Minnie Mae

Minnie Mae

About me

Hello Potential Play things.
My name's Minnie Mae, I'm an unique little package that you've most likely already pined over.
I’m the flirt at the coffee shop when you get your morning coffee. 
The glowing face you accidentally lock eyes from across the room at dinner, leaving you fantasising about dirty dessert. 
I'm the little blonde head turner at the gym at squat rack working on my booty. 
The sassy little miss walking in the street with the fat ass and tiny waist. 
The sun kissed tanned mermaid sun baking anywhere on the weekend.

Words on a screen make it hard to really capture my personality and energy, I am not going to be the girl that has a full face of make up on, or heels every time I answer the door, I act and do what makes me feel comfortable. I will always willingly respond to requests for lingerie and heels, but apart from special occasions where I love to play dress up for a dinner or event, I am the fresh faced babe that doesn’t need to over complicate things. My time and experience is really about connecting and enjoying ourselves without needing to think about the responsibilities of life for little while. 

My presence is intoxicating and addictive, I am down to earth and charming. I never struggle to make intelligent conversation and enjoy doing so over good food and wine. I have lived abroad and travelled extensively, I have many interests and hobbies and love new experiences especially the culinary or thrill seeking kind. 

Have me for yourself for the hour, hours, dinner, night or weekend, I really enjoy all forms of dates and will relish our time spent together.


Special Offers


  • : Blue
  • : 6/8
  • : 157
  • : 24
  • : Short Blonde
  • : Yes
  • : Yes


  • : $400
  • : $650
  • : $1100
  • : $1600
  • : $2000
  • : $4000


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