Interview with Amber Leigh

Amber Leigh is a high class courtesan from Melbourne. Don’t be fooled by her soft, delicate skin – underneath she is tainted with sexual charm and devilish wit, an escort to be taken very seriously.



Amber, I’d like to start slow and find out a little about where your love of camping came from? It’s not often that an escort with such a high profile as yourself enjoys the rural outdoors.

Despite the glamour of my profession, I have always been in love with nature and I encourage like-minded companions to explore this with me. I am never afraid of a little adventure! It does not necessarily need to be camping. I also enjoy scenic road trips, visits to the beach, bush walks or viewing native wildlife that we do not always have the pleasure of seeing in inner suburbia.


Dom Perignon – elegant and sophisticated or overpriced and over-poured… I have a keen interest in fine drinks and Dom has always made me blush with excitement then cringe at the taste. As a renowned courtesan I would love to know where you stand on expensive and lavish luxuries that often appear within the escort industry?

Gifts and luxuries are never expected, but always appreciated. I maintain that I can have just as special a time in a quaint home as I can in a lavish hotel.

What truly matters is the company. I would always choose the company of a humble gentleman in place of a wealthy but arrogant or rude man. 
Gifts can add to the occasion however, especially if we both can enjoy the gift. For example, a fine wine to share or beautiful lingerie that I can model just for you.


Amber, you are often blessed with the power to make people’s dreams come true. What we’d love to know is what is your fantasy? Be it escort related or not we ‘d like to find out what your deepest darkest desires are? 

I am fortunate enough in my profession that I am able to live out my fantasies and desires every day!  My job allows me to explore all kinds of sexual and non-sexual fantasies with my partners, which is one of the reasons I love it so much. I have frolicked on a secluded beach naked, been very unholy in a holy place, explored fun and exciting role plays...the list goes on!


Your lady loves… You offer doubles bookings with a variety of beautiful escorts! I would imagine young escorts just starting out will look up to you and all you’ve achieved within the industry. If you could give some advice away for free what would it be? 

It is very important to bond with other escorts. In this heavily stigmatised industry, you can sometimes feel quite alone. Especially if you are not out as an escort. Most established escorts are more than happy to meet new girls and share their experiences or provide support. Sometimes "Co-ho's" can be such great support because they are the only ones who truly understand and relate to what their fellow escort is going through. Never be afraid to reach out and ask for advice!

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