Interview with Amanda Valentina

Amanda Valentina is one of Sydney's leading Private Independent Escorts and a favourite on the Touring escort sector. Amanda's striking beauty will immediately catch your eye but don't let the curiosity stop there, her obsession with travel, culture and lust will leave you gagging to find out more! 


1. "Each of us is born with a box of matches inside us, but we can't strike them all by ourselves." ~ Laura Esquivel

This quote pulled from your Available Angels profile screams one of two things to me, either you're a fiercely independent woman who's comfortable with who you are OR you relish companionship and reassurance from those closest to you be it in a professional scenario or a personal one....  We would love for you to elaborate on this ponderous quote? 

I’ve lived a colourful, diverse, and emotionally rewarding life. It’s been one rather interesting journey thus far. Yes - I’m a fiercely independent woman who is very much comfortable with who I am. However, I’m an intensely passionate creature who yearns affection and love, as well as being someone who craves constant stimulation. Chemistry comes in all shapes and forms: emotional, sexual, and mental. I’m usually able to harness one (or if I’m lucky, all three) during my cheeky liaisons.

I’m often told I make people feel very comfortable. I enjoy delving into the sexual psyche of a new or existing lover; therefore I’m always encouraging an uncensored sexual expression session. I derive pleasure from bringing out the conversational and/or sexual best in people; particularly those who’ve suppressed their sexual desires or who’ve become routine oriented between the sheets. I’ve been very fortunate to have shared ‘first time’ experiences with many lovers by using seriously horny words of encouragement and by being open, inviting and enthusiastic. There’s nothing sexier than a wild, uninhibited, passion infused sweat session.

The excerpt of Laura Esquivel’s quote resonates with me for all of the aforementioned reasons. There – I’m not one for short and sweet answers, so I can take a long, deep breath now. ;)


2. Your beautiful yet distinctive features remind me somewhat of Porn Star Aletta Ocean, being a very professional escort could you ever see yourself stepping into the explicit world of Porn? 

I’ve been likened to many raunchy adult entertainers, including the Hungarian porn star Aletta Ocean. Interestingly enough, my heritage is also Hungarian on my maternal side. Being a brunette with enormous breasts and juicy lips, it’s not uncommon for a man to tell me I resemble some porn star or another; especially when we are behind closed doors. I’m gifted without a gag reflex so I have pretty impressive deep throat abilities; I’m sexually confident and I also love anal sex, role-play and explicit dirty talk. All the hallmarks of a porn star, right? Sex is an integral part of life, as is eating food. I live and breathe both. Do I have any intention of stepping into the world of pornography? Absolutely - we have one life – so why not? Watch this space.


3. After divulging into your escort life on various social media platforms - I have come to the conclusion you're an incredibly positive, outgoing and most importantly, content woman! Is this the way you have always been or do you put a lot of it down to your career as a private escort? 

My escorting life and personal life are one of the same. I use a stage name for my escorting business/brand, but I’m 100% authentically me in all of my personal, professional and social media interactions. I share a large proportion of the real/work me on my social media account because I enjoy engaging with my audience and fellow industry peers. I also have friends, former work colleagues/bosses following me on Twitter, so I’m able to keep in contact with a mixed group of people. I don’t have personal social media accounts as I’ve rolled them all into the one production. Amanda Valentina is very much the real me to a tee. I’m the same woman I’ve always been - just a bigger, bolder and more assertive version. Is that work, age, wisdom or life experience? I’d say all of the above and MORE.

4. Finally to round it all off, a less thought provoking question... Being fascinated with travel and people's original heritage I have to ask you, are there any plans to head back to Europe or specifically Italy? For work or pleasure or do the two come hand in hand? 

I’ve travelled extensively, and whilst I have been known to mix business with pleasure, I intend on permanently basing myself in one of the 28 EU countries at some point in the future, to relax, unwind and watch the world go by. I love Australia; I’m Sydney born and bred, and this is my playground. But there’s a big, wide world out there waiting to be explored. I’ve just got unfinished business (and love affairs) that need to run their course *insert devilish grin here*.  

I could happily pack my bags and wander aimlessly for 2 years, on a travelling expedition of a lifetime. We have to make the most of our time here on Mother Earth as we only have one chance to get it right.

Until then, I’m Sydney, but soon to be Melbourne based.

Love, love, and lots of it,

Amanda Valentina 

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