Escorts Swap Frustration and Anger with Optimism and Hope


Diversify | Adapt | Change

When we consider all things in this world change is as good as the rest. It’s quite often thought that as a societal group we don’t react well to changes or adaptation, that’s why we often let one whole generation pass by before things really do comfortably change. I believe that our reluctance to adapt is slowly being over taken by our desire to improve, we Available Angels are a prime example of this. It’s a daily objective of ours to pick out key patterns and trends within the escort industry, we then try to combine our online functions with these trends in the hope of creating the most efficient online escort directory.

The constant need for things to be done faster, easier and simpler is contributing to the growing number of disgruntled people in the developed world. Now, I’m in no way judging or pointing fingers I am simply highlighting the fact that people in today’s age are increasingly less patient and they aren’t afraid to show it. I’m sure you can all think of a time you were one of those people, maybe waiting for your morning coffee, lining up for your lunchtime snack or sitting in the monotonous city traffic… Or maybe you are one of those free-spirited happy go lucky people who drift through life smiling adversity directly in the face! I first noticed the frustration within the escort industry with the cancellation of bookings. It is such a common occurrence and unfortunately there are few measures in place for the protection of the escorts, after all it’s their time, effort and money they’re putting in to preparing for that booking! A lot of the time a cancellation can’t be avoided, it’s part and parcel of the busy lives we all lead today. Available Angels developed our last minute availability system purely with these issues in mind. Get a cancellation, tap on as available and hopefully pick up a booking! I’ve written this blog to try encourage more of you wonderful escorts to tap on when you are available; our dream is to stop all the sorrow and disappointment that comes when you’re let down last minute, instead we want to replace it with hope and optimism! So change your ways and tap on with Available Angels, make it a habit and avoid the disappointments of a cancelled booking!

Love Always,

Team AA xxx