Interview with Taylor Rose

You come across as incredibly approachable and down to earth… Excellent qualities for an escort to have! Have you always had this attitude or did it develop when you became an escort?

Thank you. I am actually a country girl at heart, and I believe that’s where my down to earth nature comes from. I am a pretty easy going lady, and don’t take life to seriously. Prior to Escorting, I worked in the Corporate world so was very much used to being the “approachable” person, and also gained a heap of people skills from this. I since left the corporate world, in exchange to go back and get a Degree at University which I am still doing, and thought what a better why to utilise my skills than to become an independent escort. I truly love what I do and meeting new people along the way as I learn so much.


I see you highlight the fact safety and discretion are both your number one concern in this industry. Again, a wonderful processional outlook to have! Can you give some of the young escorts starting out any advice on how to stay safe in this industry?

I believe always having your blinkers on. For example, I can read people and personalities pretty well. If something doesn’t feel right, it generally isn’t. When entering a room, or house, or wherever your booking is, always suss it out... but not in an obvious way, can you see hidden cameras, where are you exits if you need to get out in a hurry, and always learn how to get yourself out of a situation when you don’t feel comfortable. There are ways to remain polite whilst keeping a level head. Always trust your intuition, if something doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t. I have only had one situation where I had to leave 10 minutes in, but I knew straight away something wasn’t feeling right.. sure enough, I found this gent was quite the expert at trying to get working girls to “play” before “pay”.


You are clearly very adventurous when it comes to your work, offering sought after experiences as well as some unique experiences. Without giving away too much could you tell us why you love being an escort and your favourite aspects of the escort industry?

As a people person, I truly love connecting with my clients. Every person has unique personalities, and I love trying to read someone. I love working out what a client likes in the bedroom, without him giving away to much. There is nothing more fun then finding a mans pleasure zones, and working my magic and watching his face squirm and toes point. I also love confidence in a man, a man who knows what he wants without being too cocky. I love to kiss, and a man who can kiss gets them everywhere with me 

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