Interview with Aubrey Black

Available Angels promotes Australian escorts available for last-minute bookings. This month’s interview theme is our PUBLISHED Angels. These ladies are famous in their own right and are leaders in their profession.

Aubrey Black is our award-winning escort based on the Gold Coast. You might recognize Aubrey as she has recently featured in Australian mens magazines throughout 2015. Aubrey is also the hardest working touring escort in Australia and she has an award to prove it. To make a booking with the amazing Aubrey Black, then I suggest you contact her assistant Anna via sms or email and find out when she is next touring to your city pronto. 


1. Aubrey, you had a very big year 2015. You were the star at the Australian Adult Awards night. I was personally there to watch you win so many awards you rightfully deserved. What does it take to be an award-winning escort? 

Thanks Kimber and Eden, it was a great night and I am so glad you girls were both there to share it.

To be one of the prominent players in the industry it takes support from a strong dedicated personal assistant. A strong work ethic, constant planning, dedication to your business, your product and your clients and followers. You need to have the ability to assess yourself and make adjustments as often as needed. To have a very open mind and to genuinely care about the people you serve and meeting their needs. 


2. Your very well known for your porn star experience. You look so much like a porn star. Have you ever done any adult movies? Do you often get requests for filming? 

Oh I love you! You know how to make a girl feel great!

Yes, I am asked constantly to film. To be honest, I love performing for the camera. To date I have only filmed private porn.. I have been asked numerous times over the years to perform in the porn industry but had refused till recently. 

I am currently negotiating dates for filming this year. 

Scary & exciting rolled into one!


3. You have set the benchmark for amongst the touring escorts. It’s not easy travelling around Australia for work so much. What do you miss most about being away from home?

Its VERY hard and you sacrifice a lot. But for now the pros outweigh the cons & there is method to the madness.. There is really too much to list! 

My family/children, my furbabies, my bed, my things. cooking for myself. The list could go on.


4. I LOVED your recent feature in the Penthouse Black label edition. You look so sexy. You also got to be the editor? Tell us about that experience. 

Thank you! I was really happy with the outcome of the shoot. Its a beautiful shoot and working with Rocky Bachelor was great! In hindsight it was not as risque or ‘Blacklabel’ as it probably should have been. I have been shooting a lot over the past months and have content yet to be released, amongst that we finally get the point that in this case less Isn’t more. More is more! The team at Penthouse Blacklabel are fabulous to work with and very supportive. It was really a great experience and I would love to do more in editorial in the future.

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