You asked , I delivered. Here’s All My FAQS.


Yes of course I do. You have to like sex to be able to do this work. People presume we are nymphos who can’t get enough. 

But we aren’t. But I do like the sex ,  I try to enjoy myself too! 

I am a size 7.5 / 8. If I had a dollar for every time someone said ‘ wow your feet are so small considering you’re so tall’ . People assume being a tall person my feet must be like big foot. When that is not the case. 

Your first time we can take it as slow or fast as you like. Any requests I would prefer to know immediately so I can provide the best service for you. We can talk for awhile until your comfortable or begin with a massage. I recommend as a first time client booking an hour , the first half hour most are very nervous and take the full half hour to warm up. But It’s entirely up to you. 

People do bring gifts , but I wouldn’t say no. But just bring your manners and be polite is all I can ask for. 

Yes! Most definitely. I like to be safe in my work it is not only for my safety , but yours as well, it is illegal in QLD not to provide safe sex & even to ask for any natural services ( no condoms ) it is illegal also. 

I had quit my job at the time and was offered this job as a full time role. At first I declined , but after finding no work for a few months I decided to take up the offer and give it a go. I planned for one year.

But I paid off all my debt in the first year , I decided to stay. The second year I paid off my two car loans and decided to return to the regular work but couldn’t resist and after a a couple of years and a bit I returned to sex work.

I have been on and off working since. 

Many things. What I am into is quite broad from being passionate and slow , to kinky and a little rough. What I do in my personal life is a little different to what I do at work. I do not provide the same services or do the same things as I would do in my personal life. As I prefer to keep some things for myself. 

People will only take from you as much as you allow. In this job you learn to detach somewhat and what to give of yourself and what not to give. When seeing a regular it can be very easy to be swept up in the fantasy world and get attached. It is only natural , like anyone having a regular person they see in the personal life , your bound to get feelings at some point when spending so much time with anyone. So at work I try and prevent that a little as I know my place. I do not want to cross any lines. I have had to let go of some clients as they have gotten feelings and the two of us will not happen. Feelings can be possible on both sides of the fence - definitely.

Yes! Of course. If they push the boundaries and I’ve warned them a few times and they ignore the request , yes most certainly I’ve had to terminate the booking and ask them to leave with no refund — I wont see them again. 

I haven’t received anything like a brand new car or house bought for me. Or an all paid for trip away somewhere.

But I’ve received expensive lingerie , perfumes , gift vouchers for expensive clothing stores, bottles of Moët , or fancy hotels paid for the weekend with a mini bar & room service tab, chocolates & flowers. Sometimes people will pay with money in an envelope like the old fashioned ways and in the envelope they have enclosed a thank you card with a small tip. 

Cash is first and foremost , or transfers via the beemit app. 

I do not trade gifts , or anything else for my service. I do not do direct bank transfer. I do not do EFTPOS. 

Yes , for all outcall bookings ,  yes I do. Which again can be made via the beemit app and will come off your initial booking price. The remainder can be paid on arrival. 

I do provide both. However I do provide incalls much less regularly compared to outcalls. I provide incalls occasionally and the details of when they are available are usually posted on my twitter the week they are available and on my twitter. 

This request I always decline, due to personal & anonymity reasons. If I did want to show my full face — I would. For those that have asked I have turned the question on them & I have also asked for a selfie too , and they refuse to send one. So you can understand by you not wanting to send one either for privacy surely you can understand why I prefer not to show my face also. I do respect your choice and privacy so I can only ask you respect my privacy reasons too. 

But on my ads my face is half blurred. If you do arrive and I am not your cup of tea , I do understand if you do decline the booking as I understand attraction is important. 

I get asked this a lot because of my face is long ish and I am tall with swimmers shoulders they assume I am not. 

However I can confirm , I am definitely 100% woman. I was born a female I am definitely a female.

Most definitely not. I find them disrespectful and not a turn on. Being sent one for whatever reason if that’s your opening message, or you think I will change my mind after seeing your pics. 

My answer will remain the same. Please do not send them. They are not warranted and not appreciated. 

No I do not have an ‘ only fans ‘ account where I post nudes and I do not offer any phone sex , face time chat prior to booking or video calls as a service.

Yes I have referred to this a few times. I am 5’10 , 178cm Tall. I do not wear high heels often as I am quite tall. People often find me intimidating in high heels. 

Yes of course. I have done a lot of different jobs prior to doing this. I’ve studied many different things. 

It’s not that I can’t go back, I can. But with such a huge gap in my resume it’s hard to explain where I’ve been all this time. 

No I do not. I am not a planner with that far ahead as my plans never go to plan. 

But I do know what I want for my future.

I do want to leave one day, sometime soon. It’s just a matter of putting that plan into action. There is many different things I enjoy about this job not just the money or sex. I love the flexibility, the people and interaction. The company, the conversations. The list is endless. 

I do not kiss and tell , however they weren’t strange as such, just unexpected. But I will say they were interesting. 

