Interview on 13/06/2017 with Layla Delight



Layla you are forever bringing Delight into our lives with your raw and natural photos! Would you mind telling us just how you keep that body in such good shape?

Personally, I have always LOVED working out. Walking into the gym gives me a kind of rush. Seeing a pers

Interview on 16/05/2017 with Auguste Rose


Auguste is our first and only escort from Hobart – as we focus on building a market in Hobart we’d like to take a minute to thank Auguste for choosing to advertise with Available Angels. Below is a rare insight into the life of one of Hobart’s most beautiful,

Interview on 09/05/2017 with Billie Love



Billie Love, you are clearly a very intelligent and logical escort – I’d love to ask you what you’d desire most in the world?

Gosh, that’s a difficult question! Partly it’s so difficult because I&rsqu

Interview on 04/05/2017 with Eleanor Rose


Melbourne is lucky to have escorts like Eleanor Rose, she constantly brightens up the gloomy days with her infatuating intelligence and Witt. It doesn’t stop there, she also has a booty to die for – no matter how hard you try you won’t help but fall fo

Interview on 27/04/2017 with Aria May



Aria May, one of Sydney’s elite escorts – dripping in culture, intelligence and charm – you won’t be left anything but smitten after a booking with Aria.


You are too kind! But that is exactly how

Interview on 11/04/2017 with Lacey Chalmers



Lacey Chalmers is everything that’s great about the escort industry, she’s incredibly down to earth and of course, absolutely stunning. Enjoy her interview here:


Lacey, a quick glance at your twitter media and I

Interview on 05/04/2017 with Lucie Bee



Lucy is just wonderful, as well as her inciting charm and witt she is absolutely stunning - have a read of her interview to find out more about the beautiful Syndey Escort:


Would you mind starting off by tel

Interview on 04/04/2017 with Helena Rain



You clearly have a wonderful attitude towards life! Your twitter feed represents a very happy go lucky youthful soul with snippets of witty genius! I love it! Do tell us just how you keep yourself so bubbly and happy all the time?

I reall

Interview on 30/03/2017 with Hannah Holt



Tell us about your Dutch heritage and what it means to you? Also have you ever been to the Red Light district in downtown Amsterdam? If so share your experience with us!

My heritage as far as I know is a real mixed bag...Dutch, Scan

Interview on 28/03/2017 with Elysia Kitten



I love your use of selfies for promotion, you seem to have a huge selection lingerie… Can you tell us how you keep every picture looking just as sexy as the last?

I love taking pictures just for fun! I usually spend a few minutes when I get all dressed up to t

Interview on 21/03/2017 with Amber Leigh

Amber Leigh is a high class courtesan from Melbourne. Don’t be fooled by her soft, delicate skin – underneath she is tainted with sexual charm and devilish wit, an escort to be taken very seriously.



Amber, I’d like to start slow and find out a little about where your love of camping came from? It&r

Interview on 17/03/2017 with Kiki Sucre

As well as being an irresistible blonde bombshell, Sweet Kiki has a wonderful sense of humour and an incredible natural ability to please.



Firstly, I’d like to ask you about your touring. You are based in Brisbane but seem to tour a lot and have some quite exciting tours coming up. Can you tell us where your favour

Interview on 15/03/2017 with Harley Roze

Harley Roze is one of Brisbane’s most unique and wonderful BBW’s with long funky hair and a tattoo sleeve she boasts some cool attributes.


I have to ask you about your tattoos! When was your first session? Do you design them yourself and where did your love for body art come from? <

Interview on 06/03/2017 with Bella Rosé

First off I’d love to ask you how your trip to Brisbane was? A lot of escorts choose Brisbane as a place to tour and usually always have great things to say… What was your opinion of our small but vibrant city?

My recent trip to Brisbane was my second time touring in Brisbane and they were both successful business t

Interview on 03/03/2017 with Olivia Saint Laurent

Olivia St Laurent is an incredibly honest, driven and beautiful escort, I was lucky enough to interview her, read her very touching responses below. 


‘A lover of life and fine things’ – pulled straight from your twitter profile! Tell us eager beavers just what Olivia Saint Laurent the escort loves so much about life?

Interview on 19/01/2017 with Bridgette Wilson

Firstly thank you very much for taking me up for an interview, I’d love to share my experiences and thoughts about being an Wollongong escort and a Australian touring escort. 

