Ava Arlo

Sexy tattooed PlayMate xx

Lovers from far and wide, 

Stop searching. You’ve stumbled upon what you’ve been looking for.

There’s something that exists in each and every one of us.

That thing has led us all to this very moment. 

It’s the ember in our hearts that has been, so slowly, growing dimmer since we were young.

Be careful though, playful souls. 

At any moment something may fuel this youthful jest and what is manageable, may very quickly become a roaring flame once you are reminded…

- Heart Embers - ’Author Unknown’ 

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

I’ll keep this short and sweet, because after all…. It’s curiosity that drew your attention!

I’m Ava, a sexually charged goddess from another universe.

You’ll find I’m a soulful delight that will quench your lustful thirst at long last.

I'm passionate, playful…Undeniably intoxicating.

Curvaceous, captivating and downright addictive.

Know that your experience with me will be one to remember. 

Enter my realm of debauchery. I can't wait to meet you! 


Australian - Caucasian with third generation European background.

Hair: Long and 100% natural (no extensions- unless requested) Caramel, blonde and sometimes pastel pink.

Eyes: Hazel

Bust: DD 

Skin: My complexion is tanned. I’m also tattooed. My tattoos are easily covered with the right conservative outfit.

Piercings: Ears and nipple. 

Size: 6-8. I train five times a week so my body stays tight and toned. If you’re into bubble butts I’ve got you covered!

Hands and Feet: Perfectly manicured at all times! Size 6. Euro 36-37 depending on shoe/heel.

Height: 5’3 

Dress code: Always sexy but sophisticated. Dressing well is a form of good manners.

Lifestyle: I maintain a very healthy life, I’m pescatarian and don’t consume much alcohol. I’m partial to a nice glass of bubbles or wine.

I’m not into dairy so please, if bringing sweets keep this in mind. 

Travel: I’m a full time touring companion. I have filled two passports. I’m always ready and willing to accompany you on your business trips, holidays or plan our vacation. Notice is required.

If I haven’t been able to convince you enough, here are some words from my lovers.

Direct from my reviews: 

“If Ava was one of those Black Widow spiders that kill and eat the male after they have sex, I still wouldn't be able to keep myself away. She's simply incredible - providing an experience so sensual and personal, never to be forgotten.”

“The Ava Addiction! Addictions have never been so healthy!”

“Experience a sexual energy like no other. Indulge and spoil yourself with this pure sexual temptress. Explore your naughtiest thoughts through to your wildest dreams!”

"Ava is the full package! A beautiful soul with an unpretentious attitude. A fun and vibrant personality!”

With love

Ava xx

Location: Gold Coast, QLD

My Stats

Age 20s

Height 160cm

Eyes Hazel

Hair Blonde

Body Type Fit and Curvy

Ethnicity Australian


Please contact me and I will happily discuss my list of services to you. Good etiquette is essential, please be polite and well mannered.


  • Please contact me directly to enquire about my service

Advance bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment, please check my availability below.


Standard Services

GFE - PSE additional $200, Ultra PSE additional $400
GFE - PSE additional $200, Ultra PSE additional $400
GFE - PSE additional $200, Ultra PSE additional $400
GFE - PSE additional $200, Ultra PSE additional $400
GFE - PSE additional $200. Enquire for Ultra PSE rates
GFE additional hour/per hour
GFE Social Dates - Please enquire with what is included. Fully clothed, limited intimacy. Travel may
GFE Lunch or Dinner Date - 4 hours - Time split evenly. PSE additional $300. Ultra PSE additional $5
GFE Lunch or Dinner Date - 6 hours - Time split evenly. PSE additional $300. Ultra PSE additional $5
Fly Me To You - Minimum of 5 hours GFE Plus airfares and accommodation. PSE additional $1000, Ultra
All Day Date - No Sleepover. 12 hours must be done by midnight. Please enquire for whats included an
12 hours of seduction with a sleepover. PSE additional $1000. Ultra PSE additional $1700
Full weekend away. PSE additional $2000
PSE - Minimum of 1.5 hour date
PSE - 2 hours
PSE - 3 hours. Enquire for Ultra PSE rates
Couples Dinner Date - 4 hours
Couples Dinner Date - 6 hours

Additional Rates

  • International Rates upon request. 

Please note that my rates come in 3 tiers per hour. 

GFE, PSE and Ultra PSE. Please select which service suits your desires best. 

I enjoy quality time with you, longer bookings are encouraged, the extra time spent with each other provides a more personal and intimate experience. This gives us an opportunity to explore each other, get lost in each other and completely surrender to one another. 

