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2019 AAIA Award Honorable Mentions 

I love participating in the voting process and seeing all the names and categories. Some of them are hilarious and I think anyone who wins "Best Anal" should proudly display that on their mantelpiece. Truly an award the general public doesn't get the opportunity to win. 

Humour aside, there are some fantastic categories for outstanding businesses and individuals in the adult industry.
Some categories I am not familiar with, so I leave those to voters who are familiar.
None of the below mentioned are paid votes and some are not even advertisers on Available Angels.
These are authentic votes from my direct or indirect experiences, observations, and recommendations.

Here are some that I voted for:

BEST WEB DEVELOPER - Atlantic Digital

Available Angles uses the Digital Marketing and SEO services of Atlantic Digital.
Since implementing a new digital strategy devised by Atlantic, Available Angels traffic has increased significantly and I am truly grateful.
Good luck Sarah.

ALPHA FEMALE - Marcella Romaine

I have watched the growth of Marcella for years on social media, her profile, images, persona, dedication to her tours and blogs. I believe she provokes thought and consideration towards escorts, customers and the industry in general. Every new photoshoot exceeds her last and she always shows incredible professionalism.
Marcella is not currently an angel so please click her name above to direct to her site.
Good Luck Marcella.

BEST BBW - Elle Fyre ( Aka Gabrielle Lush on Available Angels)

Visually, I can't even....
Elle Fyre is a dream with insane curves and eyes that look into your soul.
Mentally, she is an absolute sweetie, cheeky intelligent and polite to deal with.
I believe she is retiring in 2020, so this bust babe should go out with an award!
Good Luck Elle.

BEST BROTHEL RECEPTIONIST - Rachel Langtrees Canberra

Easy peasy dealings and charming.  Please everyone vote Rachel of Langtrees, I met her at the AAIAs last year and hope to see her again this year


My personal favourite is their Brisbane City location at 199 Elizabeth Street. Very clean and organised store with cool staff I can thank for many pleasures.
Good Luck Club X.


I have seen emails from Vivienne of SBD at crazy hours and her dedication to her customers is tireless.
When I see a rebrand and comment on "love the new look and biography" I am told it was the magic of Vivienne.
Good Luck Sin By Design.


I have never met them, but I find Jaiden Lilleth very fascinating.
They are are non binary folk and even though JL is gender fluid and a switch (dominant and submissive), they have an aura of alpha and that is quite hot. I feel both male and female clientele would be attracted to the punishing yet gentle human that is JL. Very much an all rounder but not at all typical.
Seeing representations of their blogs, and shabari artwork shows dedication to their work.
Good Luck Sai Jaiden Lilleth


Sydney dwellers and tourists, if you only visit a strip club once, go here.
I have been many times and for me, its the shower shows that have etched this business into my memory forever.
Good luck Men's Gallery.

BEST MILF - Diana Darling

Mature, an absolute babe and a woman I can call my friend. I am learning the art of class, wit and gardening from this lovely lady.
She is one of the highest views hits on our social media. Very attractive, very professional.
Good luck Diana.

BEST NEW PRODUCT - Love Lust Gift Box

This is the kind of stuff that brings people together, for a sexy time!
Cute business with packages, gift boxes even surprise boxes or build your own.
Good luck Love Lust.


The first time I met Harley was at breakfast and she is exactly the lady in the pictures. Though all Angels are authentic and very spot on with their photos, it was a recent phone conversation with Harley about her lovely shoot and she mentioned something that stuck with me.
"I never pose. I ask the photographer to make me laugh.  And this is who I am".
Good luck Harley.


For those that know Tash, she's a proud mumma bear of her own little angels and always touring for her family.
Many Angels are parents and have the same dedication but I would like to acknowledge Tash for sharing the mum side of the industry with the public as she vlogs her touring life.
Good luck Tash.


Where to begin on what this lady does for the trans community but more so its "trans attracted" community? Shedding light and support on the clients of trans escorts has never been done so publicly, unashamedly and articulated so well. Plus she's ridiculously hot. If you were never trans attracted, you probably will be now.
Good luck Madison.


This lady is whizz on a sewing machine. A former burlesque dancer, she can knock up a frock in no time and her look is classic Hollywood glamour.
Very bombshell!
Good luck Aaliyah

INDUSTRY SUPPORTING BUSINESS – Available Angels, Respect IncRhed

We are nominated for this category!

Humble as I try to be, I do feel it is of karmic importance to love yourself first before others can love you. 
So I voted once only for Available Angels and that is all I need to say thank you to the universe and honour the person who nominated us. 
I also voted for Respect Inc and RhEd.
Respect are a Queensland organisation. They were the first people to help my journey as an escort and I believe their resources are vital. Their site is also in multi national languages to assist our international visiting escorts. 
Rhed is a Victorian organisation I call for advice regarding Victorian laws. I ended up in a lovely chat where I found out they host workers social evenings to answer questions, connect and feel included. They definitely deserve your vote.  (RhEd is also a multilingual website)
Good luck Respect Inc and RhEd

Ava Arlo

"A sexually charged goddess from another universe", and pictures to match. But not only that, for a sexy minx she is a sweet talking professional who can cater to your every whim. This Angel loves her work, works hard at it, and it shows.
Good luck Ava.

Whenever I see a banging new shoot and I enquire who the photographer is, its usually Evelyn Hunt. 
What I believe is important in an industry with varying bodies is the ability to capture the best of your subject no matter the shape. 
Good luck Evelyn.


To me, being an ambassador is more than just a social justice warrior.
Charlie is a passionate advocate for our industry and is always ready to take a stand against discrimination and promote equality and kindness within.
We may very well have Charlie to thank for our ability to use particular banking services due to a recent media expose with NAB. She is also a compassionate person to fellow workers and actively supports businesses and our adult industry family.
Good luck Charlie.


Gorgeous rooms and even more gorgeous girls, Bliss is appropriately named.
You'll feel like home, except if home was full of hot babes!
Seriously a very great business for the busy man and for the lady seeking some nice work without the stress of running your own business.
Located on Crown Street, Sydney. Check them out!
Good luck Bliss.


Love having these hotties grace our pages. Hush has been with Available Angels for over a year now (happy anniversary) and they're always a pleasure and professional bunch.
Good luck HUSH


Good luck Skye

Thank you for reading, I wonder who you voted for?
This was merely a sample of who I voted for.
I cannot vote for everyone but I acknowledge all of the workers that are dedicated to their craft and families. I feel you!
Need a vote? You have mine. Just ask.
To the adoring fans and clients, I hope I have inspired you to discover new businesses and individuals.
Please vote for your favourites here.

With Love,