Available Angels and other online escort directories often use Twitter pages to help promote themselves and of course their escorts. For us twitter is a wonderful tool that helps enhance online marketing. Available Angels has a firm and solid goal, and that’s to provide escorts with short notice bookings wherever they are in Australia! We use twitter to help advertise the availability of these escorts, you never know that lucky client could be scrolling through the web in search of an available escort or it could also act as a longer term advertising tool – kick starting relationships between client and escort. Either way, twitter is a highly commendable social media platform and luckily allows the marketing of sensitive material.

We’d love to encourage all escorts out there to use the ‘available now’ feature to the best of their ability. The beauty of it is highlighted by its simplicity – sitting at home for a couple hours? Tap on as available! Off down to Byron for the weekend? Tap on as available! Use it however you please but treat it with respect because the system is designed with one thing in mind, to help connect client and escort as quickly and simply as possible. For those escorts who use this feature and have success with it we thank you, keep on truckin’ ! For those who may be sceptical, please just start to tap on as available in those pockets of spare time that present themselves and you will see results!

The Link between tapping on as available now and twitter comes in the form of an instantly updated tweet that’s fired out from our twitter homepage. Whilst Available Angels is working on some very groovy new updates we still recommend this system to help connect client and escort, so please, if you’re reading this start to tap on as available and you will be maximising your exposure with Available Angels.

Amidst all the keyboard warriors’ fine literature we do also keep our eyes peeled for those special tweets deserving of a retweet, that said it’s hard for us to pick up on everything so I suggest you start to tag @AvailableAngels in the tweets you’d like to be circulated, that way we can see it, smile at it and retweet it J

Some of you lovely escort may have noticed already but Available Angels has been trimming the fat off our twitter outgoings. We’ve done this by cutting all the updated profile tweets and being far more selective with what we do tweet – this was off the back of some efficient market research we conducted. We do also have some more exciting and drastic changes in the pipeline - the addition of our state twitter pages! Although they are built they are yet to be up and running effectively. The idea though, is for the clients based in any given state to follow their particular twitter page therefore getting updates form escorts based solely in their given state or escorts touring that state. We hope this will help solve the problem of over-tweeting which we’ve found can be a detriment. These innovative new changes will be introduced over the next couple months we’re just ironing out some wrinkles first. Watch this space!

Keep using our features peeps and we’ll keep working on brining you more efficient and interesting ways boost your business! 

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Love, AA xxx