I have to start by asking about your vast number of tour dates booked! Here at Available Angels we love to promote touring escorts – both our directors are also touring escorts so w

Interview on 17/01/2017 with Taylor Rose

You come across as incredibly approachable and down to earth… Excellent qualities for an escort to have! Have you always had this attitude or did it develop when you became an escort?

Thank you. I am actually a country girl at heart, and I believe that’s where my down to earth nature comes from. I am a pretty easy going lady, and don’t

Interview on 19/12/2016 with Elle Knox

Elle, you are possibly the most outgoing, friendly and courageous escort I have ever met! Where do you get your enthusiasm from and do you think that working in the escort industry has propelled you to new heights?

Wow thank you! I have always been enthusiastic about life, I try and squeeze every drop of enjoyment out of it I can. That mostly involves me

Interview on 19/12/2016 with Queenie Pearl

Interview for Queenie Pearl


At first glance on your twitter I can see you’re an escort that loves to dress up – the outfits you have are very cute and sexy, where did you get your love for these awesome outfits from and do your clients love them as much as we do?


I just love to dress up, being a new charact

Interview on 15/12/2016 with Sarah Haywood

Introducing Sarah Haywood, our newest Brisbane escort available for your pleasure. Thank you so much Sarah for giving us the pleasure of interveiwing you. Suddenly, I have a craving for something sweet and dry! Is it wine time Sarah? 

Sarah, as one of our newest Available Angels advertisers we’d love to ask you how long have you been in the escort industry and what

Interview on 29/11/2016 with Estelle Lucas

After reading through your Bio’s on various platforms including your own website one word stands out to me – ‘freethinking’ I am yet to meet you Estelle but one thing I have realised is you truly are like no other and it’s awesome! Can you tell us some of the quirky, weird and wonderful things you may do both as a professional Escort and in your own tim

Interview on 16/11/2016 with Taylor Benson

Taylor is an escort that needs no introduction. Beggars can’t be choosers and Taylor Benson will leave you grovelling on your knees, she’s a class apart from not only Brisbane’s top escorts but Australia’s.  


 I admire your love for Belvedere – you clearly are a classy escort with excellent taste! Can you te

Interview on 08/11/2016 with Annaleise Haschen

If you ever had a thing for Marylin Monroe or Anna Nicole Smith (who didn't right?), you can live out that fantasy with our sexy Sydney escort and companion, Miss Annaleise Haschen!

Scandinavian tigress. Curvaceous companion, Penthouse Black pinup.

Our Available Angels team has had the pleasure of meeting you in person and I have to say, whe

Interview on 31/10/2016 with Ava Arlo

Ava Arlo is an incredibily bright, beautiful and bootylicious escort based in Brisbane normally but she's always touring and travelling around so be sure to keep an eye out for her coming to your town or city!


1. Immediately from your twitter page I can see you’re a very strong, independently minded and influential escort! You just

Interview on 19/10/2016 with Adriana Dawson

Adriana Dawson is by far one of the most interesting escorts I have ever met. She truly is a remarkable woman with strong, logical and insightful views on not only life but sex work on a whole. Please have a read of this interview and make a booking with Adriana below! 


1. I noticed you’re a university student… We all know that you&r

Interview on 16/09/2016 with Cameron Wilde

Your photos are beautiful, you clearly have a creative eye and talent for visual beauty! What was the inspiration behind these pictures on your AA profile and how did you find such a suitable place in Sydney to take these pictures?

Thank you for your thighs on my photos!

I used a fantastic photographer, and wanted to take the pics in a place tha

Interview on 08/08/2016 with Eden Holly

Whilst Eden was on tour in Brisbane, I had the pleasure of interviewing this sexy little bunny!

Eden Holly, private and mischevious escort in Sydney.
International escort and local babe, lets take a closer look at what makes up the beautiful Eden Holly.
Fellas, this one is sassy but really sweet! Make time to meet this Angel.

1. Welcome to Brisbane

Interview on 25/07/2016 with Cece Reign

I was a mere two sentences into your bio when I forgot why I was reading it. You write with purpose and meaning, almost convicting the reader to a heavenly prison in which they have to explore! Without doubt one of the most tantalizing and impressive bio’s I’ve ever read. Would you mind telling us about your most enjoyable experience as a Sydney based escort?

