Audrey & Sadie

Australia's first & only exclusive escort duo

We know what you want, and we know how to do it. All your wildest dreams and fantasies can finally come true with us. You’ve finally found that perfect duo - two equally enchanting women with bewitching personalities who truly get off on pleasing you and each other. There won’t be any nervous glances here, no awkward laughter or mechanical acting - just real, raw and ravishing bisexual action.

We are Australia’s first and only exclusive courtesan duo. This means you won’t find us working alone or with any other women. Because of this, we know each other inside and out, both literally and metaphorically. We know what turns each other on, and we fawn over discovering what each gentleman longs for while spending time with us.

So, how does one attempt to describe the out of this world threesome we offer in words? It’s something you simply must experience, for words will not come close to accurately describing the adventure – each one different from the last and catered exclusively to you and your desires.

A bit about ourselves – where do we start? Both of us are erotic and deeply sensual creatures. To us, sex is a vessel in which we pour all of our creative energy into, as well as being both thoroughly invigorating and therapeutic. We love nothing more than inviting someone to share this with us, with our first priority being you - we are experts at putting you at ease. Because of this, we pride ourselves on being Australia’s best and most sought-after duo.

We have both been blessed with long, flowing locks of brown hair, plump, juicy lips and angelically sculpted faces. Our breasts, soft and supple to the touch, love to be played with and fit perfectly in ones hand, and our lingerie naturally slides off of our smooth, fit bodies – tall and thin, with curves in all the right places. Genuinely bisexual, we have perfected not only the art of pleasing a man, but that of pleasing a woman, and we invite you to explore and play with us as well as watch us pleasure each other.

Perhaps we’ll leave it at that, and let you experience it for yourself. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask – we are 100% independent and are more than happy to answer. Please note that as our experience is one of intimacy, sensuality and authenticity, we must advise that we do not see more than one gentleman at a time.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Audrey & Sadie xo

Location: CBD, SA

Our Stats

Age 20s

Height 170cmcm

Eyes Blue & Hazel

Hair Rich brunette

Body Type Smooth & Slim

Ethnicity Australian



Please contact me and I will happily discuss my list of services to you. Good etiquette is essential, please be polite and well mannered.


  • Bisexual
  • Spanking
  • Strap On
  • Dirty Talk
  • Golden Shower on You
  • Anal Play on You
  • Oral on Me
  • Mutual Oral
  • Ball Licking
  • Cum on Body COB
  • Bareback Blowjob BBBJ
  • Covered Blowjob CBJ
  • Blowjob BJ
  • Nipple Sucking on Me
  • Nipple Sucking on You
  • Manual Masturbation
  • Spanish
  • Multiple Shots on Goal MSOG
  • Handjob
  • Costumes
  • Female Clients
  • Striptease
  • Sexual Intercourse
  • Passionate Kissing
  • Deep French Kissing
  • Cuddling
  • Erotic Massage
  • Spooning
  • Body Slide

Advance bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment, please check my availability below.


Standard Services

Short & sweet
Get to know us more...
2hrs of dinner, 1hr of dessert
12 hrs of heaven
24 hours of heaven

Extra Services


Additional Rates

Please note: We require at least 6 hours beauty sleep during our overnights.

Longer bookings or arrangements available, please email us to organise.


A minimum booking of 4 hours is required. All flights, travel and accom must be provided. When flying internationally, we do not fly budget airlines. 

Available Angels Interview with Audrey & Sadie

Audrey & Sadie Escort Duo interview

Firstly, we all just have to know how you two met and what was the spark that kicked off Australia’s ultimate independent escort duo?

We actually both met through this industry. We were working individually and Sadie came to Adelaide on tour. We caught up and really hit it off, and she really liked the clients here. A few months later she moved over and we began doing doubles. We had so much chemistry and were having the time of our lives working together. We knew it would be a risk to exclusively offer a threesome service, but it's really paid off.

We love your exclusivity, the fact you only work with one another must make for an unbelievable booking experience. Can you let any prospective clients in on what a what a booking with Audrey and Sadie might entail?

Well one thing we have been told by many clients is that they've had negative experiences with threesomes in the past, for several different reasons, the main ones being that one girl is significantly more attractive than the other and that they don't get along or have chemistry. Both of us are very similar in terms of our personalities and appearances - we are often asked if we're sisters or even twins. We feed off of each others energy as well as the energy of the client. To put it simply, without going into too much detail, it's a session of pure pleasure and fun, without any awkwardness or shyness. 

 Being Adelaide escorts, how do you both find life down in South Australia – give us some highlights and must sees? 

So many interstate clients like to talk smack about SA but it's actually really great here. It's so easy to get around, the traffic is nowhere near as bad as the Eastern states and the people are really friendly. There are plenty of amazing restaurants and bars, too. Kangaroo Island and Second Valley are must sees if you love the beach and nature. 

Being quite experienced touring escorts could you let us know where your favourite Australian destination is to tour and why?

We love touring Melbourne. The clients are always amazing and the food is also really good, plus, lots of places are open late for delivery.

Your hosting a dinner party to crush all dinner parties… Tell us the four guests you’d invite (two each) that’d make it your dream scenario…? 

Audrey: I would love to invite Amal and George Clooney over for dinner, purely to seduce them both and have some fun with them later. Swoon.

