Interview with Stella Siren

Stella Siren - Perth Escort - Interview:


You're miss organized and social media savvy. We love it.  We would love to know more about you…


1.      You're social media savvy Stella. How has social media changed the way you run your escorting business?

Thank you for the compliment, I am pleased that I present that way. My techniques are self-taught and I’m still in the early stages of trial and error.

Learning the etiquette that is essential amongst Escorts and the many supporters is ongoing. My twitter guidelines are No Politics, Current affairs, criticism of clients, outing phone numbers, negativity, bitchiness or expensive gift pictures. The guidelines will continue to grow I am sure.

Oh and No outright bickering on twitter but I have a few Escort blocks. I acknowledge one as an error on my part, the other few are baffling and disappointing and poor form. Muting is effective. 

As for me I have yet to block or mute anyone, un-follow repetitive porn posts yes, but not yet individuals.

As for appearing to be organized, I certainly try to be posting something that amuses me or feels right, with times available slipped in. I try to keep it real, not just an advertising tool. Posting funny one-liners after midnight when Americans wake up is my favorite time.

The clients who have booked me after seeing my tweets have been so good. I am always so pleased to hear they feel a connection because of twitter.  It’s a great way for my personality to shine through and attract the right clients.


2.  The sexy images posted on twitter cannot hide that sensationally curvy and petite figure. OMG. What do you do to keep yourself in such good shape?

Thanks again for the figure remarks. Truth is I resent exercise. My secret is lots of sex and a high protein diet.

For a while I was quite heavy but evenly distributed except for a belly, but guys just loved it. When I struggled fitting into my clothes I knew it was time to act.

At the age of 19 I began topless waitressing at a posh restaurant in Adelaide. Strippers pole dancing skills attracted so much attention from clients, not to mention I was in awe. I decided I wanted to pursue that angle. I semi trained myself in Adelaide, but was pretty lame, and was told so.

So I moved to the Gold Coast, started lap dancing then stage work, I reckon I still sucked but...then came my first boob job and the game changed completely.

I no longer had to dangle from poles or dance like a fool, the big boobs just fascinated the crowd and my dancing skills never improved.

I just want to point out that I didn’t completely suck at stripping. My dancing skills slowly improved. In 2004, I won several XXX Adult awards for exotic dancing. But you will have to book me to find out which ones I excelled in…. Oh and they are worth booking to find out…

Back to the question, there is over 12 years of fitness while working as a stripper and it created muscle tone and core strength that keeps me toned in appearance to this day.

I’m sure the time will come that I will need to exercise but no I don’t at the moment.


3.      You get a phone call from a client requesting a full day booking who has just hit the jackpot at the Crown Casino in Perth. He only has 1 day to play and spend his winnings. He’s up for anything and cost isn’t an issue. He just want’s to spend the day with you and do something amazing in Perth. What is your plan?

A guy wins big and decides I am his girl for a day or so. Firstly, he would be quoted standard rates I don’t overcharge my clients.

I would book the Rockpool, a suite like the Loft, and settle in looking over the Perth river with a cool refreshment or two.

Sex, spa, sex, lying around talking about life.  I like my dates including A LOT of bedroom time.

If money were really no object, we would sit in the spa with a tablet surfing Available Angels to see what hot escorts we could book. 

I would like 4 escorts. I would have one escort visit at a time. They would all be bisexual. He would be treated like a king. If we really liked one escort then she could stay with us.

 Oh and then we would contact the day spa and massage’s for everyone. The works - body scrubs, facials etc.


4.      Without going into any detail, when did you start escorting and what did you do before you were ‘Stella Siren’?

I started Stella Siren 8 years ago placing an advert on SEXWA which is now obsolete. It was more upmarket than Backpage but only just.

I was clueless and the vultures swooped in. I had my first booking at the Hilton. The booking was an overnight and it remains my worst ever.

I decided to persist and found a house shared with 5 other girls solely paper advertisers and off shift Lang trees escorts.

I was taught a lot very fast, but they insisted I had to use dental dams for oral on me. Countless potential regulars were lost forever due to this horrid powdered latex squashing the pussy like a frog.

The house became too busy and I was charging $500 per hour. My clients deserved air conditioning and privacy. I decided to rent an apartment and remain here to this day. I’m purchasing a new apartment soon, so I will have a new unit in Perth for my date’s to visit.


5.      What is the worst Christmas present you have ever received?

The worst Christmas present to this day was fake a pair of diamond earrings. I am not pretentious but would rather real gold or else it blackens and infects my ears.

I have also tweeted about my Multi Millionaire boyfriend buying a fake Gucci purse that wasn’t even a good copy.

Plus he flew us Economy Class and was rude to waiters. His wealth turned him into an elitist. Needless to say I dumped him and his thoughtless gifts.


[ Due to a recent complaint, Stella Siren would like to retract any negative comments made about her client and ex boyfriend in Question 5 ]

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