Interview with Harley Roze

Harley Roze is one of Brisbane’s most unique and wonderful BBW’s with long funky hair and a tattoo sleeve she boasts some cool attributes.


I have to ask you about your tattoos! When was your first session? Do you design them yourself and where did your love for body art come from? 


I never really wanted tattoos till a few years ago. I've always appreciated the art. I am also creative and love to paint. 

I went through a fair bit of personal growth and well ultimately I transformed into a different person. I knew I wanted ink, I searched and search til I found the type of artwork I liked. In my job, I have seen a lot of bad ink and didn't want to regret it.

In 2015 I Finally I found the girls at Garage Ink .... Tenille Napoli and Karlee Sabrina were the two ladies I chose to brand me. I just sent through ideas of what I wanted and they drew them up on the day. My upper sleeve created by Tenille was to portray a Gypsy, Moon Goddess, Aphrodite (me) but I didn't want her to look like me. I have the healing symbol the Caduceus as I also do energy work, Sacred Drumming and now moving into Tantric Healing Bodywork. My lower sleeve created by Karlee just has all element of being a Gypsy Soul. I'm forever being stopped in the street for people to appreciate my work, even people that don't have tattoos love my sleeve.


Within the escort industry there’s a huge variety of ladies… As a Brisbane based BBW could you tell us a little about the pro’s and con’s of the industry?


How long is a piece of

Pros: I have been in the industry 20 years, it has afforded me a lifestyle to provide for my children as a single mum (they are now grown up)

I love the freedom of choosing how I work, My clients, If I have time off etc....being a Gypsy I love Freedom and non commitment. It suits me perfectly. And yes well I'm a Sensual, Sexual being and that energy needs to be shared, I enjoy the work and absolutely enjoy Intimate Encounters. So it's a no brainer really. I really enjoy chatting to my clients, so many different people from all walks of life, I have a genuine interest in what makes people tick and especially what brings them joy and passion in Life.

Cons: It can be a very isolating and lonely way of life, for many years no one knew about my secret life. It's only in the last year I've started to tell friends etc and show my face in my advertising. When conflicted and needing to vent pretty much only another Sex Worker understands. You can't talk to just anyone about any issues. In Qld there is always a concern for Safety etc as we are not allowed to work with anyone else. I really wish this could change, it's just a ridiculous law. Biggest Con is the stigma and misconceptions around Sex Work


With just a quick scroll through your twitter it’s obvious you love to tour! Can you tell us where your favourite place to tour is and why?


I only really tour local as I have my Pooch and it's hard to travel (he's my baby) I really enjoy the Sunshine Coast, I actually enjoy it so much, I'll be moving up there in July. Such a cruizy laid back lifestyle up there. 


We know that you love tattoos and dreadlocks but tell us something else Harley loves… DO you have any hobbies, interests or hidden talents?


The list is long. I'm a creative soul I love to paint, I do intuitive artworks and have sold some abroad. Photography is something that feeds my soul and fishing, I grew up on the water and fishing is meditation. I also do tie dye and revamped clothing. My biggest passion is cars Old Skool Cars, V8's, Mopar. I grew up in workshops. My dad used to get me to pull down engines and put them back together again (game of memory) to keep me occupied. I know my way around a car, Love to get my hands dirty. I have an old car I'm doing up at the moment. I also Love Drag Racing, the thrill, the excitement, the adrenaline, the smell of fuel, the rumble....ha ha yes I'm a little bit different. Brought up in the country a Tom Boy at heart.


Finally, I would love it if you could entertain us with an amusing story? It could be something that happened on a booking or just in day to day life but we want to finish this interview with a big smile! 


Oh Geez... the funniest work story I guess would be the time I had a client blow his load right in his shot. I laughed like crazy...he wasn't impressed though...oh well, I didn't aim it there lol

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