Angel School 101

Welcome to Angel School!
Being an Angel is easy and fun.
We are so much more than a listing website.
There are so many extra opportunities you might not know about, so lets go through them here and make sure you are taking advantage of our benefits.


Becoming an Angel is easy and takes less than 10 minutes to set up your profile and you can do this on your pc, tablet or mobile device.
Havent signed up? Lets go! 

Already have a profile? Brush up on these tips…


Available Angels gives you the tools to showcase your brand to its best ability.
Need to pen your thoughts? You can write a blog and share your insights.
Want to bring your profile to life? Ask us for a celebrity style interview and we will focus on your personality, lifestyle and qualities.
Off to Sexpo or Byron Bay Blues Festival? Add this in your events calendar. All these are great points of interest for clients seeking more connection.


Available Angels pioneered the Real-Time availability market in Australia in 2015. Since then other platforms have copied our Available Now model but we are still the most accurate with the most freedom to use this function at no extra cost.  Any time, any place you can turn on your available now status and be seen up the top of our pages. And that’s not all, we notify your subscribers that you have just become available at their preferred time. We are placing you in the best position to be seen!


This is one of our fun ways we drive traffic to your profile and assist clients looking for niches, services and holiday availability.
Go to your tag section in your profile editor and select all that apply to you.
You will appear on category pages and other holidays and events we promote on our home page.


12% of Available Angels website traffic comes in from social media. A whopping 80% is completely organic through search engines. Although social media is not essential to gain exposure and bookings, if you are the social type, put your Available Angels profile link in your Twitter bio and Instagram so your followers can find you and book you!
Kick back and relax whilst we do the tweeting for you. Available Angels pioneered the integration of Available Now into twitter in 2015. So when you tap on as Available, our Twitter followers see your profile.
Since then we added Tours, Specials, and more. It’s as simple as updating any of these and instant tweets go out for you.


If you really want the biggest space and spotlight on Available Angels, grab a banner in your City or State.
This is the ultimate advertising option on our site showcasing a full screen width banner of you that links straight to your profile.
We limit these to 10 per location keeping your exposure high and fair. 


Feel like a celebrity as we conduct a personalised interview just for you. 
This feature is my personal favourite.
We watch your social media, read your bio and get feels on who you are. Then we pick some questions that highlight your lifestyle, your niche and your personality. Throw in a few snaps to make it pop. Do you have a shoe collection that would make Imelda Marcos jealous? We want to know about it. Gym junkie? Show us your Kettle Bells, your favourite books, whatever! This is your space to shine. 


This one is dear to my heart. 
Tell your clients to subscribe to you on Available Angels and they can get instant notifications the moment you are available at their preferred time. This frees up your client from checking the website to see when you are available and a bonus tool to use to replace a cancelled booking with a last minute one.


Congratulations on completing your Angel 101 training.
Remember, any time you want a little extra promotion or help with your profile, we are here.
Thank you, we look forward to seeing you shine!