Interview on 11/07/2016 with Jessie Lee Pierce

1. Jessie, as you know a lot of research goes into the construction of these questions… However, my usually creative mind was halted immediately by your photos, so I feel like I just have to ask! HOW DO YOU HAVE SUCH A PERFECT ASS? Is it hard work or were you naturally gifted with a booty fit for royalty? Share your secrets…..

 Firstly, thank y

Interview on 01/07/2016 with Marcella Romaine

Marcella Romaine is one of Brisbane’s most unique escorts. She boasts a perfect physical figure and has a classic vintage style that makes her stand out amongst other Australian Escorts. 


1. Having such a toned and physically striking body is a treat for the eyes… Can you shed some light on how your sculpted fi

Interview on 16/06/2016 with Gemma Grace

Gemma Grace is a reputable High Class escort based in Melbourne.  Gemma's flare for style and class sets her apart from the other Melbourne escorts and makes her the perfect companion for gentleman seeking a genuine girlfriend experience. Gemma is classy, beautiful and intelligent, what's not to love about Gemma Grace. 

Gemma is often Touring Australia esco

Interview on 02/06/2016 with Mia Monroe

MIA MONROE - Escort East Sydney.

What can one say about the delectable Mia Monroe? Renown in the industry, Mia has an unsurpassable reputation for her genuine attitude, her professional approach and her drool inducing booty!

If you have not met this Sydney babe, you probably live in a cave. Come out and meet Mia Monroe. Ultimate GFE/PSE and XXX goddess.


Interview on 11/04/2016 with Scarlett Maison

Scarlett Maison - Brisbane Escort - Interview: 


Scarlett Maison is Brisbane’s luxury escort. 

Blessed with delicate feminine looks, a natural body and a down to earth nature, Ms Scarlett is someone to be proud of not only on your arm, but in your mind. 

She is a true co

Interview on 02/03/2016 with Charlie Forde

Charlie Forde - Brisbane Escort - Interview:


Charlie Ford is new to the independent private escort industry. She is based in Brisbane but frequently travels to Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Cairns. You can best describe Charlie as young, elegant, smart and sexy. She is making her mark in the escorting business and offers a genuine girlfrie

Interview on 26/02/2016 with Hope sweet

Hope Sweet - Gold Coast Escort - Interview: 


Hope Sweet is our resident Tweed based escort. She frequently makes herself available on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.Her curves replicate Jessica Rabbit. Her fiery red hair certainly scream sexy siren. Hope is a genuine woman who loves escorting and providing excellent adult services. To make a

Interview on 06/02/2016 with Christine McQueen

Christine McQueen - Sydney Escort - Interview: 

Available Angels promotes Australian escorts availability for last-minute bookings. This month’s interview theme is our PUBLISHED Angels. These ladies are famous in their own right and are leaders in their professional field. 


With no hesitation, we

Interview on 13/01/2016 with Summer Knight

Summer Knight - Sydney Escort - Interview: 


Thanks for being the most enthusiastic and sending us the very first entry for our “refer a client” competition.
You’ve been super pumped about our site since before launch. We appreciate your support.


1. S

Interview on 13/01/2016 with Stella Siren

Stella Siren - Perth Escort - Interview:


You're miss organized and social media savvy. We love it.  We would love to know more about you…


1.      You're social media savvy Stella. How has social media changed the way you run your esc

Interview on 13/01/2016 with Kellie Blair

Kellie Blair - Melbourne Escort - Interview:


Taking Available Angels around Australia, Kellie tours a hell of a lot and she sure does leave her sexy footprints along the way - let's find out more about this unique escort. 


1.       You've been a

Interview on 13/01/2016 with Charlie Forde

Charlie Forde - Brisbane Escort - Interview: 


Charlie Forde; the perfect combination of sexy and down to earth. 


1.       What’s your favourite kind of booking?

I love light hearted bookings that are a little bit longe

Interview on 13/01/2016 with Alexia Courtesan

Alexia Courtesan - Brisbane Escort - Interview: 


Alexia has submitted the highest amount of recommendations to Available Angels.
Thanks for your support Alexia!
Let’s see what she’s all about…

1. What attracted you to the industry?