In my line of work, there is a lot of assumptions and stigma that comes with this job. 

The first and foremost I hear is that we are dirty and unclean.
I believe escorts are the some of the cleanest women around.
We get tested every few months and have a health certificate to prove it. We are careful in our job, what we do and always use the necessary means to stay safe.
But this job is a risk. Not only in catching a STD, but our safety.

We don’t know end of the day who we are dealing with. Who may get too attached and stalk us, or snap in the booking and hurt us.
Or set us up to be viciously hurt. Or have more men in the room or house watching or filming us secretly.
We get the guys who think it’s funny to send us to fake addresses watching us get lost. This is the dangers and circumstances we face. But we take the risk , we wake up - dress up to look sexy for you and we do this job day in and day out. 

The other assumptions which are completely untrue.

Are we all crackheads or junkies to support our habit? 

Are we all very low IQ and uneducated? No and no. 

We are very educated and articulate and most of us have had amazing high end roles prior to doing this job.
We do study and many are trying to pay off their tuition fees. 

A lot of us join this industry because we have families to support and finding a job is next to impossible these days when you have children so most join the industry as it’s quicker to get hired , to make money to put food on the table for their kids. 

Do we love sex? Do we enjoy our jobs? ‘ Yes, you need to like this job even somewhat to be able to do it. }
Without even realising it, this job changes you mentally and takes a toll on you.
Your outlook on the world and men change. Your trust issues, there are so many things.

But I hear ‘ your such a nice girl why do you need to be in this job’. I don’t even know how to take that line every time I hear it.. do nice girls not do this job? Should I be doing something else? What do nice girls do for work? Elaborate... 

People often assume that because we have sex so much that most of us are nymphos who can’t get enough. That being said , who we are at ‘ work’ and in our private life are two very different things. We may have a lot of sex at work, but in our real life, a lot of us don’t have time to be sleeping with anyone. We may do this job , but it’s not who we are.

There are many things I enjoy about my job.  And no not just the money — that helps, but I love meeting new people.
I’ve always been a people person. I do enjoy the sex of course, and I enjoy the company & people I get to meet.
I love my regulars, I really appreciate the fact they enjoy my time so much they would like to see me again, and we can build that trust and get to know each other’s bodies completely. I love finding out what people enjoy and giving it to them. I guess , you could call me a ‘people pleaser’. 

People assume that this job is easy because they have all watched ‘ secret diary of a call girl’ or porn and trust me it is not like that at all. 

People often assume that everyone comes to us to have sex when in fact , people come to us for different reasons.
Some people do want company only, they book us to chat and hang out. Others want affection because they aren’t getting elsewhere, and some just need to lay beside you because they haven’t done that for so long.
Some want to role play or explore a fetish they haven’t had the courage to do just yet.
Some just want to come to you because they are intrigued and have never seen a working girl or have had a bad break up and want to cry on our shoulder.
Some have a special event , with no one to take and want you as arm candy.
And yes, to some you are the naughty fantasy they often think about!

To say the least I have a lot of interesting stories I could write a book about.. 

This job isn’t just for sex.
We are counsellors, masseuses, actresses, and the list goes on.
So before you book next time, remember why we do this job and think twice when you judge us.
We are regular people trying to make it in the world just like anyone else.
We are the girl with her hair tied up in the streets and the naughty vixen in the sheets.