Why a personal relationship exceeds a business one in the escort industry.

Our unique and boutique agency could not be more proud of what we have achieved with our limited resources. From sleepless nights to weeks filled with internal worry and panic Available Angels has weathered many a storm to get to the position we’re in now.

I special thank you must go out to all those escorts who have supported Angels over the past year, you’ve really made it an enjoyable ride and we couldn’t have done it without you!

This blog is going to look at how we communicate with our escort advertisers, clients and staff.

Manners cost nothing, and neither does a good attitude! I’m writing this blog with a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart – the reason being is our wonderful advertisers here at Available Angels.

Escorts from across Australia use Available Angels regularly and I have had the pleasure of engaging in correspondence with most of them. One thing I pride myself on is my distinct attention to escorts problems, needs or requirements. I put this down to the sheer appreciation shown by almost all of our advertisers! There’s nothing more encouraging than an incredibly busy escort taking the time to email us and thank us for what we have done for them or what we continue to do.

I like to think we offer a very personal service her at Available Angels keeping our advertisers close allows us to really get a better understanding of their needs and routines. I know, for example, when certain touring escorts are interstate they may need some additional exposure on twitter or even some friendly encouragement if it’s their first tour.

With all new start- ups there are often wrinkles that need to be ironed out, these come in many different forms, however within the escort industry we do always have to remember we are dealing with advertisings and being personable, polite and attentive is absolutely key! Having two directors who are both professional escorts helps also!

I know that Available Angels is a growing business that’s destined for a bright future, we will end up greatly benefitting all those wonderful escorts who have supported us over the past year as well as all those future escorts who will be joining us in the months to come!

Certain names will always stick in my head due to this industry and I, much like others in a similar job roll to myself, will always do that extra bit to help a familiar friendly name!

I love to hear about the successes of escorts, be it touring or even in their respected home cities. A happy escort makes for a happy Joe! Keep up the positivity ladies and Gents and remember to share those special moments with us here at AA!

Thanks for reading, and for all escorts out there thank you for being you! You make my job as an escort directory assistant very enjoyable!