Blog to Introduce our new straight male escorts and welcome any potential male escorts who are interested in advertising with us in the future.

Available Angels are starting a campaign to encourage more male escorts to join our ranks and bolster our new male escort market!

We are so happy to introduce to you, Harry Rivers and Luke Steele! The first of many straight male escorts to join us – both offer some unique services so please have a look at their available angel’s profiles to find out more!

We hope that with the help of all you wonderful male escorts out there we can create a mutually successful market!

The number of straight male escorts is minimal compared to female escorts, however Angels is looking to really help these gentlemen promote themselves and find a niche market in all Australian States. We do believe that with the combined efforts of both us - as an advertising platform, and you as uniquely branded advertisers we will achieve our goals in the not too distant future.

Available Angels will always enforce a strong emphasis on customer service for our advertisers – we don’t plan on being the biggest but we do want to be the best!

We wish all male escorts the best of luck as we know first-hand how difficult it can be to become successful in this industry but with hard work and perseverance you’ll get there. Hopefully we will be the platform to see you male escorts through the troubled storms and into the fields of prosperity and success!

With Love,

Available Angels.