Audrey & Sadie

Australia's first & only exclusive escort duo

We know what you want, and we know how to do it. All your wildest dreams and fantasies can finally come true with us. You’ve finally found that perfect duo - two equally enchanting women with bewitching personalities who truly get off on pleasing you and each other. There won’t be any nervous glances here, no awkward laughter or mechanical acting - just real, raw and ravishing bisexual action.

We are Australia’s first and only exclusive courtesan duo. This means you won’t find us working alone or with any other women. Because of this, we know each other inside and out, both literally and metaphorically. We know what turns each other on, and we fawn over discovering what each gentleman longs for while spending time with us.

So, how does one attempt to describe the out of this world threesome we offer in words? It’s something you simply must experience, for words will not come close to accurately describing the adventure – each one different from the last and catered exclusively to you and your desires.

A bit about ourselves – where do we start? Both of us are erotic and deeply sensual creatures. To us, sex is a vessel in which we pour all of our creative energy into, as well as being both thoroughly invigorating and therapeutic. We love nothing more than inviting someone to share this with us, with our first priority being you - we are experts at putting you at ease. Because of this, we pride ourselves on being Australia’s best and most sought-after duo.

We have both been blessed with long, flowing locks of brown hair, plump, juicy lips and angelically sculpted faces. Our breasts, soft and supple to the touch, love to be played with and fit perfectly in ones hand, and our lingerie naturally slides off of our smooth, fit bodies – tall and thin, with curves in all the right places. Genuinely bisexual, we have perfected not only the art of pleasing a man, but that of pleasing a woman, and we invite you to explore and play with us as well as watch us pleasure each other.

Perhaps we’ll leave it at that, and let you experience it for yourself. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask – we are 100% independent and are more than happy to answer. Please note that as our experience is one of intimacy, sensuality and authenticity, we must advise that we do not see more than one gentleman at a time.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Audrey & Sadie xo

Location: CBD, SA

Our Stats

Age 20s

Height 170cmcm

Eyes Blue & Hazel

Hair Rich brunette

Body Type Smooth & Slim

Ethnicity Australian



Please contact me and I will happily discuss my list of services to you. Good etiquette is essential, please be polite and well mannered.


  • Bisexual
  • Spanking
  • Strap On
  • Dirty Talk
  • Golden Shower on You
  • Anal Play on You
  • Oral on Me
  • Mutual Oral
  • Ball Licking
  • Cum on Body COB
  • Bareback Blowjob BBBJ
  • Covered Blowjob CBJ
  • Blowjob BJ
  • Nipple Sucking on Me
  • Nipple Sucking on You
  • Manual Masturbation
  • Spanish
  • Multiple Shots on Goal MSOG
  • Handjob
  • Costumes
  • Female Clients
  • Striptease
  • Sexual Intercourse
  • Passionate Kissing
  • Deep French Kissing
  • Cuddling
  • Erotic Massage
  • Spooning
  • Body Slide

Advance bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment, please check my availability below.


Standard Services

Short & sweet
Get to know us more...
2hrs of dinner, 1hr of dessert
12 hrs of heaven
24 hours of heaven

Extra Services


Additional Rates

Please note: We require at least 6 hours beauty sleep during our overnights.

Longer bookings or arrangements available, please email us to organise.


A minimum booking of 4 hours is required. All flights, travel and accom must be provided. When flying internationally, we do not fly budget airlines. 

Available Angels Interview with Audrey & Sadie

Minnie Mae Interview

Minnie is a Sydney escort who you’ll definitely look twice at, she is simply stunning on the eye and has a booty that’ll cripple you proud and masculine men. Book her now but be careful not to fall in love with her.

Minnie I love your recent promo video! Can you tell us all how you keep things fresh and new as a Sydney based escort?

