot, I am offering a 2 hour special for $800. 2 hours is usually priced at $1000, that’s a $200 saving. This offer is only available for this particular date and time.

A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to be cleared in order to secure this booking.

Bella xx 💋 

Ending 22/08/2018
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Available Angels Interview with Bella Noirette

Bella Noirette

Interview for Bella Noirette:

A lover of the finer things in life, Bella Noirette will surpass all your expectations in and out of the bedroom.

Bella, your interest in wine has caught my attention. Do tell us where the love for the finer things in life comes from?

I guess that comes down to how I was raised and the influence my mother has had in my life. She is one fine lady that I aspire to be more like. Such a nurturing, gentle, empathetic & sincere woman, I’m very blessed to have her as my mother. It was difficult for her to deal with having such a fiery outspoken daughter, but she has come to terms with who I am and how I live my life, and she is my number one supporter. I owe so much to my mother.

You’re an incredible naturally beautiful escort beaming with confidence. Can you tell us where you get your outlook on life from? It’s admirable!

Thank you very much. Well we all have a story, and mine has absolutely defined  the woman I am today. I’m sick of having to tone down my strength. I am the strongest person I have ever met, I’m stepping up and owning that shit, regardless of whether other women and men like it or not. I’m not suppressing myself to appease anyone anymore. But I always remember having a fiery passion that burnt deep within. I found it very difficult to contain when I was younger and often felt misunderstood. But as I’ve grown I’ve come to realise it was probably me that misunderstood myself the most. I’m just a very deeply connected and spiritual being. There is a space in time that not many people seem to go to, and I guess I’m fortunate enough to pretty much live there. I’ve found immense peace and comfort in the awareness of that. I know who I am and what I am about, no one will ever be able to take that away from me again that much I promise. I don’t need other peoples validation - “Give me liberty or give me death.” -Patrick Henry


As a Brisbane Escort I’m sure you’ve been on a few dates around the city, could you tell us some of your favourite places to go or perhaps some recommendations for any escorts touring Brisbane?

Yes, I had an amazing lunch/play date yesterday. We dined at Gerard’s Bistro James Street, Fortitude Valley. It has a middle eastern influence, it’s dark and cosy even during the day and the food was very impressive. I would recommend, I really enjoyed myself although the company was just as impressive to say the least xx

I love your admiration for artistic porn; your twitter page is littered with wonderful clips of black and white pornography. Is porn something you’ve ever considered or have you found your niche in the escort industry?

Hahaha - It seems like a lot of genres have lost themselves under the ‘porn’ banner but I am old school and still remember genres for what they are. I can appreciate some porn but I am not the least bit interested in doing porn myself, although what society and I classify as porn seems to vary quite considerably. Sensual erotica & fetishism is where it is at for me, I think my imagery probably reflects that too. That is a better representation of who I am anyway and I will continue to do me, because that is what I do best. I niched the escort industry once, and I have every intention of niching the sex industry now, but I will do it my own way and on my own terms. I am not a follower. As Iman said; “In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic.”

We’d love to ask you about a funny experience you may have had or even just a funny story, it can be anything from a night out to a weird booking… Let’s finish the interview with a smile 

I won’t go into the story but I will say that I got into the industry after a boyfriend was cheating on me whilst working up north. I ended up starting at a brothel after we split and eventually went up north to work another one. It was my second night and I walked out to ‘intro’ & it was him. I also got to meet the girl he had been ‘cheating’ on me with, another service provider pmsl - talk about awkward. She was a top chick though and I would have chosen her if I were him. I mean at the time I didn’t laugh but I’m pretty grateful to him really and can laugh about it now. He did me a life changing favour and completely changed my outlook on my sexuality and on monogamy.

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