Interview with Eleanor Rose


Melbourne is lucky to have escorts like Eleanor Rose, she constantly brightens up the gloomy days with her infatuating intelligence and Witt. It doesn’t stop there, she also has a booty to die for – no matter how hard you try you won’t help but fall for this one. What are you waiting for, Book Eleanor Now! 


I just have to start with your name, what a beautiful name it is! Could you tell us what it means and where it’s from? 

Firstly, thank you! Being English it was only fair that I chose something that represented the fact- Rose as a first name was far too obvious and so I picked Eleanor. It's classy and sophisticated, yet girly and innocent sounding (the latter of which I can confirm is certainly not true) and I feel it encompasses me as a person and the type of experience you can expect to have when you meet me.... Also, the real reason is that a friend of mine goes by the same name and I've always loved it...I'm sure she would be ecstatic if she knew what I was using it for!


You’re a Melbourne based escort but you tour a lot… Can you tell us all a little about what you love in Melbourne and if there was one other city in the world that you’d live where would it be? 

 I am indeed based in Melbourne now, and despite the miserable weather (it's not the sunny blue skies I had imagined when i decided on relocating to Australia!) I absolutely love it here. The clients are wonderful, lots of true gents and open-minded couples which I adore. I love how diverse the city is culturally and all that contributes to being the best place for my absolute favorite thing: FOOD. The food here is just divine! No matter the mood I can just step outside and find anything I desire! Clients who take me for a fancy dinner or even order us take out after an energy burning romp will score extra brownie points with me. ;) 


You’re clearly a bisexual escort but gun to your head what would it be and why?

Ahh this is such an unfair question! I love both men and women SO MUCH for different reasons.  Women are so sensual and delicious, yet men can be strong and assertive. If I could only have sex with one gender for the rest of my life, I guess I'd have to pick men. I just love the D, what can I say? 

Seriously though, I think I prefer the mental connections I have with men, especially businessmen. I love getting in to a good conversation about intellectual topics rather than discussing where I had my nails done...


I know you've a keen interest in the business world, does this mean there may be some business venture from you in the future? Perhaps something for us all to look out for?

Yes, you're right. I have ways worked for myself, I had my first business at the age of 17 and sold it after 5 years when my personal circumstances changed and I decided it was time for a new venture. That venture was in to escorting and I haven't looked back since! I take my business and brand very seriously and have big plans in the pipeline- so watch this space! Rest assured though that I'm not all corporate and official, I'm a very genuine, down to earth woman and I truly enjoy what I do. 


You’ve got such a positive and bubbly outlook to life… I can tell your clients will get this experience also. Can you tell us just how you manage to be so appreciative and modest all the time? It’s refreshing.

That's such a sweet thing to say, thank you! I'm really glad that vibe has been noted, it's extremely important to me that potential clients can see what kind of person I am before we meet. I know some of my photos make me look quite stern but I'm a sweetheart really! 

I've been in this industry for 3 years now and it's not all sunshine and rainbows but I am forever grateful for the experiences I have gained and the goals it's allowed me to achieve. I've travelled the world (and still doing so!), I've seen some beautiful places and done some truly amazing things. I'm a very giving person and the best reward of this job is being able to spoil my family too. I fly them out to meet me all over the world so we can share these experiences together and create lots of special memories. 


Ok, so you’re on death row – you’ve one night left and your about to order your last meal… What would it be? 

There seems to be a death theme to your questions here Joe hmmmm haha! Can I choose menu log and order from 10 different restaurants to deliver?!

If I could only choose one meal however I guess it would be a big, juicy, rare ribeye steak & blue cheese sauce with mashed potato purée... and sweet potato fries with garlic aioli...and wine...and chocolate orange melt in the middle pudding...and a cheese board... and....


Finally, I just have to ask you for a funny story! It can be an experience you may have had on a booking, or just something that’s happened to you… Make us laugh Eleanor! 

So here we go, I'm going to let you in to a little secret here: my Mum is a prude. THE ULTIMATE PRUDE. The type who blushes and sniggers at any slight innuendo and thinks those silly willy straws you get at hen parties are funny. What she doesn't know is I know it's all a LIE! 

When I was around 8 years old I was being a little snoop (as kids are are at that age) going through my Mum's wardrobe trying on her clothes and stealing her best make up, when one day I came across this mysterious box. No it's not what you're thinking.

So I open this box to find an entire collection of around 2,000 "educational" sex magazines categorised in to around 10 folders. I took one out and started flicking through the pages, I was in awe. Seeing things, I'd never even imagined before! This wasn't porn but actual educational booklets on how to have amazing sex. Over the next 2 years or so I would go in when my Mum wasn’t around and sneak out one booklet at a time, eagerly reading it from cover to cover. My Mum is an absolute deviant! 

Although she denies having any influence in my choices to become an escort I can 100% guarantee that if it wasn't for her dirty mag collection I certainly wouldn't be as successful as I am today! 

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