Available Angel's is Australia's first directory specializing in last-minute bookings.

The whole idea came about because the owners of Available Angels had very little last-minute availability. They needed a system where last-minute availability was a probability, not a possibility.  

By focusing on helping a collective group of escorts receive more work last-minute, the owners of Available Angels knew their escort business's would also benefit from the system when they were available. The brain storming began and these two private escorts formed Available Angels. It's ironic really, two private escorts that had very little last-minute availability created an entire escort directory specializing in last-minute bookings to help other escorts receive more business. 

Escorts and clients are LOVING Available Angels simple approach to a complicated problem. If you think I am being a little dramatic, I strongly proclaim last-minute escort bookings are extremely complicated because a horny client can't think straight!. The client is partaking in the infamous ring around hoping to find an escort who is available. It's a needle in a haystack approach to solving the last-minute booking with a private escort. Especially with private Sydney escorts, they literally have 100's of escorts advertising.  However, where there is support, there is always critics and initially there seemed to be some backlash from escorts and clients. Escorts and clients are demanding that they don't like last-minute bookings. I have even heard some private escorts say that taking last-minute bookings makes you look desperate. The latter is utterly hilarious becauseany business with availability want's that availability filled. Alas, the times are a changing and it's now becoming very popular to promote your availability via twitter and escort directories. And why wouldn't you? 

Where I think the confusion lies is that escorts think that normal sales and customer service rules don't apply to them because they sell sex. Well, I can assure you, when I follow the golden rule book on sales and customer service (Google to get savvy tips), my escorting business sky rockets! Escorting is a business like every other. Customer's likes to feel important and valued - this means being respected throughout the entire booking process stage as well. Every smart business person knows you have to hustle to get what you want, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. The private escorts hustling for their business should be put on a pedestal for applying themselves to their career like a savvy business person Wait, they don't need a pedestal - they can stack their $50 notes up and sit on their mountain of cash! 

The funny thing is Escorts know their availability. The best part about being a private escort is we decide when we will be taking bookings. Our availability is all pre-determined on our preferred working hours and personal commitments. All escorts take pre-confirmed bookings, no escort goes "I only work last-minute" . To stand out from the ever crowded sex industry you need to be a savvy business mogul. Escort's have to juggle their personal lives and professional lives delicately, sometimes it's just not possible to squeeze another booking into our schedule and that's perfectly okay. Clients respect their private escort who knows their limits for their working capabilities. The escorts that have excellent work ethic and work in their advertised available hours are killing it. Why? They are making time for their personal and professional lives and value both equally. If they don't have pre-confimred bookings for the week, you will see them promoting their available hours and are open to any booking that comes their way. And if they are all booked out, you will see them promoting that too. Because hey, we all have those weeks/months where time is tight and your availability is filled up faster than speed lighting. To the clients that miss out, guess what? You can be savvy clients and SUBSCRIBE to your private escort to be notified of their last-minute availability. Easy as that!

Just to extend on this topic, I want to point out the obvious, Client's are like every other human, we are all unique and differ in our organizational skills. Some clients ALWAYS book in advance, while others prefer to make escort bookings spontaneously. Some like to dabble in both depending on what's happening in their lives. Both clients pay your hourly fee and are potential regulars, so BOTH types of clients deserve equal attention and respect as customers of the escort industry. The latter just needed a last-minute booking system like Available Angels to ensure their booking requests are going to escorts who are happy to take a last-minute bookings. I just want to clarify that all last-minute clients should be extra courteous if enquiring with an escort who isn't promoting her availability or available now status. Please just ensure your text message includes your name, preferred booking duration, available times and requests if any. 'R U FREE?' doesn't cut it!. I will say it again "R U FREE?" Doesn't cut it. Did I make myself clear? 

To conclude, it's paramount that private escorts treat their Escort business's like every other business. Well guess what? Business's promote their availability and take bookings during this time. It's the first rule to any business, you need to make time to actually work. No one is saying you should sit around in your lingerie waiting for the phone to ring. Who has time for that? But it's fair to treat it like an on call doctor, they go about their lives during their 'available hours' and go to work when booked. All clients are okay to wait an hour or so for you to meet up, this is still a last-minute booking.  When I think about this topic, an anesthetist always comes to mind. I am sure all the anesthetists would like you to plan your accidents in advance, but they know that's not humanly possible most of the time. Just like some client's can't plan when the mood strikes and they are ready to seek your escort services. 

It's equally funny because I NEVER book my hairdresser any earlier than a day out. But I know she's available 9am - 6pm daily. Every time I make a booking, my hairdresser goes "would you like to rebook for 6 weeks time?" I ALWAYS answer "Hell No, I can't even book the day before".  We giggle and leave the conversation light. She hasn't taken it personally.  My hairdresser is a good customer service provider and she eagerly accepts my booking requests when our availability aligns. Oh, and she's equally eager to tell me she is booked solid for a week! My loss and I book in for our first available when it suits both of us. 

I do hope you enjoyed my light hearted and ironic view on booking an escort last-minute bookings and how last-minute bookings are an important contributer of the escort industry. Every private escort needs to do their part on providing excellent customer service skills so we can encourage more clients to book in the future. I would also like thank all the clients who read this and I hope I made some sense on why SUBSCRIBING to your favorite private escorts is an essential part of your commitment to your escort as her customer. 

Just to end, I would love to point out the irony in this entire journey. Before Available Angel's came along, you didn't see escorts promoting themselves as available now. Subscribing to an escort's last-minute availability wasn't popular either. Available Angel's even has a book now feature in which you can send a booking request out ot the entire city your hoping to book in. Two private escorts with very little last-minute availability made this so and they will continue to create useful features which will benefit both escort and client. We hope to continue to change the industry 'Norm' and make way for new solutions. We will always go that extra mile - it's you who we do it for.