OH the twerking vid! how much fun is that! Thank you I am glad you liked it. I think keeping things ‘fresh’ for me personally means I always strive to see what punters want from me, then find ways to accommodate, for example I totally get maybe one day a client has minimal time, horny as f and just really craving a Minnie MAE blow job, hey I don’t blame them! They text and plan a lunch break rendezvous (with crossed fingers I’m free) and ta da with some luck, some serious afternoon delight. I read blogs, and I love communicating (when I have time) amongst the SW community. I still consider myself a baby escort, meaning I am still within 6 months of making the move to independence. I am still learning about new play toys and ways in which I like getting off, Keeping it fresh means I get to share that with the lucky ones! 

I see you’re partial to a little bit of toe play, feet feeling, heel worshiping! Some of our clients just love a fetish escort, could you tell us about any secret fetishes or cravings you may have? 

I am typically submissive. I have a spit play fetish.. I don't know what it is about spitting but it really turns me on. As you picked up I also have a foot fetish myself, licking, and sucking my toes somehow is connected to my clit and it really gets me off feeling like a queen being worshipped, seeing my pretty feet in a mans mouth is very empowering  I am always excited when I know someone is into my feet and get pedicures as soon as I know I am going to have a foot loving client, I also am low key obsessed with shoes, what better way than making my feet feel adorned.  I give a mean foot job and have a variation I like to call the ‘scorpion’ which kind of involves a reverse footjob where I am on my belly facing away so the view of my butt is glorious but also to achieve a scorpion like movement with lovely oiled up feet. 

Now, I must ask you about your tattoos! They are simply wonderful! We love to interview inked up escorts. Can you tell us about your favourite tat and it’s meaning to you? 

So many tattoos so little time (and so little body hehe) I can’t exactly tell you I have a favourite, I can explain though that each tattoo more represents a moment in my life I want to watermark on my body,maybe it stirred a feeling in me I want to remember, or sometimes its a tattoo to remember to protect myself and to keep strong, I will admit there are a few impulsive sillies on there that probably represent why you should think out the tattooing process beforehand!  I would like to think my tattoos are tasteful and feminine but once I am nude and you notice how many I do have on my body it turns into a little sexy Monet bod.

If you could have any super-power for 24hrs what would it be and why?

This question has had me here for over 20 minutes now. do I be greedy, do I choose something to benefit others as well as myself… mmmm since I already have to power of attraction it would be to time travel. I love travel and learning about other cultures. 24 hours of time line hopping maybe with a few quickies along the way.This question has had me here for over 20 minutes now. do I be greedy, do I choose something to benefit others as well as myself… mmmm since I already have to power of attraction it would be to time travel. I love travel and learning about other cultures. 24 hours of time line hopping maybe with a few quickies along the way. 

The Available Angels team are always here to help escorts looking for advice or even just to talk to sometimes. We were wondering what advice you may have for any young escorts in Sydney that may be just starting out? 

I know first-hand how it feels in the first starting months as it wasn’t that long ago I was making little sillies.  I appreciated all those lovely ladies that made me feel welcome and gave their time up to text or send advise. I would recommend becoming highly active on social media, to take the time to read forums and gain as much knowledge as you can. Pray to the hoe gods and hopefully he makes it rain on all of us. I always reply to co-hoes, it’s a nice feeling knowing you are part of a community.

Booking an escort! Well this can seemingly be the most difficult thing in the world for some gentlemen and yet the simplest for others. Could you tell us how Greta likes to be approached for a booking?

Thank you for asking this question, it is difficult sorting through time wasting texts and letting calls ring out before I answer, because I always like to be approached via text, to give you an appropriate time to do so. To call as clients forget that being independent means making balance for your life and having the freedom to plan all your daily activities in a way any other professional would, a confirmation of your location, name, suggested booking date and time, length, and any special requests are the first things I love to hear. Secondly instead of asking questions about services and rates before reading my ad frustrates me as it takes time and effort to make each client available booking platform updates and descriptive. chances are I have already answered your questions :)

You’ve recently been on tour in Brisbane, Available Angel are based in Brisbane so we love this place and know it well but for our readers we’d like to know what you enjoyed about your stay here and if you’d ever come back? 