Yes as all sex workers we all take different procedures. I do have my own ways and it is not to disrespect your privacy. All information I do receive from you is confidential and not kept anywhere or saved , my phone information such as  texts , photos that are sent - calls , etc gets deleted daily. 

Clients can go to a SWer’s website, look at photos, read testimonials, follow their tweets. You have an idea who they are before you engage. You? You are a random email, an SMS, a faceless voice on the phone. 

My father of course. He is resilient strong , man. He has always been there for us no matter what. But he is the best! I couldn’t ask for someone better in my life.

Sleep ins. I love my sleep ins! I never get enough sleep , so this is something I highly look forward to. 

No not at all. Men have thier kinks and desires. When your in the sexual moment / fantasy you need to do what you enjoy and If you enjoy being a sub as a male and letting go of the control. Then there is nothing wrong with that. It’s doesn’t  make you less of a man because you enjoy being a sub. The domme / sub world is very complex and it doesn’t make you less of a man at all.

I have no tattoos although I would love some, I would like a script on my ribs going across under my bust and a small tattoo on my back or on my arm. It will be small and hidden. I don’t like big tattoos. But then again I often dream about a full sleeve but I think I’d regret it.

I have tried many things. Yes I have tried BDSM for me as a sub to be tied up or put on a dog leash , is not for me.

I do not like it. I don’t understand it. However to be tied up with a blindfold .. with the right person yes i have done it. The lighter side of BDSM I prefer. I do prefer to be a domme. However I feel I can do both as they call it a switch. 

Everything is temporary. Your good times are temporary and your bad times are temporary. So when you're up, enjoy it, bask in it, and be grateful for it. And when you're down, know you will get through it. Know that it's not the end, and that it's just a rough patch. Life is full of twists and turns, ups and downs, and surprises. We forget that it's about the journey not the destination.

A long hot bath, with my favourite music!

Or I usually go the gym smash out a session.

My zodiac sign is a Capricorn. It’s the earth sign. The Earth sign crew are all practical, self reliant, stoic and ambitious. You'd want them in your corner...

We broke the bed. I heard a crack , then bam it broke! We both laughed then asked how we would fix it!

Both. I’m shy at first with most , but I warm up quick. Others I am loud with no shyness. I feel I try and adapt to who I am around, who I can be loud with or who I can’t be quiet with. But I am always a shy person at first...

I was once a waitress and this happened many times. It depends on the situation and if they continued on whether I would seek my managers help or not if I couldn’t handle it myself. But , always smile and be polite and firm. You can always de escalate a situation fast. It doesn’t take long to escalate a situation.

No. Can’t say that I have. Maybe one day the situation would arise but I still doubt I would , I’d like to keep that world separate from my personal life. 

No , but I do get annoyed more often than angry. I disagree a lot with people ,  but it takes a lot for me to raise my voice or get quite upset. 

I prefer to wear something casual , a nice dress or something with some very sexy lingerie underneath.

Yes! 100%. I do not believe in deceiving anyone with fake photos. I get professional photos done every 3 -6 months and my selfies are always posted on my twitter regularly. I like to keep my photos updated as much as I can. 

Yes I sure do. Even though I am safe within my work and personal life. I like to get tested for my own piece of mind. I get regular check ups every 3 months and I have a current health certificate. 

I honestly live a boring life, I go to the gym and keep fit , the beach, I am a movie buff. So I try and watch Netflix when I get the time or treat myself to a gold class session at the movies, I enjoy a good book , yoga, catching up with friends when I find the time. 

Not currently. I have told my mum about it when I first began and she wasn’t ok with it , but supported my choice as long as I was safe. When I first started I did tell a few friends, some had suspected and confronted me , I am the worst liar so I did confess and it was used against me when my friends and I had a falling out. Women can be vindictive and extremely hurtful. So I’ve learned not to tell anyone and keep this as private as possible. I do have friends in the industry I can speak to if I need to.

Yes once , we dated , and I ended it in the end. I learnt from that mistake and I will never do it again. Since then I vowed I will

never date while doing this job. For some it works, but for me personally, I’d rather not. 

No I do not. Car play is illegal. I prefer to keep my fun strictly indoors. 

I love this question. I’m a bit of a romantic I do prefer the simple dates more than something extravagant – So possibly going to a fresh water creek with a waterfall. Having a picnic, a nice glass of wine, with some fruit and nibbles to eat enjoying the scenery and each other’s company. Then back to the room for some intimate playtime.

I do tour sometimes, not as often as I used to. But only to the Gold Coast Or Sunshine Coast. I have had my eye on coming to Sydney or Melbourne for the weekend. But, at the moment it is only an idea. Hopefully, in the future, I can.

What do the abbreviations mean? 

There is so many! But I’ll list some of the main ones. 

People wouldn’t expect me to have a love for speed! I really enjoy driving fast, Gunning it on the straight. Maybe in another life, I could be a race car driver. 

There you have it. Me in a nutshell - if I have missed anything feel free to text me to ask anything you like. I’m always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Stay sexy! 

Miss Zoey. Xx