Sadie: Definitely Brad Pitt and David Beckham... For above reasons... 

Available Angels are based in Brisbane, we love it here and have quite a large following in Queensland – can we expect to see you ladies touring up in Queensland anytime soon? 

Possibly, although because of the laws there we aren't allowed to advertise. We would LOVE to, though. 

Finally, we would love to finish with a teaser… Tell us your secret desires, what are Audrey and Sadie’s guilty pleasures?

Well, it's not too out there but both of us have a fantasy of being seduced in public and then getting down and dirty. Obviously not so everyone can see, but a little bit of a risk there definitely gets the blood flowing.

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Farewell Joe - Thank You To Our Amazing Assistant

This week will be the last for my amazing assistant Joe.

A bittersweet end to a wonderful professional relationship, our Joe is moving overseas and I will miss him dearly.  

Joe joined Available Angels early 2016 when I poached him from another role he had in my personal life. He was a young,  tall, British, soccer ball toting uni student who was a nanny for my rambunctious son.

I had to let go of our first assistant and as business was climbing, I needed someone fast but I needed someone good.
Joe is smart.
And I saw this straight up.
I was impressed at his presence and maturity beyond his years that I plucked up the courage and confessed the nature of my business. I hoped he'd understand and not run for the hills.
He is a quick witted and a youthful ball of fun, yet calm and respectful so I knew he would make a fabulous assistant for this highly sensitive and protected business. So I propositioned him.

Thankfully he accepted my offer and accepted this industry treating it like any other job. 

He remained courteous and professional to all of my customers and advertisers. And whatever your wish, was Joe's command.  

Often I had to leave my business in Joe's hands and he treated it like his own. I could step away completely confident that Available Angels was in safe hands when I needed to work in my personal life. 

There was a time when things got very difficult for me financially and emotionally due to loss & family rejection. It was Joe that carried this business on without a hitch.

Some of you had the pleasure of meeting him in person at our industry events, and many often asked if he's single. Sorry ladies, he has a wonderful long term girlfriend.

He has now finished university and is moving away with the love of his life to start a new career in the UK.
I can't even begin to thank him enough for all the wonderful work he's done and the exceptional professionalism he's maintained for the last three years.

Now for someone who has interviewed many an angel, it's now your turn to be on the receiving end of the questions Joe! 

You came to us not knowing much about the adult industry or even that its legal. What surprised you the most about this industry? 

Honestly, how unbelievably normal escorts are. When you've never dipped a toe into this industry you truly do have such a warped opinion on what it's like, wether it actually exists and of course how impractical it is. Within one week of working with you I realised just how wrong I was. Unlike all other socially recognised industries the adult industry is chugging along without any positive marketing, except within itself. It holds no social merits, although its benefits are phenomenal. It is stigmatised beyond belief, but still manages to sustain itself and grow ever more positive. 

With that said I, I have to say what surprised me most when I started working for you was the normality of the whole thing. Everyday people with incredibly positive, healthy lifestyles. Now what surprises me most is the tenacious resilience of yourself and all other dedicated sex workers, you truly are a great example of how people should live and work within our society. 

Ok a cheeky one: who's profile made you linger on longer than what you should have?

That's easy. Ava Arlo.

What's been your favourite part about co piloting the creation and management of AA?

That's not so easy, I have loved so many different things. I have to say collectively all the things I've learnt, from SEO content writing to general website admin it was all new to me but they're skills that I know will prove invaluable in my life. I've also loved the philosophy you instil, to have such a non bias, open minded boss has been incredibly good for my personal development. 

What's the worst thing about working for me? Go on spill, I can take it.

Hmmmm, probably the fact that we never had a central work space - I loved working from home but I'm quite social and I regret not spending more time working together on things, obviously it couldn't be helped but I think that would be the only tiny downside. 

Im suprised you didnt give me a good roasting there about how I change my mind a million times or get you to fix everything I stuff up. lol

You've had to look at boobs, bums and (best not mentioned) bits for the last 3 years. Are you all nuded out?

Do you know what, I have never been bothered by it on screen. I've always been able to just kind of shut off and get on with it partly because I never met the escorts so looking at their images was standard exercise.

What skill do you have that you didn't expect to gain?

Well, there are hundreds. From simple online accounting skills, content writing and personable email skills I have learned so many useful things. I think the best skill I've managed to pick up has been from watching you market things online, beautiful & clean imagery goes a long way in the online world and I'll never forget that.  

What will you miss most about Australia?

You joking? The weather! I'll be going back to getting dressed whilst I'm still in bed because it's so cold.

What's the first thing you and Ms Joe are going to do when you get to the UK?

Boil the kettle, I haven't had a good cuppa in 4 years!
Second task is to buy 2 piglets and 12 chickens. We're moving to some acreage and I've always had pigs / poultry in Scotland so we'll be kicking off our enterprise with a few farm animals to promote sustainable living. 

Thanks for the lols Joe.

I hope you kick ass at your new business.
I hope and wish upon you all the best things the world can offer. And I hope you make a bunch of babies!  
You're an absolute gem of a man and I feel so privileged to have had you in my life.  

Thank you endlessly.

My family and I love you.
Xx Boss (thanks for that nickname)

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