Harper Jones

Sensuality, exploration and passion come easily to me

Hello, I’m Harper Jones, an elite escort based in Melbourne. With an undercurrent of debauchery running through me - sensuality, exploration and passion come easily to me. An exquisite and vivacious woman; I can hold a room with my engaging smile (along with killer dimples) and charisma. All this blended with my naturally beautiful face and sultry physique, creamy skin, bright blue eyes, and full, thick brunette hair will leave you in Harper Heaven.I specialize in decadent bespoke arrangements for gentlemen, women and couples, my ultimate goal being that my clients leave me feeling not only physically satiated, but also emotionally fulfilled and restored, with wild and wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Affectionate and attentive when needed, however, rest assured, that I am not shy in the bedroom, with an extremely open-mind and the expertise to match.

My genuine personality and uplifting nature, combined with intelligent wit, infectious confidence and an adventurous spirit ensures that I am the perfect elite companion.

I adore getting to know my clients and their deepest desires and needs, so that I can offer you the very best authentic date (that you deserve), therefore, I cannot wait to hear from you to start creating delicious moments together.


Kisses xxx

Location: Melbourne, VIC

My Stats

Height 169cm

Eyes Blue

Hair Brunette

Body Type Fit and Curvy

Ethnicity Australian

SWA 10827XE

Please contact me and I will happily discuss my list of services to you. Good etiquette is essential, please be polite and well mannered.


  • Please contact me directly to enquire about my service

Advance bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment, please check my availability below.


Standard Services


Additional Rates

A little longer | 24 hours | $6000

Weekend away | 48 hours | $10000

Seductive Socialite | $300 per hour (social only)

Arm candy by the hour. Fun and flirty conversation accompanied by playfully platonic social adventures. This option can be tagged along with any booking above.

Travelling Trysts | POA

I do adore travelling, and a perfect companion makes for an unforgettable trip - so these bookings are priced upon application and tailor-made as I favour them highly.

Fly Me To You | POA

A minimum booking duration of 6 hours is required, plus flights and accommodation.

Travel Fee

Please be advised that all bookings outside of Melbourne CBD and a 5km radius may incur a travel fee.


10% deposit is required for bookings under 4 hours.

20% deposit is required for bookings 4 hours and above.

20% deposit is required for bookings whilst touring.


Deposit is required via EFT transfer or anonymous cash deposit to my discrete business account, and the remaining amount is cash upon arrival.

Available Angels Interview with Harper Jones

An Interview with Harper Jones


Well, what can I say about Harper Jones that hasn’t already been said a million times over. She truly is at the pinnacle of Melbourne’s elite intellectual escorts. Harper won’t only transfix your eyes with her remarkable body – she’ll imprison your mind with her subtle charm and intellect, taking you on a heart-warming journey that you certainly won’t forget.

Harper, I must start by telling you no escort interview has had me this excited before! I’d like to begin by asking what is ‘Harper Heaven’ I pulled this quote from one of your bio’s and I’m eager to find out more about what this mysterious place has to offer.

Harper Heaven is a magical place. Imagine the Matrix portal, but with orgasms. But it’s hard to describe an intangible thing. A date with me is that of wild abandonment, a place where men, women and couples can escape the daily stigma and confinement. Finding the perfect escort for you is about opening a space up with someone beautiful that you connect with, and then letting go, being yourself and releasing all of your worries. I’ve been told that Harper Heaven feels like you’re transported into another world, reaching inexplicable highs and rapturous laughter, you stay in a euphoric state for days. It changes you for the better and helps you see the world cast in a more positive light. 

I figure that life is hard, and we all need a little fun, escapism, and pure pleasure, because we deserve it. There’s this sweet spot in a Harper date when you sink into pure happiness, euphoria - I feel it too – and you’re relaxed and at ease. It is then that you realize… this is living, this is what life is about, and you feel energized, uplifted and restored, and that sweet spot, is Harper Heaven. What can I say? It’s a gift *winks.

I'm an eager beaver so let’s get it over with early! Name your top three books and how they have influenced you so.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.
I don’t believe it’s wonderfully written, but maybe that’s due to the translation into English from Brazilian. But it is wonderfully enchanting. It left an impact on me as it is littered with mind-altering moments and some say gives you the meaning of life.

The Course of Love by Alain De Botton.
Every person should read this book! If you ever needed the reasoning behind monogamy and the struggles faced along with it, this is the book to explain it. The philosopher De Botton writes of a couple that meets, falls in love and then marries, and so the ends the life long quest…or so society tells us. Scattered throughout the narrative are italicised passages of essayistic contemplation on the nature of love by De Botton. It is profound and will change the way you view marriage and monogamy, and the stigma therein.

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts
A novel about an escaped bank robber and heroin addict from Australia, he leaves and seeks life in India. A hefty book to get through but I could not put it down, I then visited India shortly after and felt the book come alive as I visited all of the spots he wrote about. 