I have had two quick trips over the past couple of weeks, I love Brisbane and even though there could be a future plan to relocate for a while. I haven’t even had a night on the gold coast yet. The food is great; the men are lovely. Nobody took me out for dinner so I think I need to come back and be a little more spoilt next time. The city has been easy to navigate, I will be back before I head to the states for the Mayweather v Mcgregor rumble. 

Finally, in keeping with past escort interviews I just have to ask you about your best and worst escort booking? We love to have a giggle here so if you’ve a funny/ embarrassing experience do share! 

This is tough. so many memorable for so many different reasons. I have enjoyed lovely meals, indulged in fine wine, hot tubs and opulence but sometimes it’s the quirky bookings that leave you full of energy and orgasms, I had a client request a 5-hour booking so we could make a bit of a porno, we set up soft lights and multiple cameras, and a sexual nest to oil eat other up and act like porn stars. We shared a day of giggles and made some pretty sexy footage. Another funny memory pops into my mind from a client that really pushes me to an uncontrollable limit, I am talking, body shakes, a little aggressive, a lot submissive and unable to control the slutty and sometimes silly phrases that come out of my mouth when we fuck, on this occasion I exclaimed mid orgasm (in school girl skirt)  “ teenagers where meant to fuck” - yessssss there have been many times my mouth has had no filter.

The worst bookings, I say bookings because this has happened multiple times, is the old cum in the eye scenario, I love a naughty finish, but unfortunately my eyes have been and unlucky target on numerous occasions. 

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Estelle Lucas Interview

After reading through your Bio’s on various platforms including your own website one word stands out to me – ‘freethinking’ I am yet to meet you Estelle but one thing I have realised is you truly are like no other and it’s awesome! Can you tell us some of the quirky, weird and wonderful things you may do both as a professional Escort and in your own time?

Ah, thank you! I tend to go through 'phases' and that's how I endeup with this arsenal of random and quirky life experiences, skills and hobbies. In my free time I have a strange mish-mash of activities I do... anything from riding my motorcycle, hula-hooping, reading stacks of fantasy novels, volunteering, studying (at the moment yoga) or cultivating wellness using alternative methods. The alternative lifestyle might look something like brewing and drinking kambucha (living bacterial culture) or astral travelling or going hunting for my own meat (a new skill I just picked up). Is that weird? I don't think that's weird. What's the point in living if you're not experimenting, exploring and playing all areas of your life. Why stick to the script that was handed to you?

On a professional level, I've done interesting things with interesting people. But these are experiences I keep for myself and my clients to share, they are more special that way. In my bio's I come off in a certain light, mostly to deter timewasters, but in real life I'm quite laid back and non-judgemental. I believe it's my attitude that invites my clients to explore themselves and their life with me both in the bedroom and outside.

Behind every interesting person is a decorated passport, you have travelled multiple places, seen amazing things and experienced cultures that are hugely different from our own. Where has been your favourite place to holiday and your favourite place to escort?

I really, really love Germany. I plan on going back and living in Berlin for a year sometime before I'm 30. I'm unsure how living in Germany will differ from holidaying there, but it left me with such a positive impression that I have to return for more. I must give it a good go!

In terms of escorting I found the shift in dynamic in Europe fascinating and that's probably my favourite spot to work. It's such a central continent, it offers so much diversity and it's not difficult to be flown across the continent to a city completely unlike the one you came from. If you flew from Melbourne to Perth there really isnt a world of difference, but the same flight time in Europe will have you from Moscow to Spain. And how different are those places! I am highly interested in touring Asia and North America and I'm sure I'll eventually get there.  

