Goddess Amrita Aura

Tantricka Goddess or Humiliatrix... choose your fantasy

I am a modern-day Tantra woman…I would like to teach you what I have learnt as I have been working in the sex industry since 18 years of age, I have been a stripper, a Lifestyle Dominatrix, a brothel girl and a luxury escort. All the while, I deeply connected to my meditation and spiritual practice and would like to teach you what I have learnt along the way...

Tantra is not for sexual novices. Though I suspect you may be curious, and that is okay. I encourage you to have an open mind….

It is practiced to achieve enlightenment and the philosophy applies both in the bedroom and in all aspects of life. We can ALL practice tantric sex and obtain its numerous benefits.

We take time...it is slow and passionate sex. 

If you are routinely spending less than half an hour on a sexual encounter, including foreplay, you are cheating yourself!

This is why I prefer extended sessions. 

After trialing numerous time frames, I have decided that when you come to me, I am only available for 2 hour increments at a minimum. 

I really like sex, don’t you?

I have a thorough understanding of the male and female anatomy and also borrow from Eastern philosophy and principles. It’s all about clear communication.

If you like, I can teach you how to satisfy a woman completely. You will learn to stimulate her vulva, clitoris with your fingers, lips and tongue. a vibrator… I have experience AND a wild imagination! Once you get me to orgasm one way, we will branch out to another.

Time, patience, real intimacy, knowledge of each other’s needs and wants, and the most extraordinary sexual experience which will take you to the highest state of consciousness, this is what you will experience with me.

When you book a session with me, you can expect

• Tantric exploration tools

• An aphrodisiac essential oil massage (for you or I/ or both)

• Orgasmic empowerment

• Tantric Mastery for men and women (tools and practices which I hope you will be able to take and implement immediately in your own sex life with your other lovers)

• The sex education we should have received 

• Full body experience and long, intoxicating orgasms

• A deeper, more intimate connection with your partner (or future partners)

• Breathwork, meditation, self-development and deep states of relaxation

• A conscious and safe relationship with me

• A lot of fun, connection and laughter ! 

I have been sex-conscious and thoroughly fascinated by human sexuality and the act of sex from a young age and so I am always updating my practice and leading with cutting edge knowledge and research.

Location: Melbourne, VIC

My Stats

Age 30s

SWA 12079XE

Please contact me and I will happily discuss my list of services to you. Good etiquette is essential, please be polite and well mannered.


  • Please contact me directly to enquire about my service

Advance bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment, please check my availability below.


Standard Services

Tantra Goddess
BDSM Humiliatrix
Sex Magik
Tantra Sex Magik

Additional Rates

Sex Magik sessions incorporate Tantric sexual practices and are for ADVANCED and regular lovers only


  • A full day of Tantra with oils, massage, breath work 
  • vegetarian refreshments and sensory delights

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