As a Melbourne escort you probably spend your free time venturing around the culturally diverse city that’s seemingly littered with a variety of interesting haunts – do tell us how you spend your down time we’d love to know what exercises Harper’s creative mind?

I can be found in cafes dotted around Melbourne, highly caffeinated, people watching and usually reading a book. At the gym (this booty doesn't tone itself!), running around the tan track or Albert Park Lake. I adore exploring Melbourne’s restaurants; I am a big foodie so live for dining experiences. I love weekends away so often drive down to the peninsula for some timeout. And when the sun goes down I am blessed to have the best job in the world, and I spend stimulating and sensual time with wonderful gentlemen. I adore Jazz Clubs, Comedy Clubs and the Opera, but unfortunately Melbourne doesn’t have a wild selection of these so I venture to New York for them. 

Ok, ok, you’re throwing a dinner party for yourself and three other guests – any guests you like! This party can be a debouched hot bed of sexual fantasies OR a sophisticated gathering of like-minded intellectuals! Who would your three guests be and what’d be the theme of your dinner party?

I’ve decided to combine the two options here, as I’m greedy. The setting of my dinner party is on a debouched hot bed of my sexual fantasies with some of the finest intellects and empowered women in history.

I would firstly invite Mary Antoinette (she would be in charge of the catering) because I admire her take no bullshit bravado. She wore whatever and did whatever the hell she wanted. She was a woman of utter indulgence and no regrets in doing so - I think we’d get on brilliantly.

Madonna would be invited next; she would probably turn up late, but would bring the lube and bondage. Her sexual revolution at the time went scathed, but looking back she opened up the door for us and we saw another type of feminist – a sexually empowered badass feminist, she really was the one that paved the way for women to wear their sexuality on themselves - in their dress sense. She is unapologetically herself.

Then I would lastly invite the English Novelist William Golding, mainly because you can’t have an orgy without at least one penis present. And I also have a massive thing for older men.
We would all lie around after a feast, skin on skin, limbs intertwined and feeding each other dipped chocolate cherries, whilst laughing at all the people out there living a terribly inauthentic and boring life.

Here at Available Angels we’re constantly keeping our ear to the ground for any nefarious acts by clients on escorts. If you could give some advice to a young Melbourne escort looking to keep safe in the industry what would you say?

SCREEN, SCREEN, and SCREEN again. There are two things that are absolute no’s in my rulebook, no deposit and a fake name. I request a real name and deposit from an account with that name. Simple. We do nothing with that info apart from have piece of mind about who we are spending time with and that you (the client) are invested in our time together. My advice to young new escorts would also be to make other escort friends and even a mentor, so you have someone to bounce ideas and concerns off, this is also another way to screen and pick up ideas about safety, and a reference of a client is always a great backup from another escort. Take safety measures for yourself on bookings, always have someone know where you are and who you are with for how long and carry out safety calls if needed. And if any clients communication to begin with ever feels uneasy – don’t book them.

By giving an escort your real name and a deposit and any other screening info she requires, you are giving her comfort, and then just observe how differently she shows up for your meeting, body and mind, she will trust you and be warm, intimate and open. If an escort ever feels cheated, misled or lied to – you will not receive the best version of her when she shows up (if she shows up). She will be uneasy, cold, and annoyed that you do not trust or value her with the simple courtesy and safety of knowing whom she is spending time with in a private place/hotel – but yet, she is expected to trust you with her body and safety?

I ALWAYS conclude with a question like this! We would absolutely love to hear a funny story you might have, either escort related or fully clothed. Make us laugh Harper Jones! 

It would have to be my very first escorting job. I was drunk. In my defense, I was simply merry drunk, not drunkity drunk drunk. Mainly because I was so utterly nervous, obviously because it was my first booking, but Murphy’s Law the first booking I had, wanted anal, from me, with a strap-on. 

After I arrived and we had plied each other with champagne, we were ready to play. I opened the lube bottle and lathered my dildo, (note to future self, keep one hand lube free). I mounted the bed and crawled across it seductively like only a drunken kitten could. Returning the cap to the squeezy lube bottle, it slipped and flew across the room. Thud!

“Whoops!” I giggled. The wine sloshed around in my head.

On all fours, he peered over his shoulder, “Everything ok back there?”

“Yes Darling! Just you wait ‘till I have my way with you! Grrrr” I scrambled to my feet and chased the lube bottle. Returning to the bed to redeem my sexual goddess reputation.

It was now going well, I had the strap-on on, the dildo in the ring, the condom on the dildo and the lube successfully splattered all over my general pubic region. I thought, this is it! I’m going in!

            Dead end.

            “Ummm, it wont go in darling”

            He shuffled around, stared at my groin, and burst into laughter, “you’ve got it on upside down.”

A couple of things to take away from that story, 1) I still see this client regularly, and we often reminisce and laugh 2) I have a three drink max on dates nowadays.

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