I have been reading your blogs for a bit of information and I now can’t stop reading your blogs! You’re an excellent writer with views that are both logical and staunch – something I greatly admire particularly with regard to sex work and the history of sex work. ‘We discourage females from any inclination to dress up provocative, act slutty or even be slutty as this will inevitably attract the attention of ill-mannered men.’ I pulled this quote from your blog about Little Red Riding Hood. I love this blog and truly think it’s an inspirational piece – would you mind telling us about the modern day societal normalities for professional escorts based in Melbourne and how the strict Victorian legislation is justified? 

From what I've figured and pieced together the laws in Victoria are highly discouraging of privatised forms of sex work, such as my own. I asked myself about these laws: why are we only aloud to show our face (this law has been recently overthrown thanks to the hard work of our local org Vixen), why can't we see clients at our location of choice, why am I limited in advertising my services and my appearances.... And the only conclusion I could figure was that lawmakers wanted sex work to be restricted and contained to licensed brothels. This is highly conservative but also, to me, it's disempowering. These laws tell sex workers 'you're not allowed to achieve anything on your own, you're not allowed autonomy.' Any establishment can advertise any stock-standard image of a model and get away with it without being labelled as false advertisement or infringing on anyone's privacy, establishments usually have a fixed location, and the advertisement of services and appearances are left for discovery within the establishment, not outside. Private escorting doesn't work like this; we need to advertise and present ourselves before we invite or come into contact with clients. 

I'm guessing the law makers suffered from a dose of moral panic when creating these laws (or someone fed them this). I speculate they assumed every neighbourhood would operate its own brothel if there wasn't restrictive laws; that all newspapers, magazine, internet and television would be plastered with naked bodies with words like SEX, INTERCOURSE, BLOWJOB (never mind all the car/beer/sport ads that already do this). I find this ridiculous and not at all effective because when you're a sex worker the last thing you want is your neighbours knowing what you're up to. You're doing your best to be discreet - workers often hide their faces, they don't want to be advertising everywhere, just in certain places where its safe to do so. No one wants to be attracting stigma and prejudice into their lives or to the lives of their loved one. 

That's my take on the Victorian laws, hopefully these outdated laws will be reviewed and overturned when enough people recognise their nonsensical nature.

Now for a question about your images! You have such a wonderful collection of photographs available on your website, you are mysterious but yet very open and honest and this is projected with your pictures. Where do you gather inspiration to keep things so creative?

 I am by nature a creative person and I enjoy celebrating art through my body. I'm also the type of person that's self-motivated and self-challenging so whenever I walk into a shoot I want to create a portfolio that adds to my previous ones. I use my photos to help express my artistic flare. If I compare my first few photoshoots to my most recent ones I'm proud to say they've been improving and growing more representative of me as an escort.

Following on from the last question, I love your nude outdoor photo on twitter – it’s absolutely stunning and I would like to use it as the cover for this interview. Can you tell us about any crazy bookings you've had? Good, bad or even just funny?  

I have a booking coming up shortly where I'll be with my client for 14 hours. Four of those hours I'll be with my doubles partner Isabelle Fox and then I'll be spending another four hours in a MFFF session with two other escorts (Sassy Stelle and Sophie Le Swan). That sounds like a crazy booking, right? 

I'll be sure to bring the Powerade. 

 Finally, I’d like to take some time and ask you about your long term goals, ambitions and plans? I have heard through the grape vine you are an incredibly smart, motivated and driven individual… We would love to hear about what’s in store for Estelle Lucas in the next couple of years?

 I never make assumptions about the future but I aim to set up a solid financial foundation to see me through the rest of my days. I've been working hard on my civilian career and I hope to be transitioning sometime before my 30s... I hope before then I have toured other continents and built solid relationships with my clients. There's one other thing that's coming up for Estelle Lucas, but it's very hush hush at the moment. All will be revealed in good time however, so follow my social media to keep up to date! 

Thank you so much for reading!

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