Interview with Vivienne Black

Available Angels promotes Australian escorts available for last-minute bookings. This month’s interview theme is our PUBLISHED Angels. 


These ladies are famous in their own right and are leaders in their profession. You will have to contact our PUBLISHED Angels directly to find out which magazine's they feature in. 


We absolutely love Vivienne’s curvy figure and x factor demeanor. If you would like to visit Vivienne during the LOVE month, please contact her assistant to make a booking ASAP. She’s waiting….


1.     So Vivienne, you just keep climbing the Escort Corperate Ladder. Now your on the COVER of a famous mens magazine this month. It’s no surprise as your beautiful.  You are a very renowned Australian escort. What is next on the cards for 2016?


World domination… Jokes! 


      2016 is shaping up to be a rather exciting year for me; I cannot wait to share with you all when the time is ripe. I am launching a new business venture soon… stay tuned for Vivi updates.

Hopefully if the cards permit I will be going on my first international tour. The hardest part is deciding which location is going to be the horniest!


2.     If a client came to you and said that he want’s to book your specialty, price isn’t an issue, what’s in store for him or her?


Everything is in store for this lucky lady or gent!  Twenty-four hours of pure porn star uninhabited sexual bliss. Yum!

I would start the night with a cheeky romp before heading out to dinner and drinks. The best part of my job is getting to know all my wonderful clients intimately. Let’s tease each other with a lot of flirting and under the table caressing before we head back to the apartment. It is now time to get ready for the night to turn utterly wild.

Total relaxation and horny fuck sessions ensue. I am a bit of kinky soul, I like to explore new things and push my clients sexual boundaries.  As a massive lover of anal, I can assure that will be on the cards…. I simply cannot get enough. Let me tie you up, hot wax and ice cube oral to blow your mind!

Hey, if you’re lucky, while I have you tied up I might invite my girl friends over so you can watch us go to town. Nuru-twister, anyone?


3.     You have been VERY wanted jet setting Australia wide servicing very horny men. Any new cities or countries for 2016?


I do love to travel and meet new people from all walks of life. I am happy to announce I will be heading overseas mid to late this year for an international tour. Help me decide where to go…


4.     What are 3 things you cannot live without?

Bright Red Lipstick

Sex on satin sheets

My ferocious walking leopard fur children, Leo and Kit. They so cute! Yes, I walk them on leashes.


5.     I see on your twitter account that you would like to dive with sharks. I get them impression that you like adrenalin rush. What else is on Vivienne Black bucket list?

Yes, I did dive with sharks a few years ago whilst travelling in the Galapagos. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I feel so privileged that with my work I can do almost all the things on my bucket list.

I do like a bit of a rush and keeping myself on my toes. Life is too short and I believe its either go hard or go home! Achieving personal goals no matter how small or insanely huge is the recipe for a life well lived.


 A few things from my bucket list for this year:

·      Learn how to and perform in a burlesque show. I have always wanted to sit in a giant champagne glass and get myself all wet in public… Jessica Rabbit style!

·      Drive a racecar… in a race. I want to win.

·      Port Lincoln Great White shark dive because diving with sharks is such a unique adrenaline rush!

·      Learn to swallow a sword…. or two. Do you think its possible for someone to swallow three? J

·      Holiday in the Greek Islands with many hot half-naked bar tenders and a steady supply of cocktails. Would anyone like to join me?

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