Interview with Gemma Grace

Gemma Grace is a reputable High Class escort based in Melbourne.  Gemma's flare for style and class sets her apart from the other Melbourne escorts and makes her the perfect companion for gentleman seeking a genuine girlfriend experience. Gemma is classy, beautiful and intelligent, what's not to love about Gemma Grace. 

Gemma is often Touring Australia escorting, she is also available for bookings anywhere in the world by exclusvie invitation.
It is with great pleasure that I interview Gemma. I might have to ask for some style tips as Gemma is well known for her flare of fashion amongst the Australian escorts. 

1. Gemma, thanks so much for agreeing to be interviewed by Available Angels. I guess I am dying to ask you about Melbourne as it's my favourite city, but I seem to stick to the same old boring places. Tell us your top 5 favourite things to do in Melbourne? 

Having extensively travelled throughout Asia, Europe and the US I'm still amazed at what I can find here in Melbourne. There is so much cultural fusion among us that eating out is always interesting and never boring.  It also lends itself to several food and wine events throughout the year.  5 of my favourite things to do here are:

    1. Breakfast either on my own or with friends.  With communal tables featuring in most cafes these days eating on your own isn't as lonely as what it can seem to be.

    2. Live music - Australia has a very talented live music scene.  I love a variety of genres.  I could be in a jazz bar one night and rocking at the Cherry Bar the next.

    3. National Gallery of Victoria - Sometimes I just like to hang out there and revisit my favourite pieces in the permanent collection.  The gift shop also has an amazing selection of books on Art and Design.  Two of my favourite topics.

    4. Trying new restaurants with a variety of budgets and flavours.

    5. The Australian Open in January. There is always so much to see and do outside of Centre court.


2. How long have you been working in Melbourne? What do you think about the In Call laws? Any tips for gent's trying to make a booking with an escort in Melbourne? 

I've been working in Melbourne for around 3 1/2 years. Up until a year ago I had a full time job so I only worked after 6pm making my market by default to be outcalls to hotels, dinner dates and weekends away. Now that I'm flying solo with my other career I am also offering travel companionship.  It's hard for me to comment on the incall laws because they've never really affected me however, if incalls were legal my earnings would without a doubt be much higher and I could focus solely on building my escort business rather than having to supplement my income with other work from time to time.  Most men that I have seen in Melbourne have been respectful of the laws and where I stand with them.  Where there's a will there's a way if gent really wants to see a particular escort he should be polite at first contact, introduce himself properly after having fully read the ladies profile and rates.  If he can't host offer to book a hotel.  As escorts in Melbourne we are pretty familiar with the local hotels so we can usually also suggest places to meet at for a variety of budgets.


3. I noticed on your twitter that you see couples! I love couples as they are so interesting. Any juicy stories about couple bookings? 

The couples thing happened by accident.  After leaving a long term relationship I decided that escorting was going to be a way of exploring my own sexuality and that I would try most things asked of me within reason and my comfort zone. So when the first inquiry came along I thought why not. Funnily enough it was all about the lady which was just as daunting. I ended up having a great time especially with her perhaps it was the allure of being the 'other woman' in a controlled and open environment. I've since seen several couples, have even been on a weekend away with one of whom I've since built a really nice relationship with.  Our catch ups are a lot of fun because they are now at a level where we can all be open with each other and ask to try new things without it feeling awkward.


4. You are well known for having impeccable style Gemma. You certainly live in the right city, Melbourne is known for it's stylish escorts. What are the essential items an escort must have items?  

Thank you ladies. I love fashion particularly beautiful textiles. In Melbourne having to do outcalls a nice tailored jacket and classic winter coat are both essential especially during winter over a sexy lbd. And a good pair of high heels of course.


5. What's next for Gemma Grace in 2016/2017? 

The next thing on my to do list is to get my website up and running I've been very slack with this.  With the amazing services of directories such as Available Angels and Scarlet Blue a website isn't always essential especially if an escort is also trying to manage a full time career at the same time.  I'd also like to make an effort to see more of Australia this year so will expand my tours to include Adelaide, more of NSW, QLD and possibly Darwin and Cairns.


Thank you Gemma, you're always a delight to speak with.


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