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Lucy is just wonderful, as well as her inciting charm and witt she is absolutely stunning - have a read of her interview to find out more about the beautiful Syndey Escort:


Would you mind starting off by telling us just how you keep such a beautiful blend of sexy, geek and activist?

Not without some difficulty, haha. I think, particularly when I'm on my slightly more political or geeky rants, I'm often pretty focused! Though, I'm told that in of itself is sexy. I'm definitely a woman who knows her own mind and I'm not afraid to share that with people. I think that's a good thing, it gives me people and idea of what sort of person I am, who they can expect to meet. 


NOT that I'm going to start talking politics mid booking (unless you really like that kind of dirty talk, ha!), but I think it shows that I enjoy engaging with people on multiple levels. That includes my geeky interests and my downright dirty ones. I'm also a massive foodie and history/art nerd, which I'm trying to show a little more of too. I've been able to enjoy so many amazing experiences with my clients this year that have encompassed so many of my interests and so many of theirs. It's been phenomenal. I love going on adventures!

I'm definitely guilty of being a bit of a selfie queen though. I love coming up with new photo shoot ideas etc, but I also enjoy documenting my life, my sexuality, my body by myself as well and sharing that online. I think it's important that people know that the girl in the photos is in fact me and she owns the stupidly large geeky panty collection, it wasn't just given to her by a stylist. 

Without prying too much… Could you give us some insight into what you carry in your naughty bag of tricks? After all, escorts love to be prepared.

Pry away! ;) I'm on the move, so, so often. Whether that be around my home city, or around the country or around the world! I'm basically some kind of sexy, geeky Girl Scout - my motto is definitely 'Be Prepared.' Usually at any given time I'm carrying a collection of all sorts of condoms (I just came back from Japan, so I've got all sorts - glow in the dark, super thin, weird and wonderful colours - it's the sex nerd in me!), my favorite flavoured lube (salted caramel - umph), whatever my favourite toy is that month...or that week (I have a bit of a collection) and always a spare pair of naughty underwear, or two, or three...and STOCKINGS. Or long socks. I just think wearing them and nothing else can be so damn sexy. 

Besides that I'm always carrying a comic (or 10), my diary and my camera. I usually go out to run errands and find myself out writing or taking photos somewhere in the city. I like to get a little purposely lost. Sydney has so many places to explore and discover.

You love to game! What is your favourite game and if you could turn into any character from a computer game who would it be and why?

I love the Mass Effect series. Hard. I'd love to be Commander Shepherd. She's a kickass, take no prisoners kind of woman and one of my favourite characters to cosplay! I'm currently making alterations to my armour so I can take her out for a spin at some conventions this year. I love dressing up as the characters I admire, but the list keeps growing....I'm not sure if I'll have room for all these costumes soon!

I think what I love about Mass Effect is that the game makes diversity look effortless and it's something that's been lacking in games. I also love a strong female lead. My Shepherd is renegade. She's badass. Makes the tough decisions. I find those kinds of characters fun to play, fun to create and really hard to let go of once the game is over! I'm playing my Ryder (from the new game, Mass Effect Andromeda), in a similar way, but it's not quite the same.

What are Lucie Bee’s plans for the future? Without breaking any hearts could you tell us where you see yourself in the next few years? Any wild ambitions or wonderful goals you are aiming to achieve?

Hopefully adding more content to a hugely successful porn site and going on more adventures with more wicked playmates. And probably living somewhere with a room for all my costumes - ha. 

I have no specific plans. I have things I'd like to achieve, places I'd like to go, things I'd like to create, but definitely no plans regarding retirement etc. I think when it's the right time, I'll know. I honestly can't imagine it now. I'm so enamoured with this industry and everything new I get to experience, learn and create - I think I'll always be involved in some way and that involvement will change over time.

I'm hoping to at least take an extended holiday sometime soon. I do travel, but I'm always connected to what's going on back home and there's always messages and emails to attend to, shows (like Sexpo) to prepare for. 

Ok ok, if you won the lottery, let’s say $50 million! Tell me the first thing you’d do with it?

Take my family overseas. Clear any of their residual debts. They've sacrificed so much so that I could have an amazing life, everything I do now is with the aim of giving back in the future. I also want them to see the world, places where members of our family were born etc. I don't think I could ever do enough for them, but I'll try. 

I'd also try and find that house with the room for the costumes and a studio to make them in. Using contact adhesive and a heat gun on my tiny balcony is not the best idea...

Finally, my absolute favourite question! Can you tell us a story about you? Something funny either on a booking or in your personal life… Make us laugh Lucie Bee! 

I'm pretty sure, secretly, my life is just a series of slightly embarrassing events, waiting for me to tell the world about them.

When I first started in massage, I got slightly too enthusiastic with my oil use. I slicked someone up so well for a body slide that I slid off them. Not to the side, literally over the front of the massage table and my client, in to some sort of barrel role and on to the floor. 

I aced the landing though.


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