How To Advertise During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Hi Angels and Clients,

Firstly I would like to thank you for your support over the years. It is always a joy to serve you!

Available Angels suffered a 85% drop in sales due to covid. We know exactly how it feels to have your business and personal income stripped. With some restructuring, downgrading web services and government financial assistance, we were able to keep Available Angels running.
But its not over yet! Victoria still remains under restrictions and getting back to some sort of "normal" will take time across ass industries. So please rest assured Available Angels will continue to keep our prices low and support you as much as we can.
We added alternative service categories to accommodate contact free adult services and discounted advertising.


To assist during this time we are offering $20 off to those who need financial relief.
Enter this code at checkout: covidsupport (offer ends 31st December 2020, use as many times as you like).
Victorian Advertisers: special offer on our Pricing Page


Performing personal services is now illegal in most states of Australia during the Covid-19 pandemic with some restrictions and regulations in place.
Victoria remains contact free

It is still legal to advertise on our website for future bookings or to provide online/digital services.

To accommodate these changes in services, we have additional categories in place that are Covid-19 compliant. Keep reading to see more of these options. 


1. Clients Are Still Interested. 

Yes! Clients are seeking alternative services, and this is where Available Angels has your back. More on Alternative services below.

Non punting clients want to see there is hope and that there is a beautiful escort for them once this pandemic is over. They may get in touch to send you support either financially or emotionally and keep your contact details for a future booking.

2. Traffic & Rankings

We collected almost 90,000 individual page views to our website for April. 

Not only is your ad is being looked at by customers and Internet search robots, they are clicking through to your social media links and personal website.

We are feeding you our traffic, 80% of which comes from organic searches on Google.

Simply put, you cannot rely on your social media account to bring virtual customers when there is a large market of clientele not on any sort of social media.

Keep your profile live to keep your Google rankings. Like us, if you have spent your hard working dollars on SEO and website promotion, you don't want to let that go to waste.

3. Promotion Of Alternative Services

As soon as I heard of the personal service closure, I got straight to my categories section and began to add digital services.

Cam girls, fan sites, social media, porn stars and even virtual domination are just some of the pages you can be seen on. It doesn't have to always be visual, some gentlemen would prefer a friendly telephone call. 

Select these categories to showcase yourself as a Covid-19 provider. 

These are currently being advertised on site and in our social media streams. And they look amazing!

4. We Have Paid & Free Listings

There are many alternative services you can offer during this time such as phone sex, sexting, fan subscriptions, porn content, pic sharing, panties or merchandise.

If you do not want to offer services at this time, simply place a notice of unavailability on your profile biography. Your ad can remain live and get looked at by our site viewers and keep collecting those hits whilst you enjoy your break with your loved ones. We recommend renewing and clicking the Free Limited Listing option in the checkout. Existing customers are welcome to pause their advertising too. Please get in touch with us.

5. Quality

We still verify every account to maintain our quality of advertisers and our boasting ability of 100% fake free profiles!

End unethical advertising and stop tolerating directories that charge you to boost above fake listings. 

6. We Go The Extra Mile

Available Angels is proud to be a directory that continually works on creating space and promotion for your business during Covid-19, even when we're working for free during these trying times. 

If you have a suggestion of a service you would like in the Covid-19 Escorts section, please get in touch with us.

7. I Care

My name is Eden, and I am a proud mother of two humans and one advertising directory. 

I care about my advertisers and I am here to support you as best as possible.


Sex workers who are ineligible to apply for government welfare assistance, please see Scarlet Alliance for emergency support.

The world is in this together. And we will survive.