For bookings of three hours or longer. I will provide champagne or a nice bottle of wine (upon request) paired with a fresh fruit platter for us to indulge in. 

I’ve recently added new services to my list, 

** “Social Dates” - 3 hour minimum. 

** “All Day Dates” - 12 hours - must be done by midnight. 

All Day Date 

Ever imagined having the perfect date? Spending the entire day getting up to no good or exploring something on your bucket list? Let’s have breakfast in a hot air balloon. Jump out of a plane! Swim with sharks! Or maybe you’re only visiting for the day and need your own personal tour guide.

Includes at least 4 hours social or chilling out. 

Sleepover not included. 

- travel may be added to rate. 

Please enquire with your requests. 

If our play time is with another WL I have an additional fee of $100 for all doubles per hour. 

Please note I prefer working with my close girlfriends. Planning in advance is highly recommend.

All out calls incur an additional $100 call out fee. Preferably 5 star accommodation. Please note; I only travel within 10 minutes of the CBD unless booked for two hours or more. 

House calls are welcome if we have met before.

Important things to know.... 

  • I do not take last minute bookings. 
  • I will not take on any bookings without a deposit. 
  • All play dates require a deposit. 
  • Deposits confirm our time together. Without a deposit the booking time will not be held. Deposits can be paid via a cash deposit ATM or direct transfer. I have a discreet method set up for your convenience. Deposit must be cleared before our play date. 
  • In the event of a cancellation/rescheduled booking, the deposit is non refundable (unless I cancel). The deposit will be put towards a future booking as credit. 

 ** I do not answer private numbers. I prefer text as I'm not always available to take your call. This provides an avenue for me to respond to you as soon as I'm available. 

Nothing excites me more than a well organised booking. As a touring escort Im never in the one location for to long. Which means being well prepared and booking in advance will limit any chance of disappointment. I thrive on organisation. Please give me as much notice as possible so I can carefully plan for our date.

For your convenience I have a message template for you to use for your first contact with me. 

Making a booking with Ava 

Hi Ava, 

My name is; 

I seen your ad on 

 and I'm hoping to spend some time with you. 

The date I have in mind is; 

Alternative date if you are not available; 




Length of service;


Thank you for your time, I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Available Angels Interview with Ava Arlo

Interview on 31/10/2016 with Ava Arlo

Ava Arlo is an incredibily bright, beautiful and bootylicious escort based in Brisbane normally but she's always touring and travelling around so be sure to keep an eye out for her coming to your town or city!

1. Immediately from your twitter page I can see you’re a very strong, independently minded and influential escort! You just ooze with intelligence and personal opinion and I love it! Have you always had this bold outlook on life or does it have anything to do with your escorting profession

 "Ohhh thank you! I think I've always had a strong opinion, I think it's important to let your independence shine through, especially in this industry." 

2. You state on one particular post – ‘I have a bad habit of posting pictures of my backside’. Myself along with every other human being that views your twitter profile is thinking how on God’s good earth does anyone have a booty as perfect as that! Tell us your secret…!

"Stop it! You're actually making me blush! First of all, nothing you see is perfect - believe me! As for my backside, it's a working progress, it is a piece of art! It just keeps growing & growing. As for my secret. There's 3 tips I have.

  1. Be kind to the booty, buy it gifts 
  2. Praise the booty every day & give it pats 
  3. Train with Marci - she will have your booty huge in no time! "

3. You clearly love to tour Ava, always travelling and always excited about it! Would you tell our readers what your favourite place to tour is and why?

"I do love touring! I love to travel and I love exploring new places! My top 3 (as I can't narrow it down and it's also subject to change - I haven't been every where I hope to go. Plus I'm indecisive.) 

  1. Melbourne - food, shopping 
  2. Singapore - food, weather & shopping 
  3. Sydney - food, weather, beach & shopping

Clearly I like to eat & shop! 

4. I noticed you enjoy the intimacy of other women! Without spoiling the surprise could you give us a little information about what your clients can expect when booking you with another female escort…?

"Hahaha! The time of your life! A good girl will never kiss & tell. I suggest you book yourself a hot time with me & one of my sexy girlfriends!"

5. From your vintage white converse to your retro Adidas T’s you clearly are a very cool escort! I would love to find out where your fashion sense comes from and what you do to keep it new? 

"Honestly, I just wear what works for me & what I like. My best days consist of rolling out of bed, fresh faced, messy bun & a cute vintage sundress.

Most other days you'll find me in a bikini. Contemplating how I can get away with wearing it in public." 

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