Interview with Georgia Kate

As a Sydney escort could you tell us some of your favourite things to do in New South Wales, the pros and cons of being a Sydney escort if you like -  either on a booking or in your own time?


 Sydney is a beautiful city, both living here and taking bookings is always an interesting adventure. You never know who you're going to meet, where they're from or where they've been, or what they can teach you. I love meeting new and interesting people and Sydney can be one of the best and worst places to do that. Try smiling at some

Strangers....they'll scowl and look at you like you're bonkers or occasionally they smile back. That's nice. I love walking through the city, pottering through my favourite shops, occasionally down Glebe point road; but

My fave haunt is King St Newtown. Filled

With cheap eats, amazing dress shops (pin up couture anyone??) to crazy cute op shops for treasure finds. And of course you can't beat Sydney beaches. Coogee is a personal fave of mine! Whether it be reading my latest literature love and a dip in the ocean or a cheeky cold one at the Coogee bay!!! Oh and it doesn't matter where I am. I need my music. It's sad that Sydney’s live

Music scene is dying (thanks

Fatty o'barrel!) so it's almost melancholic to listen to music wherever I go, but there you go. Maybe I am a melancholic hipster. Shit. I do have a fixie...


You are really funny and positive on twitter, always posting upbeat or interesting tweets! Can you tell us what influences your humour and how Georgia Kate keeps things original?


Am I? Well thanks?! I'm a hopeless optimist, often to the annoyance of others-I like quirky offbeat or incredibly stupid jokes about the everyday experience because really, what we Bitch about in our comfy houses is irrelevant compared to starving children around the world....I don't take my self too seriously. I really enjoy cyanide and happiness webcomic ( as well as some ecards. I dare you to check

Out either site and not laugh out loud at least once....


I’m going to ask you a cliché question, however I’m yet to ask this question to any other escort so I hope you can give a great answer! If you could take a booking from anyone in the whole world who would it be with? Anyone!


Hmm let me think. Oh do I have to narrow down to one? First and foremost NICK

CAVE. Oh. My God. The poor man

Wouldn't know what hit him!

Secondly Elvis...Or  Geoffrey rush. Or my yr

12 high school English teacher!!!! Mmm

Can you tell us a little about Georgia Kate the escort? What motivates you in the competitive t escort industry that Sydney offers?


Georgia Kate is a happy go lucky friendly and down to earth smiley girl that does this work because I truly believe men don't a)pamper themselves b)have nearly as many stress relieving outlets as women. Sex is a stress relieving physical release for men. I like being able to pamper and spoil my clients, and they do too because my intent is genuine. Sydney is a competitive market, like

All businesses you have your ups and downs , I think it's important to stay focused on what and why you're doing what your doing and don't compromise your core values or beliefs for the sake of an extra buck. It's going to cost you a lot more in the end. 


Finally, my favourite question that I hope you’ll like – can you tell us a funny story! It can be an experience you may have had on a booking or even something unrelated! Make our readers laugh, cringe or cry! 


Wow this is a tough one, um, politically incorrect but I confess, I have a fear of midgets.  I know. I'm Awful. Ok? Wretched. But it is what it is. I had an outcall to a nice hotel, I knocked on the door and the door opened-no one there...

'hello?' I say, looking for the gentleman who had requested my company for the hour...

'Um hello, down here!' Says a voice. 

There in front of me when I look down is A midget. Or a little person. Or whatever the most inoffensive way to describe a person who is very small is....I shrieked oh! There you are little guy! Haha! You need a step ladder..' 

He is obviously unimpressed and says you didn't tell me you were so tall (I'm over 6ft in heels which is A fact i don't hide) and before I could even think, in my usual 'speak first think later' mode. I burst out with 'well I might have if you'd mentioned this whole situation you're in' gesturing to how tall he wasn't. 

He began to (rightfully so I suppose) lecture me about discrimination, all the while I've got the jitters cause well, he's a midget and I'm scared of them. He ends his speech with I think I'd like to reduce the booking from two hours to one please.

Are you joking I shrieked? I can't do this! Argh!!!! And ran out of the room. And felt bad about it since.  But it doesn't stop there. I then had an outcall to a residence near Strathfield. Instructions were very clear 2x bottles of champagne and Marlboro lights were to be brought. I fetched items and knock on residence a strange little (not midget little) Irish Gent opens the door. 

"Hooker. Hello. Champagne?"

Me scowling holding up bottles

Him "cigarettes?"

Me scowling even more hold up packet

Him "ok hooker you can come in, but don't be all hookerish. I just wanted booze and cigarettes and someone to talk to if you’re not a complete moron."

I flopped on his couch. Opened the champagne and drank from the bottle, quite a few swigs and said, "well

You're a rude pig, but at least you're not a midget"

We actually had a great booking and a lot of a all’s well that ends well. Except for the person who is vertically challenged. I'm sorry. 

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